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New Moms group or prenatal yoga on Northside of Indy?

Hello! I am 11 weeks with my first. My husband and I do not have many friends with do any of you have recommendations for groups related to pregnancy, new moms, prenatal yoga, or anything of the sort? We would love to meet young couples like us who are starting families. Most of our other friends are single or newly married and not planning on having kids soon, so we are looking to make new friends with other couples like us. We are 27 and live just north of indy. Any ideas appreciated! Thanks :)

Re: New Moms group or prenatal yoga on Northside of Indy?

  • I know Simply Yoga in Zionsville has a prenatal yoga class.  I've never been to it since they started it right after DD was born.  I plan on going next time I'm pg, though! 

    Also, Clarian/IU North has a prenatal yoga class.  You can find info here:

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  • I don't have a ton of suggestions, but I plan to sign up for the prenatal yoga class that starts at IU Hospital North on 9/7.  Maybe I'll see ya there!
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  • I did not deliver there, but I frequently went to the Community North breastfeeding group when I was a new mom. It helped to get me out of the house and talking to lots of other new moms who were going through the same struggles I was. It is very informal and there are LCs there if you are BF and need help/advice. I think it is held twice per week, although I'm not sure exactly when. I planned to go to a similar group at St. Vincent but never got around to it before I had to go back to work. Good luck!


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  • Source yoga in Fishers and carmel st v's have prenatal classes.  We met some nice people in our childbirth classes at carmel st v's.  I also liked the women in the breastfeeding group.

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  • I took prenatal yoga at in Nora.  The instructor is a doula and is/was training to be a lactation consultant when I was pregnant with my youngest.  She's very knowledgable and taught a great class!

    Sara :)

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