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  • Hey Everyone I’m new here! First day of my last period was Jan 17 so I’m pegging myself due Oct 24. I have my first phone consult in a week from Friday. I have a septate uterus so I thought conceiving would be hard but here we are! Anyone familiar with septate uterus’? Glad to have a little community to lean on :) First time pregnant and I’m nervous!
  • Hey Everyone I’m new here! First day of my last period was Jan 17 so I’m pegging myself due Oct 24. I have my first phone consult in a week from Friday. I have a septate uterus so I thought conceiving would be hard but here we are! Anyone familiar with septate uterus’? Glad to have a little community to lean on :) First time pregnant and I’m nervous!

    Hi there!  You accidentally posted this in the Ultrasound thread - make sure to post this in the Introductions discussion: https://forums.thebump.com/discussion/12764644/introductions#latest
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  • @knottie01d4c035b60e7b6b that's so sweet <3 Can't wait for mine, and glad it went to well!

    Just a reminder to everyone, for your own protection please crop out or blur your personal info on your scans, since you never know if there might be weird lurkers!
  • @whoot16 due date buds! 🐣
  • Same! Just got my first ultrasound today, 8w5d due Oct 1st :) so wild hearing the heartbeat
  • Hello I’ve been going through the worst theee pass couple of days. I had my first visit in ER 02/19 and there I was told my gestational sac was measuring (11.8mm) 6weeks, instead of 8weeks. And my hcg was 11000 . No yolk sac seen. THEN I went and got a second opinion 02/21 another ER did see a yolk sac that measured 6mm but still no fetal pole . Hcg increased to 18000. Next I went to have blood drawn on 2/23 and today was told it was 140000 so it dropped . Next the had me come in for ultrasound and still I was measuring 6weeks gestational sac size went up to 14mm. But they said with hcg levels of 14000 they should see more and that my yolk sac was abnormal!!!! Too big. Also that the gestational sac was abnormal looking too but looking on Google it doesn’t look abnormal . I’m losing my mind . Can someone help me if they’ve had a similar experience!! Please
  • @yaracara2020 *lurking from September* obviously you'll want to follow up with your doctor (they'll likely want another ultrasound and beta in a week to see if there is any progress or degredation), but the dropped HcG this early in pregnancy usually is not good.  Based on your description here, I think it is quite likely that you have what's known as a blighted ovum.  If that is the case, your body will usually miscarry on its own, but it might take a few weeks.  The other options would be a D/C or taking misoprostol to induce the miscarriage.  Each of those three options has pros and cons which you can either discuss with your doctor or talk about in one of these boards with other women who have been through similar experiences.
    Current pregnancy -
    First BFP on 1/4/22.  Due date 9/13/22.

    Four prior losses, no living children - 1 first trimester miscarriage, 1 blighted ovum, 1 chemical, and one extreme premature live birth daughter who died at 15 days old.

  • Hello everyone! First time mom and first time pregnancy here! I am 6w2d! Found out at 3w6d. My first US is scheduled for 3/15/22. My estimated due date based off of my last period is 10/19/22!
  • @knottie566607778a1eae00 welcome! You posted in the wrong thread. This is for ultrasounds. It would be great if you could introduce yourself in the Introductions thread. Also, could you please change your username so people can tag you and tell you apart from all the other impossibly long knottie names?
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    @twinmom0815 omg! That minute must have been so nerve-wracking, yikes! So glad everything turned out well though :) Definitely hope she waits longer or for a second opinion next time. Baby was just hiding!
  • I am not sure when I ovulated as my cycles are so irregular 32-42 days long. I was doing OPKs but the month I conceived never actually got a positive OPK. I tested positive with a very very faint positive on 1/30. My last period was 1/1. I went in to my confirmation ultrasound today and I was only measuring 6 weeks 1 day. There was a strong heart beat that the doctor could see but they said I was too early to hear. My doctor said she is not worried at all and everything looks great especially since there was a heart beat. I don’t have another appointment for five weeks. Is this normal? I’m so worried that I’m measuring that far behind.

    A side note is that the doctor was really struggling performing the ultrasound as the sonogropher wasn’t there that day. She even measured several times and had be hold my breath because she said my breathing was making my stomach move and it was hard for her. Anyone had similar experiences?
  • @maddie3006 sorry for the concern! Is there any way you could get another scan from your doctor earlier, for peace of mind?

    Just doing the math, if you got a super faint positive on 1/30, you might have ovulated around 1/20-1/22 or so, so a fetal age of ~4-4.5 weeks at this time. Gestational age by LMP is usually two weeks ahead of fetal age (because it's assuming a ~28 day cycle and ovulation around day 14, but that isn't you), so measuring at 6+1 seems pretty on track with that? I hope that makes some sense! 
  • Congrats on your "graduation" @amille525!
  • Hi!

    Pregnant with 2nd! Due date 10/26
    Went for ultrasound last Monday- I was only 4 weeks. Only could see lining thickening. I’m on progesterone just like last time just to “play it safe”

    I am currently 5 weeks 3 days. I am light headed a lot! Is this normal?

    Anyone else on progesterone?
  • @kristieebxoxo I was getting pretty light headed when I first found out. It seems like I need to eat a bigger breakfast than I did before I was pregnant and that has been helping. I’m also on progesterone just to be safe. Luckily I only take it at night so I don’t deal with as much of it leaking during the day. 
  • @katier9090

    All of my ultrasounds so far have been internal so they actually prefer an empty bladder. However, I believe their are some ultrasounds that require full bladders... I'm not sure when that is because this is my first. 
  • I went for mine at 6w1d and the fetal pole was 107. My doctor was happy with it! 
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    Hi guys! Hoping for some advice. 

    My LMP was 1/1/22 and due to a ruptured ectopic in sept I’ve had scans starting at estimated 5w. I’m so confused and worried about my dates. I got a strong positive on FRER and clear blue digital on 1/27 so super early. I typically O on CD20 so I must’ve gotten a positive on 7DPO which is crazy. My HCG was doubling well at my 4w blood draw (3k then to 6k). My scan showed what my dr said was the beginning of the gestational sac measuring 4w when I was supposed to be 4w5d. I did another scan two weeks later that measured 5w5d of a larger empty gestational sac. A week later, measured 6w with fetal pole, yolk and a heartbeat of 94bpm, my dr said that was slow but it is still early and that it could be super strong at my next appt. Can anyone make sense of these dates? How could I have gotten such a strong positive almost a month ago and only be measuring 6w? My dr just says my dates could be wrong but my LMP is what it is. 

    Edited - adjusted weeks. 
  • @cw7 at 5w5d the heart would have *just* started beating, so it does start off slow. I know there’s no way to stop worrying, but just try to stay as positive as you can since your scan DID show a baby with a heartbeat, which is wonderful. When is your next US?
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    @EmilyE13 thank you so much. I’m sorry I messed up most of timeline in my original. Please see my edited comment 😩 but thank you and my dr offered a sono for this week or next and I opted for next week. I’ve had so many gray area appointments, I’m hoping I’ll see more at my estimated 8w appointment next week.
  • I did have a full bladder for the abdominal portion, and then she had me empty for transvaginal
  • Yup @echaps21, I’ve got a fibroid apparently lined up perfectly with my bladder. Doc said it may cause the baby to be breech and therefore reduce my ability to vaginally deliver. And that it may grow during the pregnancy and have to be removed after. Oh, and that I’ll have to pee more often. 😂 Like I need that!
  • Hi! I had my first US today and I am 8w3d…measuring right on track. Heartbeat at 171. Very happy to hear! All good there but they did see a very very small subchorionic hematoma. I was told they are very common and they will just have US every 2 weeks until it goes away. Anyone else experience a similar situation? Trying not to overreact…
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