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Randoms • w/o 3/26

The things I saw while searching “random gifs” can never be unseen...

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  • MIL came to visit, and brought several used baby outfits. I don't mind used baby clothes, but these have all seen better days. I didn't even know onesies could ever look so bad. They're not family hand me downs either, they all have tags on them from some sale.
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  • @krashke You mentioning beer and ice cream reminded me of a story this girl in HS told me about working at the ice cream stand inside the local motor speedway and rednecks asking her to put scoops in their beers. 
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  • Guess who's started getting Braxton Hicks!
    *points to self*

    Only twice and they lasted maybe . I am mentioning it to my OB tomorrow, but guhh .... real deal just isn't gonna be fun lol

    Tbh I first thought I had to use the washroom, because it felt like when my stomach hates me. I mentioned it to my mum - who has stomach issues, not same but gets same feeling - and she's like "Yup. That's basically what they are'
    Damn things woke me up at like 2am {which if I'm gonna wake up randomly in middle of the night, it's like 2am}
  • Whatever happened to the mom that lived in South America with two daughters? 

    So DH apparently sent (texted) the invites to his “man” shower/ brotherhood/ smoke (basically a tradition in his fraternity where everyone brings diapers for the dad to be while they watch sports, drink, smoke cigars and eat wings). He failed to send the text to me (still hasn’t) and its at our house. Idk what he’s trying to keep from me? I’m suppose to make an appearance to take pictures and say thank you. But i dont wanna be involved I’m not trying to do unnecessary work. But he does this thing where he doesn’t invite certain people (without my knowledge) and them the next time we see them their wife or girlfriend has an attitude with me. 
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  • @ffw0617 ; I've recently heard of those. Diaper parties I believe I've heard them as? Interesting idea.
    Boo to him not texting you about it!
  • MIL just let me know that she's coming out asap after the baby comes. Uh, no. She doesn't cook/clean/anything helpful so it's basically the same as me entertaining her. I'm having a Csection and do not need her "help" which is her holding the baby while I do everything else. 
  • @MissKittyDanger i had never heard of them until I met DH. 

    I hate attending (traditionally women only events) coed events with DH like wedding or baby showers. All he does is complain the entire time and talk about how no man wants to be here and says “they’re still only getting one gift from the both of us, why did I have to come.” So these man showers are a happy medium. No games, no decorations, no unwrapping gifts, just doing stuff guys already do together watch sports, eat and drink. 
    Me:27 DH: 31 Married Since: 08/2016
    TTC: 08/2017 EDD: 6/11/2018 FTM
  • @May14th2011 we must have the same MIL.  She does the same thing. Made the same comment already. I'm ignoring, in hopes of my H handling it (which I know is a bad strategy because that will result in her moving up here mid-May, but I just can't deal right now).

  • My step mom asked if i wanted them to come visit a few weeks after the baby I told her no, after a couple months I’ll bring the baby to visit them. That way they can cook and clean for me  and entertain the baby. And i can chill in the florida sun by my dad’s pool. It’ll also give DH a break from the me and baby during his busiest season. It doesn’t sound appealing to him now, but a few weeks of not sleeping will change his mind. 
    Me:27 DH: 31 Married Since: 08/2016
    TTC: 08/2017 EDD: 6/11/2018 FTM
  • jsl82jsl82
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     "Meet your grandchild! He/she was born yesterday, but we celebrate his/her birthday two weeks earlier than that for fun! xoxo!"  :p
    OMG I had to fight to not burst out laughing reading this during a meeting.
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  • The ONLY reason we may let my MIL come up before the baby is because I am paranoid about what we are going to do with DS when I go into labor.  My sister plans to come up a few days before my due date and stay for a couple days, but what about outside of that window?  We have a friend who will pick DS up from daycare, but they live 30 minutes away, so if it is MOTN / an emergency, not much time. We are debating asking our neighbors, but we only moved to the neighborhood last summer and don't really know anyone well enough to ask to hang out with DS at 2 am.
  • @marcus7676 No advice here, but I am having the same paranoia about what to do with our son, especially since my labor was so fast last time. All of our family lives out of town, and our closest friends (that I'd trust to leave my kid with) are 20-30 minutes, which seriously might not be enough time! We have neighbors we like, but like you, I can't imagine calling them at 2 a.m. I think I might have to suck it up and pick a neighbor and hope for the best? Otherwise I am just hoping so hard that our close friends that are trying to move to our neighborhood manage to buy a house before June. Help me out here, universe!
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    Husband: 35
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  • Oh @marcus7676 .. we are weirdly similar. Except my MIL is 2 hours away. My Sister is 60 minutes away and frankly zero help. And up until 36 weeks, my rents are in FL or on a European cruise. We just moved to our new city last summer... we are planning on something something someone it will all work out, right? 

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    3rd IVF w PGS resulted in 3! perfect embys. 1st transfer - Sep 2017 2 more on ice. 
  • I actually think I'll have more help this time, vs last time being less than a mile from MIL. I went into labor unexpectedly and she had to watch DD and there was no end to the drama and complaining that went on. 
    Nothing is worse when recovering from a Csection than MIL throwing a fit and trying to drop DD off at the hospital so she doesn't have to watch her for one more night. Good grief
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    @marcus7676 @MoonOverGoldsboro the only helpful option I can think of for you ladies- if your friends/ family are out of your way for getting to the hospital, could you ask them to meet you at the hospital? Like they’d be en route as soon as you were en route? That would eliminate an extra stop for you at least..

    edit: I should clarify, just to pick up your older kids and take them to wherever they’ll be staying, NOT to lurk around and wait for you to give birth.

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  • My achy legs have turned into super painful legs from the knee down since yesterday. I had to come home from work. I googled it and sounds like lots of preggo women have pain in their legs but it’s so bizarre and uncomfortable. DH says it’s not blood clots bc it’s in both legs I’m hoping when I see the OB tomorrow there will be a remedy but I’m not optimistic. 

  • I found a place online (recommended on a local FB group) that has "sibling doulas" - - essentially, we pay for them to be on call per week, call them when we go into labor (like at 2 am), and then pay per hour once they are at our house. They will either stay until someone else gets there (family members) or bring the sibling to the hospital.  I think we may do this as a back up (back up) - - after asking our neighbors as a just in case situation. 
  • @katie121209 - I was having issues with similar leg pain (knee down) last week.  Are you on your feet a lot?  I was at a conference and was on my feet/walking more than usual.  I had to prop up my feet in the hotel in the evenings.  My legs/feet are starting to swell as well.  What fun. 

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  • This kind of a rant, but not really. 
    Last Friday DH mentioned that part of his face was numb, and had been for several days. I, of course, told him to go into the er asap, because that's pretty serious. He, of course, refused, and decided to wait until Sunday to make an appt online.
    This morning, they called him and told him to go into the er asap. Now he's at the hospital getting all sorts of testing done. 
    I'm both terrified and annoyed. Annoyed that the fool didn't go in last week and of course terrified that it's something serious. 
    He won't let me tell anyone irl, so I'm freaking out by myself. 
  • @May14th2011 fx it's nothing serious! That is really scary and I would be annoyed with MH too! 
    Me & MH: 30 │ DS: 6/1/18 (IUGR born at 37+5 seizures caused by bilateral grade 2 ventricular hemorrhage)

  • @May14th2011 I'm so sorry for what you're going through with YH. Hopefully, it is nothing serious! Hugs!
  • @May14th2011prayers your husband is ok and it’s nothing serious 
    Me:27 DH: 31 Married Since: 08/2016
    TTC: 08/2017 EDD: 6/11/2018 FTM
  • @May14th2011 sending good vibes for you and YH!! That sounds scary and I'm sorry you are dealing with it alone. I feel like men always need someone other than their wife to tell them to do something before they actually do it. Glad he finally went to the ER though. 
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    DS born 5/23/2018
    BFP #2 12/6/2018 EDD 7/26/2019

  • @May14th2011 ; - FX that it is nothing serious. I cannot imagine how you are holding it together. But nothing to worry about until there is something to worry about... Good thoughts to YH.

    As an aside, I have one of those types too. I literally had to drag him to a walk in clinic when his face was 2x the size on one side due to an abscessed tooth, leading to massive sinus infection, he was "curing" with Listerine and Tylenol for the 3 days previous. He has also been give a prescription for medicine (that he doesn't take) to control his high blood sugars, but "isn't diabetic".  (Although his Dad was, Brother and Sister are, etc. etc.) 
    **Shakes head***
    Hoping this new family Doctor will get it through is head he needs to take better care of himself. 

    Let us know how this turns out. 
    Mama to a wonderful DD - Sep 2015, Wife to my DH since 2011, 2 dogs, a cat, and hoping to add No. 2 in May/June 2018. Canadian.
    5 - IUIs, 3 - IVF retrievals, 2- failed transfers (fresh, and frozen), PGS on second IVF resulted in 1 perfect emby, and DD. 
    3rd IVF w PGS resulted in 3! perfect embys. 1st transfer - Sep 2017 2 more on ice. 
  • @may14th2011 yikes, hope he's ok! leave it to a man to put something off.
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    fingers crossed for our rainbow baby
  • @May14th2011 fx it’s nothing serious

    @mytinc I haven’t been on my feet that much and propping legs up doesn’t help. I need to stop googling bc it mentioned aortic dissection. 
  • @katie121209 I haven't had a lot of swelling, but I have had a couple sporadic days where I have swelling, and it sounds like what you're describing. Putting my feet up doesn't take away the pain, but it does stop it from getting worse. Maybe try some ice on your feet, drink some water, and if you can massage your feet and calves do that? That's supposed to help with swelling...
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  • @LaceyBee522 ; last minute or not, at least it was done ;)
    {my mum forgot her first anniversary - in her defense, it was May and she was due in Sept lol}
  • @doxiemoxie212 thanks. My mom is picking up DD from school and then I’m going to ask her to massage my calves and see if it helps. 

    In in regards to the gift discussion I’m terrible with gifts. I got DH some candy for Easter and he informed me last night that he was starting keto this morning lol so I gues I’m eating the candy! 
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