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  • @elliespen hey hi thanks!! all. the. sticks.

    I would love to hear more about your company and what you are looking for! dm me?
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  • @onlygooddays08 hi! Your comments resonated so much with me! I also go from super excited to terrified, thinking about changing all my routines and work, and also struggling with catastrophic thoughts >.<
    This is my first pregnancy as well!
  • @brittasher hi there! I'm also 29 and it's my first pregnancy as well. I enjoy working out -lifting mainly, and haven't felt the shortness of breath then (I work out early mornings), but it happens during the day- so weird!
  • @mehugg Hello from Cape Cod! Nice to see another Massachusetts mama! 
  • @bre2022 I hope the shortness of breath completely skips you! Crazy what symptoms some get and some don’t.
  • @emilim821 hi fellow Texan!
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  • Congrats! What symptoms have you been experiencing?
  • @emilim821 I’m an engineer too! Electrical by degree, Avionics Systems Engineer by trade. What about you? 
  • lillim821lillim821 member
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    @laddy12 Glad to meet a fellow engineer! I'm a mechanical engineer and have been working in energy for around 7 years.
  • @mehugg I used to live in Waltham :) .  I miss a lot about Massachusetts but I do *not* miss Boston traffic!  
  • @luckypenny11 Small world, I used to live in Waltham too! Funny story, my water broke with #2 in a Thai restaurant on Moody street, just like you see in the movies 😂
  • @maggiemadeit - that's amazing! I miss all the restaurant options on Moody street!  DH and I used to love hanging out at the Gaff, and we had our last dinner in MA at Tempo :)
  • @mehugg *lurking from March BMB* just waving an excited hello, buddy!!!!! 
  • @mseclaire I had worse symptoms for my booster too! And it completely caught me off guard because all I had was a mild headache for the first two, AND it was Moderna so it was a half dose and so I completely wasn't expecting side effects, and instead I got aches in every muscle of my body and JOINT PAIN in my knees like an old lady! It was a super fun day at work, especially walking up and down the stairs 🙄
  • @bridgiebee82 good luck on your appt tomorrow! I've calculated my due date around 8/22. My first appt is not until January 10 so I'm so nervous!
  • @bre2022 thanks so much! I'll let you know how it goes! Congrats to you! 
  • Introduce yourself:

    Due date? 8/31

    How did you find out? We were TTC so I took a pregnancy test a couple days before my expected periods start date. I recognized the beginning of morning sickness, fatigue, sensitive nose and constant peeing. Also had a dream I was pregnant!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    I have 2 children (3yo boy, 17 month girl). Been married for 4 years - he’s my best friend. We both work full time. Love true crime and being with our kids.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    Fatigued. So thirsty for water all the time. Sensitive nose. No serious morning sickness yet, but I expect it to start in about two weeks based on my last two pregnancies. I’m way hungrier all the time than I usually am at this point! Emotionally -happy, nervous until that first doc Appt. Hopeful that all goes well as it will be my last pregnancy!

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what your super power would be?
    Time travel!
  • @wisewitch222 ahh but we got it over with 💪 lol my arm pit still sore
  • Hi! You can call me Tigs.

    This is my second time using the Bump, and I estimate that this will be my 2nd August baby! My husband and I go for our first ultrasound on the 30th, so we will have a better idea then, but based on the date I believe I conceived (my conception date was more accurate with my first than using the 1st day of last period), I think due date should be August 4th. 

    This pregnancy is certainly different from my first! I am also now a SAHM, so perhaps the lack of distraction from work attributes to the greater exhaustion, the fact that I am peeing more frequently, and my nose is working for both myself and my husband who lost his sense of smell with Covid a few weeks ago (the rest of our household stayed healthy, and no, we are not a vaccinated household and do not plan to be). My nausea is certainly stronger this time as well and I feel like I'm gaining more weight than I should be (still eating the same... multiples, possibly?). This pregnancy has also not given me any hints to gender. With my first, I had one dream of giving birth to a healthy baby boy before I knew I was expecting. After finding out, I had another dream I had a baby boy. Turns out my dreams were right on target. :smiley: And I think the fact that I'm still nursing my first for another two months is why my breasts aren't QUITE as tender as the first time around.

    If I had any super powers, it would be for my cooking and cleaning to be done by thought alone, as I hate doing both, and that's all I do. 😅
  • Welcome everyone! Ladies with “knottie” usernames, consider changing your username so we can tag you and better get to know you! There are directions on how to do so in the Read This First thread! 
  • @mslexi822 Amazing superpower! 
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