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  • For a girl: Lily Anne. Lily is the meaning of the name Susan (Shoshanah in Hebrew), which is my MIL's name. Anne is a my name and is a family name on my side of the family. 
    For a boy: Noah Joe. We really like biblical names for boys and both love the name Noah. Joe is my husband and FIL's middle names. I wish it was Joseph, but I'll let this one go.
  • @catlady2015 I also like Cecelia just becuase it more unique and Charlotte is so popular right now. It is a really beautiful name though despite its popularity. 
  • We named DD after my great aunt so now I feel like we need to name baby #2 after someone equally as wonderful, but that's so tough. Most of our family members have terrible names or names that sound terrible with our last name. We really only have one girl option and one boy option, but I'm not sold on either. Do you think it's weird to name one child after a beloved family member and the second after no one?
  • @brookepdavis My OCDness makes me uneasy about it but really I don’t think it’s a big deal. If it bothers you maybe you could try to find names that a variations of a family member. I’m named Jamie after a James. 

    I’m in the opposite boat. We didn’t end up naming DD after a family member so now I feel like we shouldn’t use a family name for this one. 
  • I love classic/timeless names.  I currently have a Julia Rose and Claire Marie.  I haven't really started thinking about names yet for this baby, but I have a list of girl names from the previous times we will probably work from.  If we have a boy, my H is a jr, with further lineage above his father with the same name, just not direct.  So we will probably keep it if he wants.  I'm good with it, still fits with the classic style.  Calvin Walter.

  • @catlady2015 I love Cecilia!  Charlotte is a great name too, but also so trendy right now (which is totally okay).  But you don't hear Cecilia a lot and it is just beautiful!

  • @TiffW2012 I have a Julia too! And Clara was top of our list before we realized how terrible it sounds with our last name. We tend to love most of the names on the top 100 classic baby names that never go out of style list.
  • @TiffW2012 Calvin is our mn choice if we have a boy; it was my grandpa's mn.

    @brookepdavis My older sister is named after my mom's great aunt, but my first name is just a name my mom liked - from a song, actually. I never thought it was weird. I liked that each of our names had its own story.
  • @catlady2015 Would you call her Cece for short? I think that’s adorable!
  • Yes, likely Cece. I just think it's so cute!
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  • @maggiemadeit I agree, it's much more difficult to find a Greek boy name. I love the name Zoe but it's also very popular. I grew up being referred to by first name, last initial in school because there was almost always another person with my first name in class. I don't want to do that to my kids. We'll probably have to cave on at least one of our name rules though.
  • We think we’ve decided on Amelia Joan for a girl (Joan is my grandma and Joann is my mom).

    For a boy, we love Nicholas but are a bit stuck on MNs. We really love classic names. My favorite is Alexander but my husband thinks it’s “too much” with Nicholas. Right now we’ve got Andrew, Peter, and Henry on the MN short list but I’m still on the hunt. 
  • @mayoduck Isn’t it funny how your experience with your own name changes how you think about your child’s name? I have a longer, old-fashioned first name, and have been called by a nickname since birth. So I was insistent that my daughter have a stand-alone name that you can’t make a nickname out of! 

    We didn’t realize how popular Zoe was until well after it was chosen. It fits her personality perfectly though, so I still wouldn’t change it.
  • @TiffW2012, Calvin is a great name.  It’s on our shortlist for a boy (and it’ll be our 5th boy if it’s a boy!).
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  • @kateemgeethesequel I love the names Nicholas Andrew and Nicholas Alexander! Yes the second one is rather long but I think it's a very powerful sounding name. I have a very long first and middle name too and I love the rhythm of it, personally.
  • For boys we like Owen and Edward.  For a girl it's hard because I'm the 7th generation Charlotte in my family. Like so many of you have said, it has become really "trendy" lately.  So I'm considering making it a middle name with something like Eliza Charlotte.  It's important for me to still honor my mom, grandma, great grandma, etc, but that way she won't have to be "Charlotte M" in elementary school. (The things teachers worry about lol).
  • 4th times a charm hey. I have 3 boys, Elias Xavier and Leo. Really hoping for a girl this time round but I guess we will see.   

  • We are definitely with those that girl names are easier to come up with (we have so many we love). Mia Elizabeth and Lucy are among the top two girl names. We also like Charlotte, Madelyn, Caroline, and Carley. 

    For boy names it took us forever to decide our DS’s name. We had a couple others we kinda liked but nothing great. If it’s another boy it’s probably going to take a long time to decide his name. 

    DS is Lucas
  • Killian for a boy, Rhiannon for a girl. We love Celtic names.. my daughter is Aislinn and my son is Logan. We would probably let our kids pick middle names.
  • I'm going with...
    Girl: Evan Elizabeth Marie
    Boy: Caden James Gordon
    I've been settled on these for awhile. 
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  • @kapowfal, no joke: I met a woman in a chick fil a play center who had three children named charlotte, william, and george. george was stuck at the top of the play center and my husband had to climb up and help him down.  :D

  • DH also suggested Charlotte because it’s his mom’s name. She goes by Sherry though. I don’t want her to be Charlotte P. of 20 kindergarten Charlottes, but I do like Charlie.
  • We are going to try to pick names of Greek origin to go with our family name and cultural background but I have been fond of the French name Coralie. I know Cora and Coraline are more popular but I just think Coralie has such a sweetness about it.
  • @mayoduck Oh I love Coralie!
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    This is baby number 4. All our babies have simple 4 letter names so it feels like we have to do the same for this one.

    So far we only agree on
    Hank Allen
    Anna Lee

    I really like
    Reece (girl)
    Charlie (girl)
    but hubby doesn’t.
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  • My DH is set on naming our son after him. So Robert Ryle. His dad is also the same exact name. And they already mess up all their male and even taxes at the end of the year. I agreed half heartedly at a previous talk about children and how it was a must but now that I’m really pregnant
  • My names Cassandra and I always get compliments on it! I hate nicknames for is and I prounounce it with a long middle a if that makes sense lol. 
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    @laur84ns you make a good point. Trending name lists are national but regionally the distribution may be very different.

    That said, I'll still be drawing a hard cut off line at top 100 (unless I just really love the name so much I can't let it go) because my name was in the top  50 the year I was born and I have lived in several states and found my name to be popular for women my age in all of them.
  • @maggiemadeit and @mayoduck , I just met the sweetest toddler Hypatia and I thought of this thread, not much help for boy names, but another great Greek girls name to throw into the mix ;)
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  • @sejica I welcome all Greek name suggestions. Thank you! That's a new one to me!
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    @mayoduck I've a friend named Petra and I always thought her name was so cool. 

    ETA: Another named Argyris. He absolutely loves his name but none of us could ever pronounce it correctly lol.
  • @mayoduck @navete petra is an awesome name!!! 
  • @sejica you met a real-life toddler named Hypatia?!  How cool!  The Nameberry nerds (myself included) would die of excitement!
    Laura, mom of:
    James (14)
    William (13)
    Elise (11)
    Zachary (5)
    George (3)

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  • @meggyme Lucille Nicole? Still pretty generic though...
  • @meggyme
    Lucille Kelly
    Lucille Kate
    Lucille Claire
    Lucille Mae
    Lucille Annette
    Lucille Everly
    Lucille Avery
    Lucille Jean
    Lucille Jordan

    I have no idea what your style is so just throwing out top-of-my head thoughts. I think Lucille Avery is my personal favorite in this list. Do you have a preference on number of syllables for middle name? I agree, Lucille is a tricky one to pair up. Super cute, though!
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