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  • @krthouse I have my NT Scan on Monday and I also have to go alone and I've been SO anxious.  I will be thinking of you!  Hang in there and stay distracted.
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  • @sandy5693 Thank you for the solidarity! I'll be thinking of you Monday 💕

    @EmilyE13 So glad you got to hear the heartbeat! Such a cute lil nugget!
  • @krthouse thinking of you today!! I would also be terrified about going alone. Is YH able to go with you still and wait in the car? I’m sure you will have a great scan though!
  • @krthouse how did it go? I hope you were able to relieve some nerves.
  • @krthouse woohoo! So stoked for you! I was waiting for your update 😊
  • @katier9090 I had to for mine. I’m pretty sure it’s common for most ultra sounds.
  • @ccarri01 You got such a great clear printout!!! I remember with my first being shocked by how much baby already looked like a whole baby in there. Such a trip!
  • No, they ask you to empty your bladder 
  • @kisha13 Was that intended as a response to someone? Make sure to quote or tag them for clarity.
  • So I’m approaching 10 weeks with my third pregnancy and at 7 weeks I went to the hospital because I was having some spotting/bleeding. I had a vaginal ultrasound and saw/heard babies heart beat. I have a bicornuate uterus so they thoroughly checked the the other side of my uterus and was told there was only one baby. I went in for my first appointment this week on Monday and had another ultrasound. They found a second baby but was only measuring 6 weeks. The doctor told me that baby was not growing and that it was common in twins for one to not make it. I was shocked and didn’t mention my first ultrasound which they have records of but I came home and started researching and read about Superfetation. I called my doctor back to ask about that but he didn’t call back. Instead he had his nurse call me to tell me the same thing about the second baby just not growing and that most likely it’s just not going to grow. So I looked up a place near me that does ultrasounds and scheduled an ultrasound on the 23rd of this month just to double check and make sure the second baby isn’t growing. Has anyone ever had this experience or known of anyone? 
  • @nina04perez I have not had this happen and I’m sorry for the uncertainty! But did the second baby have a heartbeat? Are they bringing you back for another ultrasound? When is your next appointment? I would push to be seen again to check on the second baby versus going to a boutique ultrasound place. 
  • I don’t think the tech even looked for a heart beat she did it so fast and took pics but I know they can’t say anything so I didn’t even ask. I’m only going to that place to get measurements of the second baby again to have proof and have them do another ultrasound if the baby did grow in these weeks in between. I have my next appointment may 2nd. 
  • Little guy is measuring perfectly @ 13w2d here about 160 hb. Had some pain this week but seems it was nothing. Gotta do some stretching is all. Absolutely love seeing him look like an actual tiny human!
  • @knottie38d0a01621282df8 that’s great news. Could you please change your username? It’s impossible to keep the knottie names straight, and usernames are how we all get to know each other on the board. 
  • @EmilyE13 hi! I realized right after posting, and changed the name but the post did not update the username. Here I am again!
  • Hey mamas! I went to my 12 week ultrasound today. Not wanting to find out the gender but I asked the doctor if she could tell what it was and she said yes which leads me to believe it’s a boy. Thoughts? Could they tell either way or are only boys truly visible then? I also think I see a little weenus in one of my ultrasound photos but I’m not sure if I’m in my own head right now!
  • I think it's pretty inconclusive at 12 weeks. I know people who found out at 14 weeks or so. That being that boys are definitely more obvious than girls but girls are pretty distinct. I also know people who were told boy/girl early (around 14) and then found out at 20 weeks that it was the opposite. 
  • I went to doctor today for my 12 week and they told me the exact same thing so i need answers to this too😂
  • Could you see anything yourself?! I’m so curious now! I’m waiting for the blood work results.
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    My ultrasound was done at 8 weeks and the baby was moving all around in the video & the photo the baby looks like a gummy bear. It was very clear & I didn’t think it would be.
  • On Monday I had my last of my every-two-week ultrasounds through first tri (had a MC in December so this was as much for peace of mind as anything else). The little dude was moving like crazy and refused to give us a profile shot, but it was amazing to see fingers and hands and feet clearly. I’ll miss seeing him for the next 8 weeks!

  • @holly0810 Oh my goodness, so glad you're okay now! Exciting to see how much bigger baby is
  • I hate waiting 4 weeks between pictures. 
  • jilliboo said:
    I hate waiting 4 weeks between pictures. 
    How about 7? I had my last at 13 for the NT scan and my next is at week 20. I hit 16 today.
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