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  • I don't know if anyone is still looking for girls names but this thread is so beautiful ❤️

  • we may finally have a name! But I could use some help with middle names. For reference, my girls are Thea Grace and Iris Joy. The name we are both loving for this baby girl is Opal. I think it’s so sweet and cute and fits well with the other names. But I’m having a hard time with a middle name?
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  • @bridgettetheboxer Opal is so cute! My DH was just joking the other day that we're more into natural names than we thought, because our current pick for baby's name is Violet (flower, like your Iris) which is obvious, but DS1s name is also Jasper (mineral/gem, like Opal!)

    It seems like you guys prefer shorter names, maybe Ruth, Wren, Claire, Eloise, Olivia, Adelyn, Brooke, Blair, Elle, Kate, Alexa? It's so hard to make suggestions here sometimes because without knowing a last name it can be hard to know what gets more clunky all together and not just first-middle, but I thought those all sounded nice! 

    Oh and if anyone is willing to name their baby Juniper for me, that would be fantastic. I love the name so much and we can't use it and it just kills me every time I see it how perfect it is!
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
    @bridgettetheboxer my friend has a daughter named Opaline Violette, but the other name she liked for a middle was Eloise like @thescarletmom suggested. 
    Eloise was actually my middle name for the baby if its a girl but then we decided it didn't sound quite right with the first name so we settled on Elowen instead. 
    I think Elara also goes really nicely with Opal 
  • @kalesix3 I've missed you here! Hows everything going with the move!?
  • kalesix3kalesix3 member
    @hitcj4687 I've missed you guys! Thank you, it's all over but the crying 😂 we got here on Friday night and they let us move in early instead of making us wait till the seventh, so instead of sitting in a hotel room we've been unloading the truck, unpacking, losing house keys and hauling a lot of boxes out all weekend. I'm so tired and exhausted and happy and mega homesick and depressed all in one. This is officially the last move I'm going to make during pregnancy I swear. I'm too sensitive for this 😂 
  • thescarletmomthescarletmom member
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    We think.... maybe.... we have chosen baby's name. There's still a little more discussion to be had! But it's very likely her name is Violet Vivienne 💜 
  • @thescarletmom that's a beautiful name!!!
  • @hitcj4687 it's been hard because we have struggled to find any name we both really love, can't live without, this-is-the-one kind of thing. But every time we get somewhere with something and can picture that name being hers, it breaks one of our rules 😂 DH hates that Violet is very popular, but we got too used to it and he can't see her first name being anything else anymore. I've loved Vivienne from the beginning (just disagree on spelling with DH) but I hate the alliteration of initials. HOWEVER, DH is potentially willing to compromise to my preferred spelling of the name if it's her middle name and not her first name. He hasn't totally agreed yet but I think he will, he was surprisingly receptive to it at our anniversary dinner last night! And not just because he got to be the one getting a bit tipsy (we rarely drink but if we do he's usually DD, obviously outside of pregnancy) haha. So I think this is probably it! We only have one other middle name we've tossed around and don't hate, but we're meh on it. I think we'd really love Violet Vivienne if we weren't so rules-focused, and I'm pretty confident that's what we'll end up with.
  • I think we have finally settled on a name as well - Zoë Elizabeth Irene. Zoë because wifey loves it, Elizabeth because it’s both our middle names plus the name of my favorite great aunt, and Irene after wifey’s aunt who recently passed. 

    Her parents love it, my mom was fine with it best I could tell. But it feels nice to have a big choice out of the way
  • @monkey_mcfee what a sweet name! I still think it's so fun that you both have the same middle name. I personally don't usually love "junior" names (we opted out of a 5th generation middle name on DHs side) but it feels so special that all three of you will share it! I'm always fascinated by shared names in couples too. One of my HS teachers names was Daniel and his wife was Danielle and I always thought that was so funny, because they both went by Danny/Dani. Then I had a coworker a few years back who's last name was Reid, aaaaand so was his very serious long-term girlfriend's. But choosing a name is one of the most daunting tasks to me every pregnancy, so I totally share in your relief! It feels monumentally important and you want it to last a lifetime, it's so much pressure. And of course what if your kid hates it, and comes home from school one day asking why you had to name him HIS name instead of a COOL name like Scythe? 😂 (this is definitely about DS1, I suppose they were learning about farming equipment that day and it really spoke to him) 
  • @thescarletmom I don’t love juniors either, but I guess I’m one lol. I’m named after my great aunt, another great aunt (middle name one) and my grandmother (middle name two). But the spellings are different (think Kathryn vs Katherine type). I love that my mom wanted to give me the names of the strong women!
  • thescarletmomthescarletmom member
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    @monkey_mcfee totally understand that! I think admiration and strength and passing on of a legacy can be huge for a lot of people. I'm also technically a junior, my middle name is "passed down" on my dad's side but not in any particular fashion and I didn't know any of the people with it except my grandma. For DS2, it was just the firstborn sons each generation got the same middle name on my husband's side. So it wasn't really people we especially admired (no offense to my FIL but the other 2 generations before him and DH were people I never met) and we didn't like the name at all either so it was a lose-lose haha. Plus, we have a tricky dynamic in that our oldest son isn't biologically DHs, but my husband very much "claims" him so to speak as his own son, so it would be weird for us for DS2 to carry the firstborn son's name when we don't think of him that way, if that makes sense. We know technically it's true, but in our family we don't talk about the kids that way at all, to the point where DS1 still doesn't fully understand why DS2 doesn't go to family events on his dad's side, he's almost 7 and we've explained it many times haha.
  • I think we’ve settled on Devin Silas

    we we’re between Devin Silas and Devin Wyatt. Every time someone said they liked Devin Wyatt better my husband and I were disappointed so I think Devin Silas is it. 
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