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  • @cas060 I texted her when I was having consistent strong contractions and she brushed me off. I called her when my water broke and she said, “try to get some sleep.” After that I was in it and didn’t want to talk to her. My husband and doula called and texted her, but she didn’t leave her house until I started pushing. She lived an hour away and I pushed for 20 minutes.
  • cas060cas060 member
    Well she is most certainly fired! Sheesh. How terrifying.
  • @brittanynmorris The afternoons are such a struggle for me!! Teaching babies and growing one at the same time is a LOT! Sending all the good, positive energy vibes your way💕
  • @hana_19 whereabouts in NM are you? I'm from southern NM, not far from Las Cruces
  • anniemarie887anniemarie887 member
    edited January 11
    @ambelance when i was pregnant in 2019 we did our babymoon to nm and took maternity pics in white sands! i know a great photog if you need one!
  • @anniemarie887 I don't live there anymore (but I am from Alamo near white sands)
  • hanabanana_19hanabanana_19 member
    edited January 11
     @ambelance That's awesome! I live in Rio right outside Albuquerque
  • @larkinsummerswilliams Hi 👋🏼 from Cape Cod! What a long road you’ve travelled, congratulations! 
  • @larkinsummerswilliams
    welcome and congratulations on your rainbow baby! My husband and I had been trying for about 8 years as well with nothing to show for it except for a couple chemical pregnancies. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, so happy to have you here! 
  • Thank you! Congrats back at you (trying to find your intro to get more details). Fond memories of the Cape, but these days I’m 15 mins from the NY border. We’re probably as far from each other as two people can be in the Commonwealth 😅
    Keep warm this week, friend! 🥶 
  • @larkinsummerswilliams Wow, what a journey you have had! Prayers everything goes well with this special miracle and that it can help bring you extra strength and purpose, in addition to healing from these rough past years.❤️

    GTKY: Is it too late to switch my super power to stopping nausea/vomiting with a thought?😅
  • @larkinsummerswilliams we shared with our family on Christmas too! We’d been pretty private about our struggles but knew we’d want their support if it’s doesn’t go well this time. 
  • @itsme215 Is your profile pic a delicious pizza? I’m gonna need pizza every time we interact now. 😅
  • @meagan-firsttimemommy8-22 Thanks for your sweet reply 🥰  
    And please do manifest that power for all of us! In the meantime, the half a Unisom at night my doc has me taking is working wonderfully! Healthy wishes to you friend!
  • @larkinsummerswilliams it sure is! I got it on a trip to Michigan earlier this year and think of it often… it was fantastic. 
  • @Vivj162 I'm 35, too. This is also my 3rd. Don't ya just love the "geriatric" label? Good grief.
  • @larkinsummerswilliams Most Definitely!💕 Thank you for the healthy wishes as well! I wish I could take away all our morning sickness!😅 If things get worse or maybe even stay the same, I’ll talk to my OB about a prescription! Thank you!😊
  • Welcome ladies!! I’m looking forward to getting to know all of you!!
    @kelsea-miller20 congratulations on your twins! We have a special check in just for mamas expecting multiples, as there are a bunch of you in this group!
  • Thank you!! I’ll look into it! Also, loving the cow pic! Literally in love with all things cow!
  • @kelsea-miller20 thank you! Me too! I literally love cows. I took that picture on an animal adventure we did years ago lol. Those fuzzy highlands are my absolute fav!!
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