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  • @msspoon12 Congratulations on twins and a successful FET! I feel you on the sore backside from the PIO shots, I have a pretty big bruise on my left side so I’ve been injecting on the right but now that side is super sore. 
  • @Alturra143 Congratulations!!  So happy for you!
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  • @leahrnmom Welcome! Which part of PA? I'm in the Lehigh Valley.
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  • @leahrnmom I’m in NYS, like 1-2hrs from Erie PA! 
  • There’s a lot of east coast mamas here!  I’m in NJ.
  • @lmaplejc which part? I just moved from Central Jersey over the summer. We're 20 mins from Phillipsburg.
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  • @returning_bump_member We’re in north jersey.  H and my offices are in NYC (although I’m still WFH).  I grew up in central though!
  • @daffodil_shoe what a beautiful gift you’re giving someone!
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  • @bfreiburger, up near the suburbs of Chicago!
  • @daffodil_shoe what a beautiful gift you're giving a family!  <3  
  • @daffodil_shoe you are incredible, and I am looking forward to hearing about your amazing journey!!!
  • @starkette thank you so much, I have definitely been nervous about the age difference, it was tough watching all the time go by and feeling like the gap was getting bigger and bigger. But now I’m just happy to be here and your comment gives me lots of hope! 
  • @aukeev glad to see you here! 
  • darkrose88darkrose88 member
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    @starkette I'm honestly so relieved to hear the age gap is not an issue for you! DS will be 4.5 when baby is born. I wanted the age gap to be 3-4 but before right when we were supposed to start trying last year (our goal was to start trying October last year) there was an announcement my company was being sold, & as the primary bread winner in my family, I had to find a new job. There were some bumps along the road, but ultimately it pushed our timeline back a year. I've been super anxious about how DS is going to react to a little being on the older side and very much used to being an only child. 
  • @aukeev I'm so sorry for your loss <3 It's normal to have a hard time being excited after such a difficult experience. That's totally valid. Glad you're here. 

    @knottie2df5c69cb032f8d4 I have a 23 weeker so I understand the anxiety that comes with a new pregnancy. **tw** especially since I had a loss in october** but we got through it and if we have another preemie at least this time we are prepared.

    @buffythevampireslayer and @darkrose88 I think there are a ton of benefits to having kids with a bit of a larger age gap. I loved having all that special 1 on 1 time with my oldest. Plus, she had started asking about having a sibling so the timing was good for us. Then we ended up having a preemie and she was so patient and understanding and gentle. I feel like with closer ages, there's more jealousy and rivalry. There's none of that with my daughters, my oldest just wants my youngest with her ALL the time. :) 
  • @ambelance that's sweet that you and your husband play games together. I'm in a weekly virtual D&D game. It started off as a one-shot and went on for a year and a half! We're in a new campaign now. MH would like to DM a family session if we can get enough interested members, but time zones might make it difficult!

    I was taking parkour classes since the summer, but I stopped once I got the positive test. Not sure if I absolutely had to stop now, but didn't want to risk it. So now my parkour instructor was the first to know after DH! 😂

    @knottie6d106e1e7b6de9c7 welcome and congratulations on your positive test! I'm also a high school teacher and I like to sew as well! I teach physics. What do you teach? 
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  • @geshem thank you! Wow, I teach chemistry, both in the science world! I’m looking forward to sewing some things for the nursery as baby get closer! Are you planning on making anything??
  • @knottie6d106e1e7b6de9c7 yay science! :) By the way, if you change your profile name it'll be easier to tag you ;)

    Gosh, I don't know! What are you thinking of making? I'm still an amateur, really, and I don't have much experience making clothes, but maybe I'll try and embroider a onesie or something. If we have a girl I'll try my hand at making baby dresses, I think. I made a top for myself recently that I think could be scaled down to a cute baby dress. I have two boys now so no experience there! Lately my projects have been making bags and hand warmers for holiday gifts.
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  • @geshem & knottie I can hand sew but can’t use my sewing machine to save my life haha. 
    I do embroider onesie! I’ve done a few for my sister and our next baby, but I’m also considering selling them on Etsy! I’d be happy to show you pics, I get all my ideas on Pinterest and do it all freehand (for the most part). Maybe we’ll have to get a craft thread going!
  • @wisewitch222 I was going to say the exact same thing!! Congrats on your bfp!
  • Thank you, you too!!
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