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    April 17
  • michelle59-2
    Hi! I know you said I could message you because you also have cholestasis. I just had to share my excitement with someone who last blood test came back today for my bile acid levels and since being on medication my levels are normal!! So excited! If they stay in a normal range, do you think they will hold off on inducing me?
    April 3
    • Kipperoo
      Hi! Yes--definitely feel free to message me anytime!! That's great that your levels have come down--mine did the same with the medication and have been totally stable since early January. That's definitely a huge relief as the bile acids are what is harmful to the baby. As for the induction, I'm sure your doctor will have a recommendation, but my doctor team said that the induction is still necessary. Because they really don't know a lot about cholestasis and WHY it causes still birth, it's not something they are willing to risk. Also, because the bile acid results take a while to get back from the lab, there is always a period of unknown and from 36 weeks on, the bile acids can be really harmful/deadly to the baby, so it's not worth the risk. I was told that the standard of care is to induce at 36 weeks, so I'm going in for 2 rounds of steroid shots this week to help with lung development of the baby and in anticipation of induction next Tuesday. You are dealing with GD, right? I had that with my first pregnancy, too (along with the cholestasis)! No complications and an average size baby (considering he was born at 37 weeks due to the cholestasis induction).