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Hello and welcome to the August 2022 BMB!

Introduce yourself:

Due date?

How did you find out?

Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)

How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)

GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what your super power would be?
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Re: Introductions

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  • @paytonpedro thanks! Congrats on the BFP! I was really hoping after last week's promising temps you'd be joining the Aug 22 board too! 
  • @paytonpedro great to see you here! I didn’t keep up much, but we were on the July 2018 board together. :) 
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  • @dimeadozen I remember you! Congratulations!! I didn’t participate too much on that bored compared to my first. It had a weird vibe. Lol
  • Welcome, everyone! Looking forward to getting to know everyone!
  • @andrea3o I am a teacher, too :) where do you teach?
  • @paytonpedro I've been feeling SUPER anxious, too. I got my BFP on the 20th, and my therapist was on vacation last week for the holiday. Wednesday cannot get here soon enough! I feel like every day that passes, I feel a bit more at ease. Anxiously awaiting my first appointment on the 20th!
  • In Ontario, Canada! Gr 3/4 split and Student Success (Gr 7-8 career planning, interpersonal and personal development). What about you?
  • I am feeling really nervous too. Canada (where I live) has excellent prenatal care but it’s still communicated that the first few weeks can be “uncertain”. Where is NYS? What does that stand for?

    my condolences for your miscarriage 💛
  • andrea3o said:
    I am feeling really nervous too. Canada (where I live) has excellent prenatal care but it’s still communicated that the first few weeks can be “uncertain”. Where is NYS? What does that stand for?

    my condolences for your miscarriage 💛
    @andrea3o I’m assuming this was directed towards me? NYS, is New York State, not to be confused with NYC, which is not where I live. Lol. I’m actually a hop, skip, and a jump to Ontario, and prior to covid we went to Canada often. These first few weeks always made me nervous (this is my 4th pregnancy) but this time around is definitely amplified. There’s just nothing that doctors can do at this point. 
  • @andrea3o I teach 5th grade co-taught in the suburbs of Chicago! You’ve got an interesting range of kiddos you serve!

    and yes, I keep telling myself that, too. Every time I’m concerned about something I remind myself that at 5 weeks, whatever is on the ultrasound would even be too small to see if anything is wrong. I have major and irrational fear of an ectopic pregnancy because I get random aches and pains up and down my left side. Sometimes they’re up high right near my rib cage, other times they’re in my pelvic area or even the groin. Google tells me that the large intestine runs along that path, and logically I know that pregnancy really messes with digestion, so that’s a more likely scenario… but as a person who already struggles with health-related anxiety, I cannot get it out of my head 😩
  • Hi @returning_bump_member :) no symptoms always messes with my mind too. With my second pregnancy, I had zero symptoms (not even sore boobs). I remember being shocked I was pregnant at all and kept doubting it. Now my daughter is 3. With this pregnancy, I have to sore boobs again like I did with my first. So weird how every time has been different.
  • @returning_bump_member I get concerned about the lack of breast pain too since last time it was really debilitating! But I read somewhere that that can happen because your breasts go through the final stage of maturity with first pregnancy, so breasts may not change as much with subsequent pregnancies. I’d be happy to go back and find the article if you want! Our estimated due dates are very close :) welcome!
  • @starkette it is so weird! But it helps to hear another mom have no symptoms and a healthy baby 😊

    @becks105 I never knew that, but it does makes sense. If you don't mind finding it, I'd love to read it. And yay for being due close together. I went almost 2 weeks overdue with my son so I very well might go into mid-August. 🙃
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  • @returning_bump_member

    I went early with my last, only about four days so, and a quick labor, only about 7 hours. I’d be fine if that happened again 😂
  • @geshem I’m also a teacher! Elementary, though. My high school physics teacher dressed up, too, so I love that you do that!
  • darkrose88darkrose88 member
    edited December 2021
    @geshem were you on the Jan 18 BMB? Your username looks familiar. My son turns 4 in January. 
  • @darkrose88 yes I was, good memory! My son will be turning 4 on January too :smile:
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  • @geshem well, I would never have connected to dots if you hadn't said your son was also almost 4 too lol! :) glad to have you on this BMB too!
  • @bfreiburger where in Illinois? I’m also from IL! Congrats on your first pregnancy. I understand your nerves, I think that’s a fairly normal response!
  • @becks105 Thank you! I’m from Champaign Illinois. What about yourself?
  • Congrats @AIturra143!! That's super exciting. I'll send you all the good vibes. 
  • @Alturra143 congratulations on the successful FET! 
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