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Symptoms anyone?


Re: Symptoms anyone?

  • @jfcmomoftwo if it’s any reassurance, DS (my kicking babe) was a chill newborn and hardly cried.

    @juliebeannn Yes! 😭
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  • @juliebeann you're brave, haha I haven't even tried to sit on the floor since Christmas  :D
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  • Same for me haha. I tried taking a bath recently to help with a sore back and sciatica, but sitting on the hard tub surface just made everything worse. My poor baby girl just has to play on the floor by herself 😅
  • @firsttimemamabear9 haha I got stuck in the tub a few weeks ago because my legs cramped and I couldn't get them under me. I had to text hubby to have him come help. He was in the middle of online game group with friends. MORTIFIED.
  • I feel all of this so much. This is my third and i'm bigger than i've ever been with 4 more weeks to go. i have a 3.5 yo and a 1 yo to chase around and my body HURTS. pressure, pelvic pain, round ligament pains, cramps on and off. sooo ready to be done!
  • I'm on day 5 of my left hand being numb and tingly. It seems to be getting slightly worse every day 😑 and it's making it awkward to do daily tasks and take care of my toddler. Might consider calling the obgyn to see if I should be concerned or if there's anything I can do. I'm sure delivering baby will be the only fix though. 
  • Baby isn't moving nearly as much as she was a few days ago. Today's fetal Non-stress Test took forever because she slept the whole time until I rolled into my left side. Even then, hooked up for an hour, I only felt 6 movements. Got home and had a banana and she moved a bit more. My friend, a mom of 4, assured me that movements will get harder to notice here on out because she's running out of wiggle room (Baby girl just booty bumped my hand as I was typing that). The end is near. 11 days till induction. No signs yet of dropping, mucus plug, or water breaking. Lots of Braxton Hicks though. 
  • @kloe818 I'm definitely feeling a decrease in movements, too.  I can usually get him to move with some sugar by rolling onto my side but definitely not as often.  Thankfully, when he does move it's a whole bunch of movement at once so that helps settle my nerves.
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  • @kloe818 @juliebeannn I’ve been wondering about the same thing. I’m using the ‘Count the Kicks’ app just to get a general overview. My midwife told me that counting kicks will just make me worry more and that I shouldn’t be doing it. I’ll just keep on doing what gives me peace of mind. 
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  • @kloe818 @juliebeannn @redselig - if it helps ease minds, my midwives only look for 6 kicks over a 2 hour period (and each foot or bum poke counts as one, even if it’s 3 in a row).
  • Nesting has set in. Today I've had the sudden urge to vacuum, sweep and mop everything lol. It's started up some braxton hicks so I'm trying to take it easy for a bit. 23 more days 😩
  • Anybody else developing skin tags? I was doing a mud mask on my face last night and I noticed them on my neck. 😑
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  • @redselig I've had them in my armpits for years but started getting them on my breasts a couple months ago. Nothing major. 
  • @redselig OMG I developed one in the middle of my armpit. No one told me I might get skin tags!
  • Lots of cramping today, lightning crotch, worsening pelvic pain and pressure. Overall very uncomfortable and don't want to imagine feeling this way for 2 more weeks 😩
  • @firsttimemamabear9 I had hardcore Braxton Hicks two days ago. I thought I might go into labour! I was on my feet scrubbing away in the kitchen. Now I know to stay put and do nothing. 😅
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  • @redselig all I did yesterday was take care of my toddler and make a last trip to Costco before baby gets here. I paid for it all evening haha
  • Pregnancy rhinitis - anybody else lucky enough to have this symptom? 😭
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  • @redselig The. Whole. Damn. Pregnancy. 
  • @redselig - yup, whole pregnancy as well over here. I never found a way to make it get better really, just sort of dealt with it. Made it awkward for COVID screens though - I just said ‘no’ when asked if I had any, on the basis that they’re screening for something that doesn’t have another cause, and this did. 
  • From what I can tell I've lost about 4lbs in the last week and a half. I won't complain though because I still feel huge lol. It's probably from the constant peeing.
  • @firsttimemamabear9 I read somewhere that when the weight tapers off you are closer to labour. Just maybe?! 
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  • Does anyone know if it possible to have one random contraction? I've had plenty of braxton hicks that aren't uncomfortable to me, I can just feel my uterus tighten. Earlier today however, I had what felt like a charlie horse cramp run through my abdomen. It was painful enough that I couldn't move, and just had to breathe through it. I've not experienced contractions before because my first birth was a planned c section, and this one will be too.
  • I’m not sure about random real contractions. I’ve definitely had BH that took my breath away. When I had labour contractions they were exactly like you described but very close together. You will not be mistaken! 
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  • I've been having a lot of 'real' feeling contractions, but they only last for one or two and then are gone. I've also just had a lot of low cramping.... It's funny because with my first pregnancy I don't remember having a lot of BH or cramping and just knew when it was the real thing 
  • Thanks ladies. I guess the BH are just getting more intense. But I signed all of my pre-op paperwork today, so either way it'll all be done by next Thursday lol
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