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  • @pangolindrome @jilliboo Yep, 8 week wait here and then, unless there's cause for concern, no more ultrasounds after week 20. I only had one at 36 weeks with DS to confirm he was head down because my midwives weren't 100% certain (turns out he had a gisnt head so that's why it was hard to tell which way was which)
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  • Do you know what you’re having? I’m trying to compare what I see to my ultrasound pic. lol! Awaiting my results.
  • I'm due on the 5th of October! So excited 😁
  • To all the knotties who are posting on this thread (and everywhere else on this BMB): PLEASE PLEASE change your usernames. We cannot keep your random knottie names straight and people’s usernames are how we get to know each other on here. There’s a pinned post with instructions. If you’ve changed your name and it’s still showing up as knottie, log out and back in. 
  • I logged back out and back in and it’s still coming up Knottie even though when I go back to the settings and see it’s changed so. 
  • @jn18010 I see your new username. You did it!
  • I don't know if it's "full," but I've been instructed to drink 24 oz before.... definitely gives better visibility with fuller bladder.
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    We went for our NT scan at 12w4d and saw our sweet guy moving around a bunch! So much so that the tech was unable to get measurement for the NT or the nasal bone. Our OB said she’s not worried, and didn’t schedule a second scan to redo it because she said that when something wrong it’s “really obvious”, but it’s still so hard not to have the definitive assurance! 

    We did the NIPT prior and everything came back normal/negative, so that does give some peace of mind. Has anyone else been unable to get their NT due to baby’s position during scan? 

  • 15 + 1. Blurry shot because it was on the crappy portable US and baby was moving the whole time. I go in again in a week to check to see if some weird spots resolved and hopefully soon I'll be able to make my appointment for MFM and the anatomy scan.
  • @relizabethp so I'm in a similar situation. My husband is a full foot taller than me. I'm 5 ft 5 if I have proper posture. Thus far my children have all been absolute giants. My oldest girl is 8 and her head is coming above my chin. I have to carry these beasts. My poor uterus. 🤣 But hey long legs means lots of kicks. Yay!
  • @krysnicole1022 I worry about that- my family is all little people with little babies- my husband’s family all have gigantic babies- like 12 -13 lbs babies- I can’t handle a 12 lbs baby. My daughter was born 6 lbs and stayed tiny- that’s my speed, lol! 
  • @relizabethp his side and my side both have average 7-8 lb babies. For some reason ours our just HUGE. My last one was over 10 lbs. They had to call in extra help to heave him out during my c section. 🤣🤣
  • @krthouse my husband is dutch. Surprisingly none of the babies on his side are big even though they are all so tall.  
    my son was like that also! The OB that delivered him mistook him for a three month old at my one week appointment. 🤣
     And a big baby doesn't mean c section and you should never get convinced otherwise. I have friends who birthed 9+ lb babies vaginally with minimal to no tearing. You'll be great. 
  • Hey. Kind of panicking and need some perspective if anyone has some. I went for my 18 week anatomy ultrasound today and got to see the baby much clearer and she looked so sweet, but the tech was unable to get a clear image of a bunch of details and I have to go back in one week at 19 weeks. She said the baby’s positioning was bad for what she needed it for but I just have the worst anxiety that all these things she couldn’t get an image of are actually problems or something. I don’t know. I’m exhausted and just want to feel like I can exhale. 
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    @wolfiebaby it's completely normal to be worried, but these babies are hard to see and completely uncooperative in the uterus!!!

    With my son we had to go three times for them to get all the right pictures/angles of his heart, and in the end they said he was perfectly healthy. Of course I was freaking out the entire time thinking the worst, but it was literally just that they couldn't get a good picture because he kept moving. 
  • How did they guess that they told me I might be haven twins as well but ultrasound shows just one for now
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    Sorry wrong group!! Congratulations everyone. 
  • @stephers_ Isn't it crazy how easy they are to find at 20 weeks?!!!
  • Omg @pangolindrome it's WILD!! We have the line of all the ultrasounds on the fridge. The 8 week ones are CRAZY to look next to the 20 week ones. I can't even find her in the 8 week one anymore bahaha
  • 18wk today and FTM.. we went to a boutique ultrasound place last week since we are eager to find out the gender and don't want to wait til the anatomy scan... We went last week but the baby had their legs crossed the whole time... Going back to re do it tomorrow.... Any tips and tricks from those in similar situations on what I can do to get the baby to open up and moving so we can see what we are having. I tried ice cold water last time... did not work.. any other suggestions, please share! Thank you
  • I usually get mine to move by eating something prior to an ultrasound. I had a doctor recommend a couple of Hershey's kisses beforehand. I don't actually know if it helps. The only time I didn't do it was with my second and she never cooperated. Fortunately the tech at MFM was able to take an educated guess and was right. (we also had DNA results to confirm)
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    @libra_lilly I’ve been told to drink orange juice or a coke before hand
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  • Aycul18Aycul18 member
    @libra_lilly yay and congrats!
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  • @jilliboo I'm going back in today for a clearer profile. Pretty common! They just want to make sure that blurry imaging doesn't make them miss anything.
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