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  • @wolfiebaby The tiny feet pics are always my favorite!
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  • Hi guys, 
    Just for fun! I just had my 20 week ultrasound, we aren’t finding out the gender. Any guesses based on this ultrasound picture? 

  • At my follow up ultrasound to try to get a clear profile of this lil nugget. She wasn't cooperating again, so they had me empty my bladder, walk around, touch my toes. Still no bueno so a much longer walk and a coke. Still no, so I laid down on a bed tilted a bit upside down. Nope. Just emptied bladder again thanks to that coke. Waiting to see if we can get it now. I'm laughing at how trying to get this one shot has taken longer than her entire anatomy scan did 😂 
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    @krthouse So glad you got your image! My little guy would not cooperate today and show us his face at all or give the tech a clear shot of his heart. I’m so nervous to go back and have the same thing happen again! 
  • Me too @grahamkm!!! My boy showed his bits no problem, his heart was a miss. So back in 2 weeks to see if he will cooperate 
  • FTM and I have my anatomy scan next week (i'll be 22w). Is it suggested to have juice?? I'd think if baby is moving a lot it'd be hard to get clear pictures. 
  • Opinions, possibleTWINS?: does this look like another baby head in the back on the first picture? Second picture, does that look like and arm and the little fingers of a possible second baby? 
  • What did the tech say?
  • If the tech didn’t say anything about twins, I don’t think there is a way for the tech to have missed a second baby. I’m having twins, and it is very obvious on the ultrasound that there are two babies. 
  • I had my anatomy scan yesterday, little girl was very cooperative and everything looks perfect, she weighs 13oz. The coolest part was she did some 3d images… kinda creepy but so beautiful:)
  • Ladies still don’t know the gender of our baby. Took ages to get a decent photo as the baby was being difficult to get a clear picture. What do you mummies think? Getting my midwife to get a second look on Tuesday!
  • I don't know why they would label it "gender" without having any sort of clear picture. I'm not even sure what I'm looking at here. I would get another ultrasound for clarity because it's all just guessing at this point. 
  • It’s the bottom of the bum with legs either side but one leg isn’t visible. 
  • That's what I figured. Hopefully your midwife has some answers.
  • I’d guess boy - looks like testicles but you can’t see the penis. We just found out we’re having a girl and the tech showed us the 3 lines they look for on girls. 
  • @sydneyjess I said this in your other thread, but I don't know what else we can offer you than conjecture, and I'm not sure how conjecture would genuinely help you. I completely understand the desire to know.
  • @wileybliss Fingers crossed for no complications and that all this means is you get the benefit of seeing baby regularly 💕
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    @krysnicole1022 Congrats! Our 4th is a boy too- we will have 2 and 2 like you, but boy, girl, girl, boy. My sister called it the sandwich family, lol!
  • @momof_t_k_e_baby4 thank you! Congratulations to you as well. That's so great. My son really wanted a brother so it worked out perfectly. 
  • @krysnicole1022 Congrats!! I wonder how many of the 4th babies in this group are boys, as that’s what my number 4 is too!
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    We have a foot! She was being very difficult and curled up in a ball. I was so nervous I didn’t think to ask what this big lumpy white thing is in the picture - is that the placenta? Why does it look like that 😑
  • Add another one to the list. My #4 is also a boy, also bringing us to two of each.
  • @krthouse @kricron and @momof_t_k_e_baby4
    This is kind of cool. Congratulations mamas! My only problem is that we literally don't have a name. 😭 I'm excited for another boy but at this point his name is actually going to end up being Phoebo or we will name him Berenstein Bears style and his name will just be brother. 
  • @krysnicole1022 I did think it was Murphy's Law that you're having a boy after your posts about not having any boy name ideas. I think you'd floated the name Griffin recently?
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    @krysnicole1022 My siblings are 5 girls and 1 boy ---> he has a name but we often still just call him brother. It's weird but happens. 🤷‍♀️
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