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Nighttime sucks. That is all.


Re: Nighttime sucks. That is all.

  • Doctor confirmed today that DD has colic. And apparently her wanting to cluster feed because of it is why she weighs 13 pounds now. She's almost 7 weeks. I just feel awful. And of course she's crying and fussy, and DH goes to work in 10 mins. I really don't want to deal with tonight alone :(
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  • @rrcameron21 DS gets occasional night terrors, so he cries in his sleep during one. It's not a normal "I'm not happy" cry, but a real fear/pain cry that sets me on edge. It is the worst sound to wake up to, and there's nothing I can do but wait it out. It usually takes me an hour to get back to sleep after one because of the adrenaline dump from hearing that cry. We joke that he's being attacked by zombies in his sleep. But it's really not funny.
  • @Sammy K yes that's exactly what it was like! He was sound asleep then all of a sudden scream crying. I don't know any other way to describe it! I'm glad I'm not the only one. It scared me pretty bad!
  • @rrcameron21 & @Sammy K I'm so glad my LO isn't the only with night terrors. The first few times I woke him up by picking him up now I just shove the paci in there.
  • Currently pumping in the car at 2:50am during a 14 hour car ride to Myrtle Beach. LO is passed out in his car seat and has slept better the past 12 hours than he ever does at home. This is interesting.

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  • Ugh were up 2 hours earlier for her night feeding then normal. She started fussy an hour ago but I kept putting the paci in her mouth and finally got too fed up with lost sleep so now she's done eating and hopefully will sleep soundly now. Think she might be getting too long for the rock n play at night. Now what?! I'm dreading transitioning to the bassinet. Should have just done it straight out of the hospitAl
  • After a rough sleep day yesterday, where she napped for maybe 5-6 hours between 8:30am and 11pm (mostly in 20-30 minute increments) and was overtired screaming most of the rest of that time, we somehow also had a rough night...maybe 7 hours of sleep with 2 feedings rather than the normal 10. I'm praying I can get her back down for a couple of hours right now. I can't deal with another day like yesterday. It's too much.

    Why do babies fight sleep so hard when they're exhausted? I love sleep so much; they don't know what they're missing.
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  • What just happened?!? Baby just fed every 1.5 hrs the entire night, and screamed inconsolably in between. O.M.G.
  • @delujm0 I know it's not your fault but complaining about 7 hours of sleep will have many moms on here side eyeing you, haha!!

    Um yes. I got 3 last night. And not in a row.
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  • @delujm0 7 hours is bad?!?! Crap girl a lot of us would kill for that!
  • 7 hours? Jealous
  • katyertl said:

    @delujm0 7 hours is bad?!?! Crap girl a lot of us would kill for that!

    Yall...I do not get 7 hours. LO does. You can subtract at least two of those hours for me due to "letting her be fully asleep on me pre-transfer" and "pumping post feed" and then another 1-2 because that happens after 6am and I know if I don't get up and have breakfast and tackle any to-dos before DH leaves for work I may not eat or accomplish anything all day. Truly, a good night for me is 5...and at least half of those are spent quasi-sleeping in the nursery recliner instead of my bed because she resists the initial bassinet transfer and after repeating the entire feeding/sleeping routine I don't have the energy to try to move her again.

    Last night I got maybe 4 hours, two of which were in the recliner...I did actually get 7 hours one night last week though, and it was glorious. ;-)
    Me: 37 DH: 37
    Married 5-31-14
    DD1 born 6-21-15
    DD2 born 6-11-17
    DS born 9-5-18

  • We had a better night even Though she had a hard time going down for bed...had stomach issues. Woke up at 1:30, had a good feed- she fell asleep in my arms burping her but when I set her down in rock n play she freaked out. Took about 35 mins to get her asleep. She whined and cried around 330 but I ignored her and she miraculously fell back asleep. Up at 5- fed, same issue fought going back down- went back around 615 and still sleeping. Guess it's an improvement.

    Anyone else's kid love their paci and when it falls out they freak??
  • So, the LO ate more at her 11pm feeding last night and still managed to wake up at 3am and again at 6am this morning. Like clockwork. Getting used to it but don't want to.
  • We are at my parents lake house right now, and LO was doing so great, slept from 9-2, but then the smoke detectors randomly started going off at 230. We ended up calling the fire department to come check everything since this is not our house, so we didn't get back to bed until 4. And now we have been up every hour since. The night had so much potential. . .
  • Yes it sucks BAD!
  • Sitting in traffic 40 min from home when LO should already be down for bed is AWESOME!!!!!!
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  • katyqv said:

    So, the LO ate more at her 11pm feeding last night and still managed to wake up at 3am and again at 6am this morning. Like clockwork. Getting used to it but don't want to.

    This is our schedule for the most part too...
  • Sammyk.. This is when DH takes over without choice.. You go get a pedi.. Take your time shopping.. Etc.. Then about an hour and half out.. You will be missing LO and rush to get back :)
  • ^^to add... If first baby was easy, it's guaranteed second will be straight from gates of hell >:)
  • sure am jealous of all of you who have LOs that will get themselves to sleep after waking up prematurely. mine doesnt. :-w
  • So we always start LO in the rock n play at around 8:30...then at the next feeding, right now, we move him to the pack and play. This is night 3 of getting out of the napper. DH is still at work, and I'm so tired that I'm debating on putting him in the napper where I know he'll sleep. Trying to stay strong...
  • I was convinced tonight was going to be *the* night where we got a 3 hour stretch of sleep. This was after I thought i had figured out that LO has been waking up in the night too hot and sweating (which id previously thought was pee - duh, I know) in his swaddle sacks. Proud of my discovery, I swaddled him in a muslin blanket and prepared for a nice 3 hour stretch.

    Put him down at 10:30 and I've been up at 12:30, 1:30, 2:15, and here we are again at 3:30. He just won't settle.

    I. Hate. Nighttime! :((
  • Resorted to sleeping in his rocker last night bc he won't sleep in the bassinet next to our comfy bed but will so in his crib. I'm so freaking tired! He screamed or was awake for 6 hours straight. Of course DH was snoring while this is going on in our room.
  • LO is always pretty good when DH is home instead of on duty. He is quieter during the day, napping in his swing for an hour or more after being bounced or soothed into a nap, or being awake / not angry and hanging out contendedly, or taking his bottle feedings with little spit up and then resting for a good long while after. Its so frustrating. Last night DH stayed up a little late with LO and I went up to bed at 9ish to get a jump on some sleep. They stayed downstairs until 10 when DH gave him a top-off bottle (he had just finished one before I went to bed) and brought him up about 1030. Apparently the kid did not spit up, and the shirt walk from the loving room to the bedroom put him out. Awesome. 2am (3 and half hours after DH put him down) comes and its my responsibility because DH is going back on duty today, 2 days and 2 nights at the station and me home alone with LO. So it takes an hour to feed LO, that gets us to 3am. It takes over a half hour to get him back to sleep. I lay down and am unable to return to sleep until almost an hour later at 430am. And before 530 am woken up by LO, who is awake and already beginning the pre-meal fuss.

    SO glad DH had me come up to bed early and kept LO that extra little bit. Cause it's looking like I'm all set for another 2 days of LO never being good for me like he is for his dad. I will probably not get back to sleep until after DH leaves at 7 (its now 6am), and that will be a super short shift because its light out and LO is learning that's daytime and time to be awake. Then it will be constant crying all day. No napping in the swing, not for me. No quiet time, not for me. I'll probably get a few minutes of awake / not angry time, but nothing like the stretch of time DH got. Another 2 days of eating junk because i cant take 10 minutes to make something substantial to eat, and not being able to nap when he naps, and not getting any good stretches of sleep at night. This kid hates me, I think.
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  • I've been struggling with sleep myself. I just can't seem to sleep much at night even when LO is! I'm dreading going back to work in 2 weeks. Not sure how I'll function with such little sleep & no napping during the day. I have an autoimmune disease that is definitely affected by lack of sleep. I get moments of severe fatigue, weakness & woozy feeling where I just have to sit or lie down ASAP. LO is 10 weeks & still doesn't really have a schedule. So nervous about work, can't shut my brain off & that's not helping me catch any decent sleep either.
  • @amccoy129 I *never* thought that he might be smelling milk and that was why he wouldn't settle for me. You smart, girl. Thanks for the perspective. How to solve that problem, I have no idea, but at least I can tell myself that instead of thinking my kid hates me. :)
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  • @mellymar I've found this to be true too. Boob fixes almost anything.
  • @mellymar they definitely smell the boob! I was holding my cousins baby today and he was hungry. He was crying and trying to nurse from me but was fine being held by everyone else. I felt so bad!
  • lwyz said:

    @Sammy K I definitely shouted WHAT'S YOUR PROBLEM at LO this morning.not my proudest moment but it's so hard when they're inconsolable!!

    I have also done this. @Sammy K its hard to feel like you're connecting when the LO cries so much and is so much work. I find easy to lose my patience and it takes a lot additional patience to just keep going and not wig out. I feel ya. Glad your DH was able to step in and give you a break. Dont feel guilty, we need our own time. Guard it jealously and advocate for yourself for it. I'm learning this lesson the hard way, but I'm learning it. Hugs.
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