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  • @krthouse My husband said he would insist on spelling it Gryffin like Gryffindor because he hates it but would want to announce it like a Hogwarts house. He doesn't even like Harry Potter. 🤣 He's a LOTR guy. 
    @rcgw I have 3 brothers and 3 sisters (that I know of) and everyone but me usually went by a nickname. None of my kids are called by their full name very often. My second girl is named Persephone and we rarely call her that. My four year old sometimes calls his sisters by their full first names and it's really very cute. Hearing a four year old pronounce Persephone correctly is both adorable and impressive. 
  • @krysnicole1022 😂😂😂😂😂😂 I mean Griffin or Gryffin are both epic, but I guess it depends on your feelings about HP. If you love mythology maybe dive into some of those names and look up related names too. I also had fun looking far back into our family trees for ideas, and looked at first, middle and last names as options. You could also look back in the family trees of people in history you admire for sone alternative sources. 
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  • We've scoured Greek, German, Norse, and Celtic mythology. My eight year old is a bit of a mythology buff so she has very strong opinions about names. We liked Perseus and she hates it so much that she would probably dislike the baby. Haha. We used his Grandpa's name as part of our son's name. We are really not close with our families at all and I don't know most of my biological family or father. I've been looking into favoritebooks, favorite TV shows, and the origin of those names. Baby names and their meanings are a bit of a hobby of mine. I've helped so many of my friends name their children. We have never really had a boy name we liked. The only one we kind of liked we gave to our first son. I'm usually drawn to Irish names but even those aren't appealing to me at all. I would prefer to have a small list of names I like but I may just have to wing it after he is here. 
  • @jen_third22 Look at all your beautiful babies!!!
  • Thought I'd upload my anatomy ultrasound pics too... a bit late, as I had it done May 25, lol (I'm 24w tomorrow, due date Oct 8). Baby was measuring spot-on for gestational age, and everything looked perfect. Cute little profile, and the gender shot (bum on the right with the thighs pointing left). I have the option of one more u/s at 35w just to verify that baby is growing well, because I had covid in the first trimester...I may go for it, not because I'm worried, but just to verify he's still a boy 🤣

  • Did everyone get an anatomy shot at their 20 week? I did with all of mine that cooperated but not this one. I'm not getting another ultrasound until 32 weeks or sooner if I have GD (which I will). But I really need another anatomy confirmation because not only did it not look the same as my previous boy scans but something was just off. Maybe because it was so rushed and she basically darted away within seconds? For a $3000 appointment I feel like it should have lasted longer than 30 minutes. Every other one of my MFM with my previous three did. Maybe I'm just being paranoid?
  • jilliboojilliboo member
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    @krysnicole1022 I got mine at 19 1/2 weeks but yes. My appointment was about 30 mins too and they couldn’t get good pics of heart due to baby being stubborn. So I went back a week later and the tech was amazing! She took an additional 45 mins and got tons of good pics. Voice your concerns. 
  • @jilliboo I did at my last appointment and it was kind of dismissed. I didn't see my normal doctor. I'm actually going to a boutique place this week for a anatomy scan so I can have peace of mind. 
  • Had my anatomy scan about a week ago. They said all looked good but didn’t get a great picture of 2 out of 6 parts of the brain they try to look at. They didn’t seem concerned and don’t want me to come back for another US until my 24 week appointment. I go back and forth on concern and no concern. Thoughts?
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  • @krysnicole1022 I’m so sorry they dismissed you like that. Maybe bring up with your normal dr when you get a chance? And yay for boutique!!! I’ve heard about them, but never been. 
  • @jilliboo I've never been but the one near me is running a special for gender reveals and it's only $50. They have excellent reviews. My husband told me I need to do it because I'm driving myself crazy and I really want to decorate and start picking out paint etc.
  • I made an appointment and she said that most of their gender appointments are done because the tech said the baby was uncooperative and they couldn't get it or basically what happened during mine where they rushed right over it. They are located right near my hospital so I'm guessing they get a lot of business there. I'll finally have confirmation that he really is a boy on Wednesday.
  • bows22bows22 member
    @krysnicole1022 I’m glad you made the appointment. I was always kind of against the boutique places, like I was afraid to get bad news there versus with a doctor, but I had an appt where it took forever to find the heartbeat and I couldn’t stop being anxious about it so I went to a boutique place and it helped so much. I’m sure you will feel so much better after Wednesday too!
  • @bows22 the reviews for this place are excellent and they had a deal for the gender scan specifically so it's only $50. Way cheaper than going back to MFM and since they clearly didn't care... 
  • rcgwrcgw member
    @krysnicole1022 Our anatomy scan with MFM was forever long because our baby she's whatever the heck he wants and that means arms over heart when trying to get heart pics, fingers in face for profile shots, breech when they needed a different angle for the spine... The tech didn't even try hard to get gender because we had NIPT results already so when he was uncooperative she asked if we needed them. It was 90+ minutes of jabbing at my uterus and switching positions trying to get the necessary images, so we said no. But if we didn't have NIPT info I would've been furious at not getting the info when I wanted it. 
  • @rcgw I had the NIPT but chose to have the sex left off because originally my oldest wanted to find out with an ultrasound so we opted to do it that way. They ended up not allowing her to come so now I regret it. I asked the office to contact Natera for confirmation but they haven't yet. 
  • Gender guesses 22weeks 4 day
  • rcgwrcgw member
    @krysnicole1022 Gah! That's frustrating. The office should have the results even if they didn't tell you. It's included in the NIPT so they should be able to tell you. I'm so sorry. 
  • @rcgw I spoke to Natera today and they didn't run the sex of the baby. They would have to do it again. Here is hoping my US on Wednesday confirms little Phoebo is in there. 🤣
  • Had a repeat anatomy scan today because of baby’s position they couldn’t see all the needed to see last time. Also had a fetal echo (family history and ivf) everything looked good but she was still transverse and was belly down making it difficult for them to get all the images they needed again so may have to go for a third scan. I thought she had changed positions because at the last scan they said her head was to the right of my belly button. All her kicks are on the right side now so I assumed she flipped. Nope she’s just bent in half so head and feet are on the right side. Hopefully she moves soon she looks so uncomfortable.
  • rcgwrcgw member
    @krysnicole1022 OH. MY. GOSH. I would have a breakdown. And possibly yell at the staff then cry that I'd yelled at them. I hope with all my might you get answers and confirmation at your ultrasound!
  • @rcgw Thanks! I go this afternoon. 
  • @mia80 my husband is totally a mommas boy. So is his brother. I’m super excited about my boy! All the sports and dance recitals if he chooses to!!!! I’m way more of a Tom-boy anyways, but trust me, some boys never leave their moms. 
  • mia80mia80 member
    @jilliboo I know it's stupid, but I was looking forward to all the 'girly' things, and it's not even guaranteed that a girl would have wanted to go in dance, or sew/quilt, bake, etc. I'm just going to have to make sure I raise two mama's boys!!! haha
  • @mia80 I have two girls and a boy and I was still a little disappointed I was having another boy. I think gender disappointment is pretty common but you recover quickly. We don't have a boys name so that was part of it for me. 
  • Also my oldest daughter is obsessed with tarantulas, all spiders, and snakes. She is not at all girly. My second daughter is slightly more but not really. 
  • @mia80 I fully understand. As someone who is a seamstress by trade, girl clothes are way more fun to make! But you better believe if my boy wants a sewing machine one year, absolutely!!!! Lol. 
  • bows22bows22 member
    @mia80 my husband talks to my MIL all the time, we don’t see them as often as we see my parents but that’s because my ILs have social lives and my parents don’t 😂. My brother doesn’t call my mom like ever but my SIL does and they are always over at my parents house for dinner or to visit. So I definitely think it has to do with the relationship you foster! I think the thought of missing out on the girly stuff is totally valid but I wouldn’t worry about not being a part of their lives in the future ❤️
  • vka205vka205 member
    I had my first sonogram today very early, exactly 4 weeks to date. The doc said there was nothing to see at this time other than thickened lining (18 mm) which she said was a good sign. As well as a corpus luteal cyst which she said commonly occurs in pregnancy. Did you guys have a sono this early? Were you able to see more?
  • bows22bows22 member
    @vka205 this is a group for due dates in October 2022, I’d check out the Feb/March 2023 group depending on what your EDD is. That being said, I’m surprised your doc did an ultrasound this early? Definitely too early to see anything if you are only 4 weeks 

  • @krysnicole1022
    happy you got your confirmation!
  • Also I paid for the video of the ultrasound so I have a solid 13 minutes of baby boy moving around doing baby things and I love it. I'm just going to watch it whenever I feel panicked.
  • @krysnicole1022 What a great idea! Such a nice thing to have for reassurance, but also it'll be so cool to be able to show him that one day!
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