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  • @regalmommy1 That’s so exciting! Congratulations! I’m sure your 16 y/o will really love having a baby around. As long as you guys spend one on one time with her as well, making her feel important, she will feel no need to be jealous! It can take some time to get used to the thought, but babies really soften people!

    Aww how sweet! My favorite part of the pregnancy so far was the look of awe on my husband’s face when he saw our baby the first time! 
  • Thank you!

    I'm hoping so. She would always say how she "doesn't like babies" but I think it's more she hasn't really been around them much so doesn't really know how to handle them and is afraid of breaking them, lol. Also she's had a bit of a rough experience with having a sibling as she has 2 step sisters and a half brother and that's been very challenging for her. Let's just say she has very rocky relationship with her dad. I think she'll be fine, I plan to make every effort to make sure she's doesn't feel pushed aside again. She's my boo! That'll never happen.

    Hubby is beside himself right now. He's been waiting for this moment for a long time, sometimes I think he got baby fever worse than I did. There's a bit of an age gap between us as well (he'll be 30 this spring), so this will be his first. He's amazing and can't wait to see him as a daddy!
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  • Bumping this because I really love getting to know all you ladies, and I think it's important to read one another's stories and share our own. 🥰
  • @pastabilities welcome and congratulations on your little one! So glad you feel comfortable to speak up, and happy to share this journey with you! I like your superpower. That would be awesome! 💜💜
  • Welcome @loulou1228!! We have a few other Texas girls you’ll be able to connect with here and a couple of moms who live away from their family. I can’t wait to start getting to know you! Congratulations on the second tri!!
  • @loulou1228 Due Date Twins!  :) Welcome! 
  • @pastabilities Congratulations, and love your screen name.
  • @haygibb Hello and welcome!! I look forward to getting to know you more! Feel free to jump into any threads that you relate to! 😁
  • @mdfarmchick ha ha yeah, maybe, but i won't be holding my breath. ;) yes, the NIPT results came back w/normal chromosomes, but we told them not to tell us the sex.
  • @mrswin1207 Congratulations on your  pregnancy and welcome!!
  • bridgiebee82bridgiebee82 member
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    @mrswin1207 welcome! We are so glad you're here! Congratulations 🎊  feel free to jump in to any of the threads. 🥰  

    ETA: we are due date twins!
  • @mrs.f.campbell welcome. Glad to have you! We are EDD buddies but I’ll be getting a planned c section a bit earlier than you at 36 weeks. Please jump into the threads!
  • @wigglyicecream DS3 birthday is 7/13! That’s close to your scheduled date. 
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  • @and_peggy I would be 36 weeks exactly and have been thinking about picking the 13th since 13 is my favorite number 
  • @danielled100394 welcome! We have another twin mama over here, ladies! Lots of multiples up in August 2022 BMB so excited for you! Congrats to you and your new FIANCÉ 
  • Congrats Danielle! We have a great group of multiple moms! Feel free to check out the group and jump in!
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  • Thank you so much!! It was definitely a shock finding out it was twins! Then him proposing was even more of a shock!
  • What group is that? Sorry I’m new here..
  • Danielle - if you scroll down a little bit, there’s a post called “Moms of Multiples Check-in”. It’s weekly and a great way to connect with other twin moms. We even have a quad mama here!
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  • I will see if I can find it
  • What group is that? Sorry I’m new here..
    It's a Moms of Multiples Thread. We do some check ins, separate from the other ones. Glad you're here!
  • Thank you!! Going to look it up now!!
  • Congratulations to everyone! Even more congratulations to the quad momma!!
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