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  • BabyMC517BabyMC517
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    I bought this shirt and onesie for H as a gift for the baby shower. I'm debating between the NB and 6 month size...any thoughts? I was thinking NB so he could where it right away but then I was like he won't be able to wear it much so maybe the 6 months...I'm so conflicted lol

    eta: helps to attach the picture...

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  • Science dork moment:  pigeons lactate! (Kind of.) 

  • Squirtgun said:
    Science dork moment:  pigeons lactate! (Kind of.) 

    While we do have a cake called literally 'bird milk' it still sounds wrong (-.-)
  • @nda_roxybabe , I would totally just bring her along and play dumb. If they do turn her away, you can schedule her for a later class, I'm sure.

    @starphish18 , yay!! I'm glad your tests came back clear! 

    @kayemjay2 , your in-laws are acting ridiculous. I'd make your DH say something to them...a healthy baby should be enough to make them happy. And, YES...you should encourage them to buy him dresses and bows, lol...
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  • @BeachMommy2B I need an Oprah Shoe closet. I wore a 9 before DS, then 9 a 10 after. I lost 50lbs and went down to an 8.5-9 and now I'm back up to 10. 

    I have bad water retention problems even without pregnancy but I've pretty much jumped on the flip flop bandwagon too. 
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    @starphish18: What a relief!  :)  That's really great news that your heart has been checked and given a thumbs-up. Sorry about the continued breathing problems though, that still stinks!

    @Squirtgun: I learned about the pigeon milk thing from a PBS kids show called Wild Kratts. It's pretty neat that they feed their young like mammals! Imagine if our milk came out of our throats, though, ewwww...
  • @BeachMommy2B - my feet have grown each time by 1/2-1 sizes but they always go back to normal after giving birth. This time they have grown by 1.5 sizes and I am feeling pretty sure that they won't go all the way back afterwards. 

    @BabyMC517 - I say go with the 6 month size otherwise he'll wear it very little if he can even fit into it. 

    @starphish18 - glad everything with your heart is looking good!

    @Squirtgun - we love Wild Kratts at our house. I feel like I am always learning something new from it.
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  • I'm glad to hear your heart is looking good @starphish18.  I am sure that is a huge weight off your shoulders.  For what it is worth DS sat really high and the whole last trimester with him I had shortness of breath.  It isn't fun but it definitely is normal.
  • @Jens_Hoes my belly button is funny because of my gallbladder removal. It's a strange half in half out due to scars. My first child it just stretched out flat which was weird. Someone mentioned linea negra at one point and I haven't noticed one on me yet
  • @Yiggle09 I don't have a linea negra either!  Does anyone know if it is it a thing for it to come in way later during second pregnancies?  One of my friends is 18 weeks with her first and told me she has hers already, and I remember it way earlier with DS.
  • @RainyDays86 I also remember it took forever to go away last time. I'm very confused 
  • @Yiggle09 yes!  Mine was there for like almost 9 months after DS was born.  I wouldn't mind if it didn't show up this time just because it was so annoying that it hung around for so long.
  • @starphish18 glad your heart is just fine! Bet that is a relief. 

    @BeachMommy2B my feet got swollen last pregnancy luckily I could wear flip flops comfortably but couldn't wear regular sneakers. But didn't go up a size luckily because I already have big feet! 

    @BabyMC517  I'd say go with 6mo size :) 

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  • @RainyDays86 I can't remember if it was you or something else who mentioned a couple weeks ago about the baby sitting high and at least being off the bladder. I wish it were one or the other for me! I think because my torso is short, the baby is just everywhere. High, low, and watermeloned out cause there's just no more room in there.
  • I thought I'd escape Linea Nigrea, but I got it about a month ago. It's very light, but it's there.
    My feet always swell when its hot, so they're definitely swollen now and most of my sandals are uncomfortable. My right arch hurts too and I really hope my feet don't change size forever.
    My belly button...that sucker has refused to pop so far. It's been hovering for about a month and sometimes baby pushes it out. I think I have a deep belly button though. My stomach reminds me of a bagel because it remains so flat around the belly button.
  • @pshaortao Did it hurt like a b*tch when they attached the holter nodes to your chest? I don't know if it was just pulling at my skin or what, but it stung for hours! Pulling them off wasn't a walk in the park, either. It looked like an octopus attacked me.
  • @vrj0522 @mrsfox2008 and @pshaortao thanks! That's what I was thinking too. I want them to be able to wear it more than once, if he even would fit in it as a NB! I ordered the 6 months :) I hope it gets here in time now haha

    Ordering this for my sister as a thank you for throwing the baby shower :) 


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  • @starphish18 They didn't hurt for me, I just remember that I was working at Target at the time and I was trying to find the right shirt that would not let them show. And I was training someone who noticed them anyways and they were soooo concerned something was wrong with me. I'm like hi new person, I'm fine just making sure my heart is too?  Sorry it was a pain for you, literally!

  • Anyone dealing with itchy soles of feet, hands and belly?
  • Amybee5Amybee5
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    I'm wondering if anyone knows if it's "normal" to be 1cm dialated at 32 weeks (32 weeks, 4 days) 

    i fell at work on Thursday and went to be monitored at the hospital. They kept me in for 4 hours because I was having contractions that were "too regular" (I couldn't feel them most of the time) right before they let me go they did an internal exam and said I was 1cm dilated. I was expecting more explanation from the dr. But she just told me to come back if my contractions got stronger or I didn't feel baby move as much (I really only feel her move at night so that is stressing me out a bit too) and that I would be examined at my regular OB appointment which was the following Wednesdays. The nurse who came in said "you may be done work"

    anyone experience anything similar? 

    *edited because I hit post too soon 
  • Oooh a random I wanted to share with anyone who will PCS with kids... I called CYS to see if we had to pull kid 1 from daycare when my husband finished out processing and they said we are good to keep him in as long as we want, eligibility is not garrison dependent. So this means if husband out processes a little early and takes some leave en route (especially to stay home and help with a fresh baby) we can keep the toddler in daycare and not have to wrangle him during the madness of packing etc. I am SO relieved!
    Always nice to hear when something positive happens regarding a PCS! My neighbors took full advantage of hourly care while their movers where there! 
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  • @Amybee5 With both DD1 and DD2 I walked around 2-3cm dilated starting at 36wks. I must have been 1-3cm dilated before that at some point, but I have no idea when I actually started dialiting as my doctor had no reason to check before then. Point is, being dilated did nothing for me. I still went 40wks with DD1 and 40+1 with DD2. I wouldn't worry about it unless your doctor is worried! 
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  • @hp_momma @bacorrea

    thanks for the responses!! I found the dr didn't really give me much information and I was getting anxious about it while I wait to see my dr on Wednesday! 
  • @WombThereItIs THANK YOU for clarifying--I feel like I would have read about it in more recent literature if it were proven helpful? My grandmother is VERY invested in my, and everybody's, nipples; she's been a militant pro-breastfeeding warrior since long before that was popular, and it can get a little oppressive! 
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