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    ok thank you! It was a weird thing. I had the appointment to start my second round of clomid... but got a positive test that morning. I called and they said just to come in so maybe thats why?? I was a little upset that there was totally nothing to see, but im glad to find that its common
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  • @krysnicole1022 I’m glad you got your confirmation, and your video! I think we’re going to a boutique place at some point, because my husband can’t go to any of my appointments. It’s great that they’re offered. 
  • @KGETS86 I'm so happy I did it. My kids loved seeing the video.
  • Does anyone else have their baby’s percentiles for measurements all over the place? I know my Dr would have told me if he was concerned about what he saw, I think I just assumed that everything would measure into similar percentiles and I’m just curious if others saw something similar with ultrasound results? 
  • I know that those percentiles and measurements can be way off. It's not very exact at all. With my first they told me she would be maybe 7 lbs....she was nearly nine. Unless it's super low, like below I think 15th percentile, then they usually just see how it goes. If the measurements are concerning they will do extra monitoring.
  • Agreed. They don’t follow a growth curve like they do for babies once they’re born. They’re more concerned with very low percentiles or very high. I’ve never had them compare a pattern before, unless it’s a very significant swing. I also only get growth scans because my oldest was IUGR and we didn’t know until he was born. My OB is playing that a little conservatively, since I’ve had a history of gestational hypertension, and it gives me peace of mind. 
  • Hi everyone
  • @mcclanna WHOA! What a resemblance!

  • 32w5d! Everything is looking good; they estimated baby to be in 79th percentile at 5lb9oz…. Which seems really big! Now I am nervous about having a 10lb baby! My other 2 were 7lb6oz and 8lbs, but I didn’t have another us this late to give perspective/anxiety fuel… I of course had to look up birth weight percentile charts and 79th percentile realistically puts us a little under 9lbs at 40 weeks, but woof! 
  • @serenejellybean if it makes you feel better my son was 7lbs 1 oz at that point and he was just over 10 lbs. So you probably aren't looking at 10 lbs unless you go past your due date. Also growth ultrasounds aren't 100%. I've had a lot of friends in similar situations and their babies ended up around the same size as their previous babies. Either way, you've got this!
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