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Hello and welcome to the October 2022 BMB!

Introduce yourself:

Due date?

How did you find out?

Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)

How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
Me: 34  DH: 34
Married 10/28/17
Our TTC Journey
TTC #1 February '18
Team Green turned Team Blue 10/15/18

TTC #2 January '21
BFP June '21
MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C July '21
Jan '22 - started IF testing
BFP Jan '22
MMC/Blighted Ovum that led to D&C Feb '22
BFP May '22


Re: Introductions

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  • laahaalaahaa member
    edited January 2022
    @scotia-293 We are homeschoolers too! Taking it year by year but it’s been fun!
  • @ThatFlightyTemptressAdventure

    We reallllllly want to move to Lancaster! Currently in western PA! I’m excited to have you in the “group” if we make the move! 
  • Hi! 

    30yo 2nd time mom with an almost 2yo. First appt is Feb 22. Looking forward to getting confirmation all is well and telling friends and family. Until then just enjoying this time with my little family and our exciting news! 

    I'm the only person in my social circle with a child or pregnant so I enjoy connecting online with those in similar life stage. 

    Cheers to our pregnancies, 

    -Kara B 
  • @iaahaa we love it here! We lived in NJ for a long time and we constantly try to make all our friends move here 😂 we live downtown and there’s so much to do. I also work in the city school district, and my older son goes there, and we love it so far. But there’s also lots of other good schools in the county. If you ever move here hit me up!
  • Ugh I mis-typed that username above! Comment was directed at @laahaa
  • @ThatFlightyTemptressAdventure we actually had him enrolled at new school Montessori for this school year last spring and then some things happened with my MIL and that pushed our move back quite a bit. But we hope before oct baby comes! 
  • Hello :)

    Girl mom of 2 (3 & 2 years). Due Oct 2 based on LMP or Oct 7 based on ovulation. Will confirm via ultrasound Feb 25 which feels forever away.

    Feeling nauseous & queasy, much like with my first. We are super excited. For the first time, we don’t plan on finding out the baby’s sex until birth. It is going to feel impossible but this is probably our last and if feels like a special thing to do for the third born— something different. We have our names locked in so it felt like, why not?

    Emotionally I am nervous, anxious, & cautiously excited. I loved my 2 pregnancies and I’m excited to dress the bump again. Very impatient for Feb 25 to just be assured everything is going along well. Just praying for a healthy baby for myself & all of you.

    31, cis-female, Texas
  • stefkoz17stefkoz17 member
    edited January 2022
    Introduce yourself: Hi! I'm Stef. I'm 30 and from Chicago. My husband and I got married in August 2021 and got our positive after 2 months of trying. We feel super lucky/excited/scared/all the feels!

    Due date? estimated is October 8th, though this has not yet been confirmed by the doctor

    How did you find out? We'd been trying and I was feeling sooo weird + really sore boobs. The day before I found out I was at Orangetheory and was out of breath way quicker than usual, and also more out breath from minor tasks throughout the day. That night I had the most bizarre dream of my life, and woke up the next morning just feeling strange and had a feeling I should take a test. I was shocked!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) I don't have any children, just a 5-year-old Golden Retriever who is pretty much our baby. I'm a therapist and a yoga teacher. My husband and I love to travel and go on adventures. Aside from that I love to exercise, socialize, and read/watch TV!

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) I feel excited and sometimes anxious. I also have to pee constantly. My boobs are really sore, I'm bloated and I'm pretty tired and out of breath more quickly than normal still, but other than that I'm fine. My first appointment is Feb 15th!
  • Yes! I’ll never forget the realization with my first of how soon the “out of breath” feeling comes on. Way before you even have a baby pressing on your lungs! It’s wild.

    I’m feeling pretty gassed during workouts that I would normally power through. Right there with ya!
  • @katiebeth2022 I’ve been getting the same coming and going pelvic cramps! I was super freaked, but I heard it can happen as your uterus gets ready for everything. 
  • Hey y’all! My name is Chelsea! I’m 30 years old and live in WI! 
    This is mine and my husbands first baby and we are terrified/excited/impatient 😅
    EDD is October 1st! Also my husband’s birthday! 
    We got married in October and stopped using BC then so we are surprised it happened this fast. I was 2 Days late for my period and took a test and bam! Pregnant! I took another the next morning to confirm and went to get blood work last Friday. All positive! 
    My first appt isn’t until March 4th so I’m extremely impatient and terrified to do anything that may hurt the pregnancy (stretch the wrong way, play with the dogs too hard, sit in one position too long, any fear I have it!)

  • Facebook due date group!

  • Introduce yourself:
    I am a 31 years old. I am 4 w 5 days with my rainbow baby. We have been trying for over two year, had a year of fertility treatment and IUI, and 1 loss in April.

    Due date?
    Oct 6

    How did you find out?
    Regular 2 week wait testing. I really thought I was out.

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    My husband is my college sweetheart. We have been together since we were 18. We had a beagle mix and a one-eyes cat. I teach elementary school.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    I had bloodwork last week, and my first ultrasound is on Friday. I am tired, bloated, boobs hurt, not interested in food, and nauseous.
  • @knottief6d95a7d7e009863 We're doing the opposite! We didn't find out the sex with our first but this time we will, partially because we want to manage our son's expectations by just telling him he's getting a brother/sister
  • Hello ladies! I just found out yesterday at 8dpo that we’re pregnant again. This is my 6th pregnancy in 13 months. The first 5 ended in miscarriage. I’m high risk and we are taking this pregnancy one day at a time. Hoping for a sticky baby finally. I’m due Oct 15.

    My husband and I have been married almost 2 years and have kids from previous marriages. He has 1 and I have 2. The kids are 8, 8, and 7. 

  • overseasmamaoverseasmama member
    edited February 2022
    Hello everyone!

    I’m a military mom living overseas, 37yo, this is my 3rd. My others are 6 and 3. We’re so excited!
    Unfortunately my husband is set to be deployed during the birth and since our country’s borders are closed, I have to be prepared to do this solo. My husband is such a great Dad and we’re happy to be having more kids but this is probably the worst timing ever 😫
    I haven’t confirmed the pregnancy or made appointments yet because life here is always hectic!
  • Hi everyone

    Introduce yourself:
    My names holly. I am from the uk and live in Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿.

    Due date?
    Oct 2

    How did you find out?
    This was a complete unplanned surprise

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    My husband and I have been together for 14 years we have 2 boys. I work as a care assistant and have a 1 year pup called Nellie

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    Emotional mainly because of the shock but that’s dying down now. I don’t really have any symptoms at present a little more tired than usual

    Looking forward to getting to you know you all
  • Hi! My name is Elsa.

    My due date is October 6, but based on my mom's birth experiences with my older brother and myself, I'm assuming I'll be a bit past this date. We found out via an at HPT (plus a few more for reassurance!).

    I'm originally from Portland, OR but live with my husband, Cory, in the Midwest. We've been together for over 11 years, married for over 4 years, and are nearly 5 weeks along with our first :smile: We have three rescue dogs and two rescue cats, and I work from home as an Events Planner. We love traveling and exploring the outdoors, but I'm a huge homebody when not out exploring or traveling. I also LOVE to read and cook!

    I think we're both pretty in shock still and can't quite believe it. I've had hardly any symptoms - really only breast sensitivity and some bloating - and so I don't think it's hit me yet. My first prenatal appointment is mid-February, so I'm looking forward to learning more from my doctor then!

    Excited to be part of the October 2022 Moms group! :blush:
  • Hi everyone! My name is Caroline, I’m 28 years old and this is my second pregnancy, first baby. I had an early miscarriage in 2019 so I’m excited but also so nervous! I work as a behaviour therapist in Ontario, Canada

    I’m due October 5, which is so weird as I miscarried October 2nd. The dates aligning were not planned.

    I found out January 30th with an at home test, no symptoms other than missed period and light cramping.

    My partner and I are so happy and nervous!!! We were trying and used ovulation tests to get pregnant our first month. We have a puppy and a cat.

    I already had first round of blood work, HCG levels are good and going to do a second round in two days to confirm numbers are going up. Ultrasound will be week of the 20th

    Happy to be here and hope to stay here!
  • Hey my name is Marie I’m 37 I’m 5 weeks pregnant my due date is October 1 found out with a test.  I have a 18 years old I’m very nervous my partner don’t get how I feel ,and I’m a bit confuse cause we both wanted a kid now I feel is lost I already do the first blood test everything looking good I have to go for a ultrasound in 4 weeks very excited  I’m soo emotional I’m happy to be here hope to share more with you  girls 
  • Hello everyone, so happy and excited to be here. I found out today that I’m pregnant. Currently I am 3 weeks and 4 days ( super early). I had a miscarriage almost two years ago. I noticed some spotting earlier and made me a little worried. I know it’s implantation, but just want to know if anyone else went through this as well. 
    Thank you so much in advance! 🙂
  • Hello everyone. My name is Megan and I am due October 3rd (birthday is on the 15th so I will have a birthday twin). This is my first child but third pregnancy. Last year I had a miscarriage and a molar pregnancy. So hopefully third times the charm🤞. My husband and I live in Orlando with our 2 dogs. I was just healed up from the molar pregnancy and was going to start treatment to strengthen my eggs when I noticed I was late and nauseous. I took a test and it was positive! So excited! And so excited to talk to others on the same journey. 
  • I also had a vivid dream the night before I tested positive! Complete with my husband and I playing with our future daughter. 
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