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  • @knottie81ef7d68039297d3 I also have a daughter born in 2015 from my previous marriage so this baby will be my current husband’s first! We also just got married this past year (October) 

    @improbablyanxious I’m an engineer too! Electrical by degree, avionics systems engineer by trade and manage several software engineers. 
  • @laddy12 Yay love lady engineers!
  • @Vivj162 and @starkette I'm 39, so definitely in the "geriatric" club. What the heck?! Who came up with that term. I mean, sometimes I feel like a little old lady, but I don't need a reminder like that! Lol 🤣 
  • @Vivj162 I’m also in that club at 37. Someone needs to update that term! 
  • Welcome @curlymils and @katiecattherese happy you introduced yourselves. I'm looking forward to getting to know both of you better. 💗 thanks for sharing. 
  • @katiecattherese & @curlymils & @mimigirl79 welcome and congratulations on your pregnancies!! We are so glad you are here and can’t wait to share this journey with you all!
  • Thanks congrats to you and everyone else as well.
  • FYI i just changed my user name to MelissaEll. waiting for it to take affect.
  • @knottiebb7556bae7da2e97 you probably have to log out and log back in for it to update. Thanks for sharing and introing. I’ve also had lots of random
    bleeding. Hopefully it stops for you!
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  • Welcome @melissaell and knottie!! 
  • meagan822meagan822 member
    edited January 23
    @knottiebc32492f3b7bf6d8 You are already a great wife and mom simply by caring so much! We may “fail” at something every day, but that allows us to LEARN something every day! I HIGHLY recommend reading the book “Yes! You will be a Good Mom” by Kelly Preston, MA. I’m enjoying it! It’ll be natural, yet difficult and you will struggle and learn and have so much love… through it all, it’ll be beautiful and you will be so loved by your little baby! You are made for this!

    An idea for a strong relationship with your spouse through all this: Something my husband and I are committing to this year is a date night every week so we can focus some intentional time on each other. After all being pregnant, postpartum, and having a newborn all in one year will be a lot on us physically and emotionally and can wear away at relationships if we aren’t intentional. Doing a date every week can sound like a lot to plan, but the last three weeks have been at-home dates while trying not to be nauseous and yet they were so special. We played board games, a video game competition, read together, and even though it was only an hour or two, it really felt so special. Some dates we even planned that day because it’s not always easy to make them happen… but it’s worth it. In the future, we will likely have some fancy dinners out, bowling, movies, romantic picnics, spa days, etc… but knowing that we WILL make sure to even have a foot soak in a tupper tote or movie night and cuddles is something to look forward to! Having nausea and no desire to get out of pajamas to go out means that a lot of our current “home” dates will probably be more realistic during postpartum than the fancy ones. Finally, After we choose and do our date I add “Date_/52” and what we did on that day so I can look back for ideas!
  • @knottiea1309f9d72694325 Welcome Julia! I look forward to getting to know you and sharing this special time with you! If you don’t mind, could you change your username to something more unique so it’s easier to get to know you and tag you? There are directions on the read before posting thread and you might have to log out and log back in for it to change. 
  • @texas-gurl Hi Jennifer! Welcome! 😊 I’m so glad things are going well and you don’t have morning sickness! Are you planning to find out if this one is a boy or girl?
  • Hi T! Happy to have you in our group. I’m also from NY. please consider updating your username so it’s easier for us to get to know you and tag you 
  • @knottie42a53a134d7df52c hello and welcome fellow NYer!! There are a few of us here from NY! Where about are you? I’m near Buffalo, the rest of us are scattered out. Also, if you wouldn’t mind making your username more unique so we can get to know you and tag you easier that would be awesome! There are directions on how to do so in the “read before posting” thread. You just might have to log out and log back in for it to work. I can’t wait to start getting to know you!
  • @tplusthree it worked. I’m from the capital region 
  • texas-gurltexas-gurl member
    edited January 26
  • > @meagan822 said:
    > @texas-gurl Hi Jennifer! Welcome! 😊 I’m so glad things are going well and you don’t have morning sickness! Are you planning to find out if this one is a boy or girl?

    Yes hoping for a girl! My doctor wanted me to do a panorama blood test so I might find out with that well my husband I want to be surprised lol! I would post a picture but don’t have the option to yet!

  • @texasw-gurl So exciting! Finding out or being surprised would both be so fun! I hope it lets you attach pictures soon! When the option becomes available, this is what to look for! I’m sure it varies on the type of device, however!
  • @smruggles welcome! Happy you're here! 
  • @smruggles Welcome! My husband and I love Brooklyn 99!!

    @knottie9fdd7b9860a129dc I relate to the nausea! I hope it starts to feel better soon. I know everyone is different, but I was 4 when my baby brother was born and I LOVED being old enough to play “mommy” with him. Even though I have a sister in between us, I was able to bond better being old enough to understand I had a new little brother. We are closest of all the siblings to this day. I’m sure seeing your little ones hold “their baby” when they are excited to come home from school,  will melt that fear all away!💕 I hope transitioning to kindergarten at the same time goes smoothly. Kids love to talk all about their baby sibling in the young classes like that! 
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