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  • bacorrea said:
    I'm so tired. Also I wish Facebook had an "eye roll" reaction. 
    I wish the bump had one, too! They need more emojis! 

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  • @nda_roxybabe my due date is actually 4/29 so yes 32 days! However my c section is going to be scheduled for 4/24 so I only have 27!!! I'm starting to freak out a bit. 

    Also, along labor buddies like in my previous post. I ended up with severe PPD right after having DD and was unable to keep my end of the labor buddy deal. So I'm going to pass this time because of that. So yes it could happen 
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  • Another vote for one labor thread!

    #1 DD Aug 2014 @39weeks via CS

    #2 Due May 2,2017 hopeful VBAC

  • Here's a super duper random for you all: Would any of you happen to know about record retention for political contributions?
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  • I'm having such a hard time keeping up with this thread this week so I'm sorry if I miss anything:

    Two thumbs up for the big labour thread and AW threads for individual birth stories. I'm cool with labour buddies as well if that's what everyone wants to do but I don't feel strongly about it either way.

    @kns1988 I'm so glad everything is ok with your boobs!!

    @chickyclg sorry you won't get to attempt your VBAC, but I'm glad you have a date. I can't remember if anyone asked - was your first on the higher end of the size spectrum too?

    Re bending over - I am so glad the weather has warmed up a little here because it was taking forever to pull my boots on. Now most days I can get away with sandals or slip-ons. 
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  • Bend over?! Heck I can hardly turn over my left shoulder to look for oncoming cars at this point:/ I am so uncomfortable :/ but this too shall pass! Also, it's opening day for Oberon  so our downtown is packed, which is where DS daycare is....I may or may not have used my horn tonight:)
  • @chickyclg congrats on having a date set! 

    @ShadeofGreen816 no experience but I'm sorry you're in pain!

    @kns1988 I'm SO glad to hear your ultrasound was normal and also that your doctor is taking this seriously. Definitely do follow up if it continues to bother you but I'm sure it's just normal weird pregnancy boob stuff.

    Rant away @mamatowildones! All of those sound stressful!
  • Thanks, @RainyDays86! I was glad they took it seriously, too. 
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    @ShadeofGreen816 I think it sounds like SPD too. It definetly can be there but be more mild then some that have to get physical therapy. Rest and if you aren't sleeping with a pillow between your legs that can help some. Also pulling your knees up  loser to your chest then rolling in the middle of the night is less painful. 

    I havent needed physical therapy for it but i am to the point where I can only lift my leg a little off the floor, so fiance helps me put my pants on in the morning. 
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  • So excited there's finally a little drama on our board
    Of course the week I take a field experience student! Can you point me in the right direction?
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  • @BeachMommy2B I was referred to physical therapy with DD1 and I honestly didn't notice hardly any improvement. I continued to go because, well free military healthcare. But if I had to pay a copay I would have felt like I was wasting my money. 
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  • @CherryBananas well it's kind of complicated.  They were born average-big for 34 weekers (5lbs 7oz and 5lbs 15oz) but we actually dealt with growth problems with each baby.  DS (born larger) was our smaller baby until 32 weeks, in the beginning of my pregnancy we were even counseled on vanishing twin syndrome since he also had some issues with his heart rate, he slowly caught up though.  DD developed IUGR towards the end so her growth slowed but she was typically our big baby through the majority of the pregnancy until the end when I was placed on hospital bedrest (not for the IUGR).  It's funny though she is so tiny because of her failure to thrive issues that people make jokes about DS stealing all of her food when I was pregnant which was not the case for the most part.

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  • @kmd1106.  Good idea. I love the weekly randoms bc I can try to keep up. My last bump month had one randoms board that went on forever and I couldn't keep up with the regulars.  It's makes since for labor too. 
  • @KMD1106 I like the weekly labor thread too. 

    Re: birth stories. I like individual posts for them. I think 1 big post will get bogged down with comments/questions and be hard to follow. 
    Agree with both of these!
  • Thumbs up for the weekly labor thread.

  • Let's skip labor buddies then! I like the idea of a weekly labor thread and individual birth stories. 
    Should I make a poll or is this kind of the general consensus for all 3 of these topics?
    May Siggy Challenge: Labor Memes

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    DD: Born 8/23/13 (clomid+ovidrel+IUI)
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  • Love the weekly labor thread idea! I think there should be a place where the ladies should be able to say they're interested in labor buddies so they know who else is interested and can pair up. I personally don't plan to do it since I didn't last time and I don't feel like I missed out. But I know some ladies on my last BMB enjoyed having a labor buddy/ies

  • Agreed on weekly labor thread. I think that would make it a lot more manageable to stay up to date. Also agreed that maybe someone who's interested in labor buddies could start a thread, and anyone else who is interested could sign up.
  • Agreed on the weekly labor thread! I may be the only one there in two weeks...lets hope that's the case, anyway! :-) 

    I think the reality of this impending birth finally hit DH last night...he started thinking about the logistics of waking up and possibly formula feeding while I pump and stumbled across the Baby Brezza (basically, the Keurig for formula) and decided we needed it to make his life easier. I vetoed it because it's like $175 and seems pretty unnecessary (especially if I end up having better success this go around with BF), but I'm curious if anyone here has used it before...
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  • Hey random question here. I just got the go ahead to buy a new infant car seat since our other one was a handme down from his cousin and its totally out of date. Anyway the question is - I have two chicco bases can other car seats click into the chicco base? I only ask because I had a gracco click connect stroller that the chicco key fit 30 clicked right into so I wanted to know if I am stuck buying a chicco which really isn't a bad thing or if I have more options?
  • @Yiggle09 I always thought it was brand specific. So only chicco would fit in chicco etc. but I could be wrong. 

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  • I can't believe how long it took me to catch up on here after missing on Monday! I have lots to say! 

    @Jens_Hoes - Sorry you didn't get the job!
    @Yiggle09 - I'm glad contractions stopped and you got to go home fairly quickly!
    @kns1988 - What a relief that there is nothing to worry about!
    @ShadeofGreen816 - It definitely sounds like SPD. I've had it last pregnancy and this one and it is much milder this time around. I can still walk around without any issue but some days it feels more painful first thing in the morning or when I first go to get up or get out of the car. Keeping legs together when rolling over or getting out of bed can help make it less uncomfortable. Also, I don't know if you are doing any physical activity but I know that squats can make SPD worse.  

    As far as bending down, it hurts! I usually will kneel on the floor and try to pick up as many things as I can at the same time or will squat down to pick up one or two things. There is very little bending over now. 

    I like the idea of a weekly labor thread as well as individual birth story threads. I also don't feel like I need a labor buddy. Last time I had one but she wasn't very active and I actually found it just as easy to update directly to TB  than going through her. If anyone really feels strongly about it then maybe they can discuss it and pair up on the weekly labor thread. 

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  • Yup yup yup for the weekly labor thread. Also for those that want labor buddies to do a thread. I only mobile bump and find it will be just as easy to update this as it will someone else. 

    @Kipperoo I haven't tried the brezza but had a friend of a friend who loved it. Sorry I'm not more helpful. 
  • @Kipperoo - I don't remember if it was on our board, but somewhere I read a horror story about the Brezza not being calibrated right. The parents were basically giving the baby white water, and it had failure to thrive. I'm sure that's not a common thing, but make sure you test it all out if you get one! 

    My friend had something like a segmented Tupperware for formula (sorry, not sure what it's called) so you could store the right amount for 1 bottle in each spot. I think she mostly used it for travel, but it might make nighttime feedings easier since it's already measured for you (or him!).  
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    @kns1988 Glad it was nothing to worry about!
    Second weekly labor thread, individual birth threads as people want, labor buddies as people want to pair up.
  • @emilyalso I was coming to post about the same thing.

    @kipperoo our DD always took room temp bottles so it was super easy in the middle of the night. have water already measured out in the bottle on the counter and just add powder. I know some babies won't take them unless they are warm, but it may be worth a shot to make life easier.
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