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  • meggyme
    Can you please remove the outdated sponsored posts pinned to the top of all the message boards. I understand the occasional necessary advertisement post, but some of these have been closed for 2 years and there’s not a single current post above the fold.
    October 17
  • bianca8686
    I thought this place was a place for mothers to talk about their issues during pregnancy but I get bamboozled by a bunch of girls who say I didn't introduce myself .....i was literally getting attacked for not introducing myself....tell me that wasn't petty....and all I was looking for was someone to relate to, if they felt like I should of Introduce myself they could ask me tell me a little about yourself.....Not ....I think it's rude that you Came on here and didn't introduce yourself .....sounds like a bully to me.....
    September 25
  • PhotogAsh
    I have Asperger syndrome. Let me start off with saying that. I don't always communicate well.  I was nervous I was pregnant, sought out what I thought to be the correct message board, and then was bombarded with repetitive "reported" notifications. Isn't there a way to close a thread? I've already closed my account. My first time posting and I had no idea people could be such bullys.  I read the rules, I just must have read the wrong message board's rules. I just need my computer to stop reminding me. I'm at work and can't stop crying everytime the computer chimes.
    August 29
  • kforbes14
    Can you please do something about all the dang bully's?!  Like seriously I'm starting to really hate this app. 99% of the ADULT woman are only here to criticize and make others feel stupid and insecure. It's sickening how some of these woman act! 
    August 25