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Favorite baby names

I know it’s early but I think it could take me nine months to settle.
Girl- I really Erin for a first name, but can’t think of a middle name I like.
For a boy we are thinking Tyler.

Me: 36, DH 37.

August 2014- 6w MMC

July 2015- CP

PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!


Re: Favorite baby names

  • DH and I have a girls name picked out, we’ve never been good at agreeing on boy names. I’m hoping that means we’re having another girl, haha. 

    So far, we really like Olivia Claire. My dad passed away 2 years ago and his full name was Clarence. I chose Claire as a way to honor his name. My third daughter has a middle name of Kathleen to honor my MIL that passed away while I had been pregnant with her, so I thought it fitting.
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  • With DD, we had four contenders and we picked one in the hospital the morning after she was born when the drugs wore off. Her name is Piper. 

    If she was a boy, we liked Sawyer. I don’t think we’d use that now as it’s blown up in popularity.

    We haven’t seriously talked any names for baby #2 since it was so hard for us with #1. We will probably wait until we know the sex to really start narrowing it down. 
  • @meggyme I like Lucille ALOT.  Hubby’s ex was Elizabeth. It’s one of my favorite named but it’s obviously out of contention!

    Me: 36, DH 37.

    August 2014- 6w MMC

    July 2015- CP

    PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

    Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!

  • I (“we”) have had our girl name chambered (Calliope, middle name TBD)  for a few pregnancies now and I am hoping this one is a girl so I can use it lol. Boy names are a little harder for us to agree on, mainly because DH wants to use the middle name Stuart (his dads name/his middle name) and I really just don’t like it. Lately I have been liking Joshua / James / Daniel / Wyatt / Connor but DH doesn’t like most of those lol. His fave is Henry (Hank) and I agree it is super cute but Hank wouldn’t sound good with our last name that also starts with a k sound. 
    Me: 30 DH: 31
    Married: 2012
    BFP #1 Sept 2014, MMC Dec 2014 | BFP #2 May 2015, DD Jan 2016 <3 | BFP #3 May 2017, MC July 2017 | BFP #4 Jan 2018, MC Feb 2018 | BFP #5 July 2018, fingers crossed
  • sydbomsydbom member
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    Our names so far are Camille for a girl and Warren for a boy.
    DS is Lewis and many people have told us to name our next boy Clark lol 
  • navetenavete member
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    We’re not settled on any names yet, but we’ve definitely tossed around a few. The latest agreement seems to be Elias for a boy and Elouise for a girl.

    Actually now that I’ve written out Elouise I don’t like it (Ooh but my phone corrected it to Eloise and I like that much better). Lol I’m pretty sure this is going to be a long drawn out battle to pick a name, but I’m really looking forward to it :p 

    ETA: I also like Madelyn (variable spelling TBD) and Levi, but both names seem too trendy for us (our names are quite ethnic/eccentric and MH’s last name is very Russian sounding). Maybe we’ll go with a Cassandra or Catalina or Mateo or Ovidiu...lol, yep this will definitely take a while 
  • I love the name Lyra but don't think we will use it because we have first/middle names lined up for both a boy and a girl.

    Boy names would be in memory of both of our grandpas who passed, and we found girl names that we liked but DH asked me to keep them quiet until the baby comes - - so hard!! 
  • greenbeegreenbee member
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    I have name lists a mile long. My husband hates 99% of them, so it was a process of elimination with DD, and I imagine it will be this time as well.

    My uncle (David) passed away suddenly a couple years ago. We were close, and I'd like to honor him (boy or girl, since this will be our last), so I'm trying to figure out how I want to do that.

    @sydbom I love Camille! I wanted to use it for our first w/ nn Millie. My husband's grandma was Millie, but it was short for Mildred, which I just don't love. Anyway, his cousin had a girl around the same time and went with Amelia nn Millie, so we went with something completely different. Still love Camille though.
  • sew322sew322 member
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    @navete We also like Elloise for a girl--Elloise Nova. 
    For a boy, Wynston. We are having issues deciding on a middle name though. 
  • sejicasejica member
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    Oh man, this is like my favorite topic.
    Ora Whitman L*** for a girl. Pet name: little owl.
    James Arthur L*** for a boy, but going by Arthur. Pet name: little prince.
    IF there are same sex twins, then Oscar Whitman L*** for the other boy in place of using Ora ever, and Yvonne (nn Vonnie) Beckett L*** for another girl name if needed.
    DD is Juniper Harriet L***, goes by June mostly, though my mom calls her Junie joy as a nod to my late MIL (Cheryl Joy L***)
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  • I'm doing Westen Aaron Glenwood F**** for a boy and Ellie Anna Mary Dawn F**** for a girl
  • @afwife2017 that’s a lot of middle names! Is there a significance to those names?
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  • @sejica I love Ora! How precious! 

    I also love that you have contingency names in case of twins! 
  • We have settled on either Frances (calling her Frankie) or Edith (my husband’s grandma’s name) for a girl.

    Boys we’re having a hard time with. We’re kinda all over the place. Anyone else finding boys names more difficult? Could be that it’s just because we already have a daughter that girls names seem easier!
  • @mamaoftwomonkeys I was so relieved when we found out DD was a girl because we were having a horrible time picking a boy’s name. Same thing this time around.
    ME: 31  DH: 31 DD: June '16 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • @mamaoftwomonkeys I have a terrible time with boys names! I do have a few picked out, but I am
    not as in love with them as I am with my girl names.
  • @navete I love Eloise but DH can’t get on board with it.
    I kind of made a deal with the devil last pregnancy and am kicking myself for it now. I really loved the name Adeline but DH didn’t so I promised him he could choose the boy name is we had one if we could use Adeline. Well he agreed and we shook on it. Now he wants to name our possible son Castiel. I don’t love it or even really like it so now I’m trying really hard to talk him into using it as a middle name. 

    Girl names weve we’ve been all over the place this time. Vivian is a front runner. We’ve also discussed Petralina (G Grandma name)-NN Lina. 
  • We love Margot James for a girl and for a boy were thinking Emmett, but having a hard time coming  up with a single-syllable middle name! James seems obvious either way but for some reason I really want to reserve that as a middle name for a girl. I guess we have more than enough time to figure this One out! 
  • @indigoheightsblog I think Emmett James is very cute.
    ME: 31  DH: 31 DD: June '16 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • @meggyme it is, right? who knows maybe we'll wind up with it. i'm also liking emmett luke or emmett dean! 
  • Our 2.5 yo son is named Jackson. We had two names picked out per sex as we didn’t know until he was born. We chose after I pushed him out. 

    Jackson Quinn (winner winner!) 
    Quinn Alexander

    Adeline Jean
    Kinley Quinn

    This time around, might look for other boy options and not sure if we’ll stick with those two girl options or look for new there too. I still like them so maybe we’ll stick. IDK!

    Will probably put more energy into it when I’m further along. 
  • Our boy name is left over from the previous pregnancy: Sawyer

    Our girl name is Charlotte. I'm afraid people will think this is after the royal family, but I've always loved the name. It's also a good sister name to our daughter, Ada.

    The middle name for both will be Gray after my husband's late cousin. 

    So Ada Grace will be joined by Sawyer Gray or Charlotte Gray.
  • If we have a girl, she will definitely be Natalie. Not sure about the middle name yet. Our ds is Jack Dylan and we don’t have another name picked out. I definitely have a way harder time with boy names.
  • So many great ideas. I’m trying to talk DH into Tyler as a middle name for a girl, but he’s not wild about it.
    For years we joked about Bruce Wayne for a boy (we are big comic book nerds) but 4 years later I think we have grown up enough that it’s really not in contention.
    I like Henry Wade for a boy now, DH is a country music fan and wants to call him Hank.
    We’ve really struggled I’m envious of those that have this figured out. I started this thread and we’ve already changed our minds!!!

    Me: 36, DH 37.

    August 2014- 6w MMC

    July 2015- CP

    PCOS, plus some medical issues that make me high risk.

    Our rainbow babies are due 3/21!!!!!

  • @3rdtime_charmed Henry is so cute! One of my favorites too. We're doing James as a middle name for a girl.... it also took some convincing on my end. Ironically, DH has a friend who did that with his daughter so I guess now it's not as 'out there'..... hey, whatever works! 
  • @meggyme I have a sister named Erin Elizabeth too :smile: 
    Me: 35 DH: 39
    Married: 10/11/15
    Baby girl Addie born 10/12/16 <3 :) <3

  • shrubshrub member
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    I've had a boy name - Harrison picked out since my first pregnancy, 5 years ago that I'm hoping I get to use. Either that or we have to pick yet another girl name which isn't terrible either.


  • lucysmom2016lucysmom2016 member
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    I didn't want to think too much about names at least until after my first appointment, but I just had too much time to surf the internet the other day, and couldn't help myself. No boy names have really taken hold, but I'm seriously in love with Iris Josephine (middle name is my grandmother's, who is my only living grandparent) for a girl.  <3

    *edit because my post got cut off for some reason...
  • Also, @3rdtime_charmed I love the name Henry! I would love to use it for a boy, but it doesn't go well with our last name.
  • Oooo..such cute names. I’m the opposite of most of you, I have way more boy names I love than girl names. When we first got married, we picked out a few and will probably stick with them. Christian Murray (Murray is my grandmothers maiden name)for a boy and Peyton Claire for a girl. I am partial to the name Amelia for a girl though! I love names like Jack and Henry, but my husband is not into them. Ugh! 
  • errn18errn18 member
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    Our names are pretty set. Boy will be Beckham Joshua .
    Girl will be Aubriella Rose. - such a long name, but the bf wants it because she can have multiple nick names (Aubrie/Ella) 

    Our sons are Elijah and Maddox. 

    now, we wait
  • We keep rolling over names from prior pregnancies, so I’ve already decided. 

    Girl: Penelope Faith (nickname Penny, so hoping she would be a redhead like DS!)

    Boy: Noah Dorian
    My DD is Lydia, and my husband is a music teacher, so those familiar with musical modes will see the joke there: two of the modes are Lydian and Dorian.  :D 
  • We have a girl named chosen - Bonnie, after my grandmother. No middle name picked yet. It keeps with the Irish theme as DD is Enya Grace. Our last name is classiy Irish Mc*****

    We’re not settled on a boy’s name yet. We’ve thrown around Walter (Walt) and Jack. But again no middle names yet. Boys are hard! 
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  • We do unisex names family names. Our daughter is Berkley (my wife’s dad’s middle name) 
  • @diann21, I think Bonnie is a lovely, under appreciated name.
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    William (13)
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  • mayoduckmayoduck member
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    We really want a Greek first name to go with our Greek last name and my DH's heritage but it seems like either the names are too out there for my liking (i.e. Agamemnon), too currently trendy (i.e. Sophie/Sophia) or already names of people in our immediate family. Right now we are leaning toward Anastasia (nickname Ana) for a girl and still thinking of boys' names. I suggested Nicholas but DH doesn't like that it's a cliché Greek name (My Big Fat Greek Wedding anyone?). All our children will have my maiden name as their middle name so we only need to come up with one name, which I like.
  • @catlady2015 I like Cecelia so much more than Charlotte.
    ME: 31  DH: 31 DD: June '16 :::: Married since 2011 :::: USN Wife ::::
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  • @mayoduck My family is Greek and we use a lot of Greek names. My niece is Athena (Nena) and my daughter is Zoe. I’m not married to only using Greek names, especially because Greek boy names are tough! 
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