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  • @msever1990 there is a little icon that looks like a mountain landscape with a sun, you can use that to attach a file. Honestly, I have a lot of trouble with the mobile app on this forum so I use my computer and a web browser when I posted my ultrasound :smile: very excited to see your pictures!! I love having this community to see everyone's progress, everyone's jelly beans look like happy lil blobs of joy. 
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  • @msever1990 When you're trying to share an image, you should see this little picture icon. Click that, then it'll ask you to choose a file from there!

  • I'd love to know the same thing. I'm 8 weeks now, and my first appointment is in two weeks. I was told they don't do ultrasounds unless something is wrong. So I won't get my first one until we find out sex of the baby. It seems so odd.
  • @bows22 CONGRATULATIONS! I am so very excited for you and baby!!! Happy graduation day :smiley:
  • @bows22 Congratulations!! So happy for you!  I also graduated this week :) 
  • @sandy5693 I’m so happy to just be a regular patient now!

    @merostomata yay!! I feel like you’ve been waiting forever and I’m so glad you had an US too!
  • @mcclanna at least it means more opportunities to see your baby! Also, you might want to edit your photo to remove personally identifying information. Too many internet creeps out there. 
  • Just jumping in to say I'm so happy for everyone graduating from their RE's!!!!
  • @sammybays12 my doc told me the same thing but that it’s super common and the body normally absorbs it, or there’s minor spotting. I don’t go back till 4-8 for my 14 week US
  • I feel like my doc is out of the normal for # of US. I didn’t have one until 9wk6days. Baby was measuring on track with a heart rate of 189. I don’t go back till 15 weeks and then 20 weeks. But I got NIPS blood work done. That’s the only thing in between 
  • @pangolindrome yay! So glad things went well and you finally got that scan. 

    I’m impressed you were able to only release half. There’s not a chance my pelvic floor would be able to handle that. I would pee all over everyone. 
  • @merostomata @pangolindrome at my midwife check up I had to give two urine samples. They needed me to fill one, hold and wipe up with a baby wipe then do the second one midstream. Definitely put my pelvic floor work to the test 😂😂😂
  • You could get a Doppler to listen to heartbeat or I use the app My Baby Heart and have gotten a clear heartbeat of baby. I am now 11 weeks.
  • This was last week at my 2nd ultrasound. Measuring at 10 weeks, 11 weeks today. Heart rate was 178 and baby was moving a lot.

    This morning I woke up at 1:00 AM and there was blood when I used the restroom. Doctors said it’s prob spotting and it has now stopped and is just brown. No cramping at all. Anyone else experience spotting? I never did when pregnant with my son.
  • I had my first US today! Baby is measuring 9W6, but the dr. Is going with my LMP so dated me at 10W1. Baby’s heart rate is at 160 BPM, the doctor said the BPM is “perfect.” It’s so relieving hearing this baby’s heart beat, especially after having a loss ❤️
  • @knottie113ea898ca868e46

    you can buy a heart Doppler or if there’s a private practice close to you that does ultrasounds so you can see baby in between the physician’s office ultrasounds. 
  • @jen_third22 it is amazing to see those images with the three babies! Wow. I bet your medical team was amazed too. I'm really excited you're a part of this board and looking forward to following your journey. 

    I saw your other post regarding the triplets-- I'm sure there is so much going through your head and all the emotions <3  
  • Oh. My. Gosh. THREE BABIES!!!! That is insane and overwhelming but truly miraculous, @jen_third22

    Congratulations X3!!! 
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