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  • @maggiemadeit So exciting! Congratulations on finding a name you love!
  • @maggiemadeit Yay picking a name!
    Jumping in late to say I'm Heather and I've got a female cousin, Allison. My cousin (the one I always joke to that I'm his favorite) married a Heather and my brother married an Allison..everyone has nicknames anyway so it works out :) DH's cousin is also a Heather.
  • My SO has a thing for names with an E. His first daughter is an E name. When we found out we were pregnant we started a boy/girl game list. Months later we settled on the very first name we wrote down. Emery Maria. Maria is a family name from my oma to my mom and myself. I'm painting letters of her name to match the nursery theme!
  • So here’s another naming dilemma...we have a short list of about 5 names and my front runner right now, Zoe, was just taken by my cousin...for her dog! We haven’t and won’t share our name or even short list until baby is born, so my cousin didn’t take it intentionally. Now I’m wondering if I can even consider Zoe anymore? I really only see my cousin once or twice a year, and might never meet the dog, but still...I’m not sure I want my daughter to have the same name as a dog in the family! 
  • @jesiannv agree with Meggy - I think if it’s a favorite, then I wouldn’t worry about the name also being a dogs. Especially since you guys liked it before said dog was adopted/named.
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  • Definitely still go for it. My best friend named her dog Stella, and then when her *own daughter* was born, named her Stella too. :D  I got shit for questioning it (rightfully so, none of my business!) but a cousins dog is so far removed, not even an issue in my mind. 
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  • @flyingmombula the front running girl name for us will have MEH as initials. And sadly that's really my thought on it...meh.
  • @flyingmombula and @HoneyBear40 DH sincerely debated picking a different middle name because her initials will be ACC (stupid football... 🙄). 
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  • @jesiannv I'm in this exact situation and I still love the name. I didn't even mention it to MH. Haha. I thought about it for a minute, but considering how infrequently we see said cousin (and I still haven't met her youngest child much less the dog), I love the name too much to let it change my mind. I say go for it!
  • Eh, I don't think it's a big deal. I know someone who had the same name as a dog that the dad had prior to getting married. It happened to be the same name as the father of the woman he ended up marrying. They still joke he was named after the dog though, haha. 
  • So we aren't sharing our names with family or friends. We did mention no matter if it's a boy or girl, it'll start with an N. My mil decided to do a "guess the baby name" at the shower, knowing we wouldn't share until lo arrives. It was interesting to see all the names people came up with. Our niece did however guess the boy name we have picked.

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  • @Kenneylynn3 we don’t share our baby names ahead of time either despite how many time my in-laws continue to ask. I think it’s adorable that out of everyone your niece was the one to get it right :smile:
  • @Kenneylynn3 Wow, good for you for keeping a straight face during the guesses! We also are not sharing our name until she’s born and so I’ve had to shut down my in laws and friends that start quizzing me with “how about Abigail? Is it Emily? Olivia? Am I close?” because I’m worried that if they say the actual name, my face will betray me! :smiley: My mom also begged me to tell her the first letter of the name so she could buy a monogrammed Christmas stocking to match the family set, in case they are discontinued before next year - but I wouldn’t tell her because there are very few girls names with our letter so I’m sure she’d have guessed the name right away! 
  • Over here like....um yea name?  Nope not a clue!
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  • @katw123 We're expecting a little Evelyn/Evie, too! :) So I definitely love your choice! I like classic names, and we're hoping this one won't be suuuuper popular like a lot of classic names that have re-emerged. BUT, that said, I've heard of a few soon-to-be-Evies in another March 2019 group I'm in, so I'm nervous about it catching on.
  • @katw123 I absolutely love Artemis as a middle name! I'd worry about it being a little too "out there" for a first name but such a unique and powerful middle!
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    We’ve settled on names - finally!

    Landry Jess for a girl (middle named for my sister, Jessica). I love last names as first names, especially for girls. Big sister is named Chandler. 

    A boy will be Beau David (middle named after my dad). 
  • I think we are grid locked on names. I’m kind of anxious about it. DH really wants Esther but after sitting with it for a few months I just don’t think it’s a winner. Plus every time we ask DD1 about it she says she doesn’t like it. I know that shouldn’t be a deciding factor but it bothers me. 
    Last night we threw out names for a while but nothing stuck and he said he still likes Esther best. I feel like time is running out, ok it kind of is. At least last time we had two options to pick from, even if we didn’t decide until the day after she was born. 
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  • @novelblessings what name are you more drawn to?
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  • @novelblessings I’m totally with you on this undecided/running out of time to pick a name anxiety 😬 What does your husband like about the name Esther? Maybe you can play around with variations of that name (or whatever element he likes about it) and see if you hit on something you both like? 
  • @novelblessings What about a similar name like Esme or Aster?
  • @novelblessings @navete we don’t have a name 100% yet either and I’m with you both on time running out! I’m hoping when we see him it’ll help! I agree with the other girls to play around with Esther and see what else you can come up with that maybe you both like. 

    AFUs we are stuck on Calvin and Brody. I initially am the one that said Calvin and DH initially proposed Brody. Now DH has set on Calvin pretty much 100% but I just can’t get there. We have been saying it freely in conversation and I just can’t get on board. I still like it but for some reason it’s not fitting right. I’m hoping when I see him it’ll help! 
  • @novelblessings we have a deal where if one of us just does not like it, it's off the table. You should like whatever name you choose just as much as your husband. Mine has vetoed my favorite names again this time, but it's just something I have to let go. I say if you don't love it, cross it off the list and find some other options. 
  • @meggyme The only one that sticks out to me is Lydia at this point. I’ve tried giving DH the option of Lydia Esther but he has no comment.

    @navete He likes that it is his favorite grandmother’s name. She passed away a very long time ago so I never met her. But we had already decided on a family middle name. We had planned to use Irene. 

    @mayoduck I threw out Edith and he sat on a few days and said nope. 

    I am am not big into older, traditional names. DD1 is Natalie and I really liked the sound of it and how it sounds pretty but not too young or too old. Last time DH was really into trendy names. 
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  • @ashley14598 That's so funny - I threw out the name Calvin to my husband a few months ago and he became set on it but now I don't like it so it's off the table haha. 

    I'm also still struggling with names. Basically the same dilemma I was having last time I chimed in here. We both really like a name that is a little odd (and I have read nothing but terrible comments about it online... ugh. I hate the internet) but it's the only name we both agree on. There are two other names in the running that are a little more mainstream but my husband is lukewarm about the most "normal" name and I'm afraid the third name sounds a bit too feminine for a boy. We decided an outside opinion might be nice so we shared a list with my parents last week that included names we really liked along with bogus names (ex: Beavis, Tank, Rust) just to get their opinion. First, my dad is really afraid that we're thinking about naming the kid Tank hahah. Second, they don't see any issues with the three names we like except my dad made a stupid joke about the name at the top of our list. My husband is still set on the name, but I can't get myself to commit. I have a feeling we'll be deciding in the hospital.... 
  • @novelblessings I agree with @BuckeyeNut05, you should both like the name. Perhaps ask your husband what his second favorite name is? That might get him thinking a little differently and not be so attached to Esther. 

    Lydia is such a pretty name btw! 
  • @navete @BuckeyeNut05 Thanks! I'm not sure how well it will work but I can try at least. Last time we kind of had the same thing going on. I wanted Natalie and he wanted Ella, we are both pretty stubborn. Neither of us would budge despite the fact I was very against Ella because it was so trendy and popular. He caved after we had her and let me choose. I'd like us to actually agree this time but I'm not sure that will happen. I was so sure he would say Ella again but he went straight to Esther after we found out it was a girl. I'll ask him if he has a second favorite for sure and see where that goes.
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  • @novelblessings good luck!  Let us know how it goes. If it's any consolation, we also remain nameless!  With zero front runners. 
  • @BuckeyeNut05 just gave him a short list of similiar names to look at. He straight up said “you got to pick last time...I pick Esther” 🤦🏻‍♀️ Not happening! 
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  • Suggesting Eliza and Estelle.
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  • BuckeyeNut05BuckeyeNut05
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    Suggesting a quick throat punch for that response!  Oh boy. I've got nothing. Good luck girl. 

    Edited to clarify that that wasn't meant for @meggyme!  It was meant for your husband! 
  • @BuckeyeNut05 LoL Thanks! 
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  • @abbykwail I like how you think!! LOL 😂 
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