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  • @hitcj4687 oooh I'll play because we're having the same issue. Now that we're settled on Violet, we don't love any middle name with it. We have a few that we're okay/meh with, but nothing that we really like. Turns out I like a lot of planty names?? And I don't want her name to just be a garden lol.


    Kai Sawyer
    Kai Wilder
    Kai Ellington
    Kai Ashton
    Kai Brody/Brodie
    Kai Lucien/Lucian (I pronounce it Lu-shen)

    If you hate these, I won't be offended! It can be hard to figure out name preferences, so I just went through a few lists on nameberrg and picked things that felt like they sounded nice together and weren't too traditional/common. Happy to try again if you have more names for me to bounce off of 🙂 easier than naming my own baby lol
  • Similarly, if anybody has middle name ideas for Violet, I'm all ears. We currently have four we're iffy on. I don't know if we'll grow into loving one of them or not, so we're still on the hunt for something we actually feel really drawn to and not just "don't hate" haha. 

    Our four maybes are:
    Violet Morgan
    Violet Olivia
    Violet Vivienne
    Violet Adele

    Anything nature-y we've crossed off the list (ex: Laurel, Ivy, Briar, Rosalind/Rose, Robin, Iris, Juniper, etc) just because we don't want her name to feel too thematic. Other rule is NO Js (first letter)! DS1 is Jasper and DS2s middle name is Jude so we're tapped out on how many Js we can use. If you want to use their names to get a sense of our taste, siblings are Jasper Bennett and Elliott Jude. (Bennett was chosen for a friend who died while I was pregnant, so it's the least our style.)
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  • @hitcj4687 I really like how Kai Ellison sounds but Ellison might be a mouthful too? 
  • @thescarletmom I like Violet Marianne/Marianna 
    I also know an Elara and I think that would also be so pretty with Violet. Vivianne is absolutely gorgeous too! 
  • @thescarletmom
    Violet Audrey 
    Violet aurora 
    Violet Stella 
    Violet Maeve 
    Violet Mabel 
    Violet Hazel

    God girls are so much easier.. 

    I've thrown out about 20 options to my husband who has liked none of the options.. @kalesix3 Ellis was one of my top girl name choices! My husband liked it for a boy, but it felt more girly to me. I haven't heard Ellison! -Marianne was also a top girl name lol
    My son is reese Logan. I feel like the transition and flow is so smoothe. Whereas with Kai, I'm having a really hard time finding a smoothe flowing middle name without it sounding like one long name. Maybe it's the one syllable name ending in vowels? 
  • @hitcj4687 lol Aurora, Maeve, and Mabel were all on my original list! DH vetoed. Aurora was on my short list of maybes for middle names too, and DH again vetoed because it's nature-y (borealis). 

    Also love the name Ellis 🩶 it's more boyish to me, but maybe that's because I have an Elliott? DH and I had a few disagreements over whether a name was for a boy/girl, and it usually changed whether or not we liked it.
  • @thescarletmom I think because Ellis Grey from Grey's anatomy and my childhood best friend's sister is elyse, and we always called her Ellis. So the name is permanently female for me lol 

    I suggested Kai: audric, Mason, Julian, Ezekiel, Atlas, river, Lincoln,  Micah, the list goes on. I get zero enthusiasm to every recommendation 
  • @thescarletmom

    Violet Mae 
    Violet Lane
    Violet Grace
    Violet Paige 

  • I'm trying to get him to get on board with Kai Everett and now he's going back on the first name altogether 🙄
  • @hitcj4687 I love the name Everett.. my husband vetoed it though 😭
  • @francesgs it was one of both of our favorites but then my ex (my first son's bio dad) named his son Emmett and they're just way too close for me😭
  • @hitcj4687 omg Kai Everett is so awesome! 
    Reece Logan and Kai Everett are such a sweet sibset, I hope your husband will come around again! 
    Marianne was on my girls middle name list but my best friend just used it lol, somebody else should take it for sure 😜 

    I still haven't nailed down my boys name yet, I'm tied between Theodore Elm and Theodore Lawrence, I loved Elm but leaned more towards Lawrence until we finalized our girls name and her middle name means Elm which both my SO and I are absolutely set on and now it feels wrong to not use Elm for our boy name but I kind of like Lawrence more 🤦🏻‍♀️ Montgomery Elm just doesn't do it for me either lol. Oh well at least we have three good options even if I can't finalize which combination is the one. 
  • thoseboysmamathoseboysmama member
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    @thescarletmom Vivienne and Olivia are my fav you listed. I like Intials for them as well. Nice ring to them. Violet is a beautiful name. Many middles work with it. 

    Violet Evelyn
    Violet Ann
    Violet Eloiuse 
    Violet Rae (may be too nature like) 
    Violet Quinn
    Violet Belle 
    Violet Marie
    Violet May/ Mae

    @kalesix3 we have a Monty. My husband really wanted a Montgomery but we have all short names and Montgomery just didn't flow well with the others. We went with Monty it fits as a family name for both of our sides that way. I think Elm meshes well with it. Makes me think of a strong elm and a man of the soil for adulthood. Lawrence is a strong name and flows in a regal manner. Both great names IMO.

  • I've gotta get him on board with Kai Everett. I feel like its perfect. Lmao. @kalesix3 you cannot go wrong with any of those choices! 
  • @hitcj4687 totally makes sense. I saw the movie Signs when I was like 7 and the little boy in it was named Morgan and I guess that stuck with me, because I prefer it for a boy! 
    Oh no about Reese's dad! That would be tough for me too. I'm not sure Jasper's dad will ever have other kids, but at any rate I know he won't be put out by the names we chose (he specifically vetoed Elliott while naming Jasper, and he has an ex named Violet lol). 

    @francesgs my middle name is Mae! All my initials were M before I got married 🥴
  • @thescarletmom it might sound bad, but it enrages me he had another kid. He never could or wanted to take care of reese and then he knocked up some young girl and they had a shot gun wedding a month before the baby was born and he's always talking about all the hard work and effort parenting is. "I'm gonna be late to visitation today, you know how hard it is to have a newborn" like, uh yeah.... I do, cuz I did it alone at 19, thanks. God it makes me angry. That's a total side note to the wonderful conversation being had about names 😂
  • @hitcj4687 oh that would piss me right off too. Maybe its petty but there's nothing like watching them step up for another baby in a way they didn't for yours 🥺 I haven't had to go through that, but I can picture it and the rage feels a little too real haha. I was 19 with Jasper as well and guess who worked their ass off to provide for him and guess who didn't? Jasper's dad does see him most weekends (theoretically - I've found out before that he took weekend shifts or went out for parties and left J with his mom basically all weekend when I would have rather kept him home) but he has never had the true, full responsibility of raising him and I would lose my mind if he made comments like that.
  • We had our gender reveal last weekend and for some reason I always had a girl name never a boy lol turns out it's a she yayyy.. Well seems like now I have to look for a middle name since I'm more sure on the first any suggestions would be greatly appreciated her first name is Samara (protected by God)and these are a few middle name in mind 
    Samara Arlet my choice 
    Samara Alondra sister choice
    Samara Roseanne both MIL and mom's name
    Any other is suggested 
  • @thescarletmom - Mabel will never not remind me of the baby’s name from the 90s show Mad About You. In the show, Mabel stood for Mother’s Always Bring Extra Love. I don’t know if I love or hate that interpretation. 
  • @mommaclaudes I love Samara! Roseanne and Eleanor would be so cute with it too 🥺
    I'm the same way and so is my partner, one five second conversation and we have a girl name we absolutely adore and are set in stone on but boys names always take more negotiation. I used to think of a boys name didn't come easily it probably meant it was a girl but then last time it was a boy so my theory was debunked 😆 
  • @monkey_mcfee that's so sweet! I love Mabel, but my husband says it's a grandma name. But I also have a grandma name so ☠️

    @kalesix3 lol I always believed it was the opposite, whichever one was easier meant it was guaranteed to be the other 😂
  • @thescarletmom it's three for three where I find a beautiful perfect girl name immediately, and the first time I've landed on a few boys names I like fairly quickly so I don't even know what that means for me 😂 it was the opposite for my mother though, she always really struggled with girls names and had 6 😆 

    @hitcj4687 is your husband coming around yet?!? I'm still rooting for Kai Everett so hard! 
  • @kalesix3 This is the only time we've struggled with a girls name 🙃 but we struggled with a boys this time too so haha
  • thoseboysmamathoseboysmama member
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    We found out today that we are having another boy. 5 Boys! I have already redrawn the Floorplan for our future house to include a boys locker room instead of a bathroom. Urinals toilet and shower stalls, lockers. A drain in the center to just disinfect the entire room and spray it down! 
    Now onto the name hunt. I haven't even started looking. We had 3 girl names picked for family members: Frankie Jean, Lyla Belle, and Opal Sue.
    Our house is already insane, I can't imagine another little dude wrestling and just all out destruction. 
    We are over joyed. Each nurse was dealing with me like I may be fragile and sad about it. They were so relieved to find I was AOK with it. The stories they told me of mothers just breaking down when finding out gender were funny but also some pretty sad ones. I am just so glad everything is looking healthy and that we have been entrusted with another amazing life. 
    Any good short names, shoot them my way. We have a Monty, Hank, Finn, and Miles. 
    Jack and Abe are in the running. But they are everytime! 🤣
  • @thoseboysmama everybody assumed I wanted a girl this time because of my two boys! My husband's grandma (who feels very strongly about girls) still talks about how certain she was that her second son was a girl and how disappointed she was in the delivery room... until she was moved in to their mother-baby room (that was apparently shared with the curtain divider back then??) and saw that the other mother had a baby with some pretty significant birth defects/missing fingers and she suddenly felt guilty for being upset about having a boy. I'm all for acknowledging and feeling your feelings (I myself was leaning towards a 3rd boy this pregnancy and was worried I may feel a little disappointed for a girl), but I personally don't think your kids should ever know/be told that you were disappointed, unless maybe they point blank ask you about it when they're older. And it does bum me out when people are so excessively disappointed like those viral gender reveal videos. 

    I love Jack! My husband is Zach so he's also a big NO to it since it rhymes 😂 Shepard/Shep, Ben, Gavin, Owen, Cole, Danny, Sam, Waylan- not sure if any of those are your style!
  • @kalesix3 actually yes!! As of now. That is the baby's name! The second I said it, reese was like "that's it. Game over. The name has been decided" and michael was like, "that actually really does work" so we have a name as long as no one changes their mind 😂
  • @hitcj4687 omg that's amazing!!! The whole fam is on board 🥳 fingers crossed nobody changes their mind in the next 4 months 😅
  • @hitcj4687 thrilled for you!!!

    Bummed for me because DH is suddenly like, hmm I'm not sure on Violet anymore, because DS2 mentioned he knows two Violets the other day 😂 it's fine, we're fine, I'm fine, the baby will probably have a name someday?
  • @thescarletmom omg my eye would be twitching 😆🥲😵 maybe he'll come back around again? Your boys names aren't so obscure nobody else has them so the chances of knowing of at least 1 other Violet is probably inevitable, it shouldn't turn him off a perfectly beautiful name! 
  • @kalesix3 he was already kind of not thrilled that Violet is one of the most popular names and has gotten more popular every year (I think ranked 35 for 2021), whereas both of our boys were 150/200+ for their birth years. He really really hated having a ton of classmates with his name and just doesn't want it for our kids. It's not totally off the table, we're just opening the discussion back up. And I'm okay with that, because for some strange reason, it's felt very weird to refer to the baby by that name? And I'm one of those people who will call their baby by their name before birth to get familiar with it (I know some people think this is weird?? Or at least someone on my first bmb ranted about it and it stuck with me lol). I never felt weird referring to J and E by their names, but calling her Violet feels off and I find myself avoiding it? So I don't know.
  • francesgsfrancesgs member
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    @thescarletmom I feel like I am the opposite of your husband lol My parents named me Frances after my great grandmother and I grew up with no others with my name.. I could never find anything with my name on it and it always made me sad as a kid.. I always wished I had a more commonly used name. I still want to change my name as an almost 34 yr old adult lol Everytime someone comments on my name it’s an elderly person saying oh that was my moms, aunts or grandmothers name 🤦🏻‍♀️😂
  • @francesgs same! I always wanted to be able to find my name, even the shortened version on keychains or baubles and it made me so sad as a kid, not only that but nobody could pronounce or spell my name, my grandparents hated it, and I was the only sibling who didn't get a bible name and I always felt like garbage about it. 
    Grown up and out of that family dynamic I've grown to have more appreciation for my name but I don't go by it anywhere except legal documents. I love my middle name, which is also extremely unusual and unique but it's much more reasonable than my first name. 
    I like off the beaten path names for my babies but nothing nearly as hard for society to pronounce as the one I have 😂 a large part of that is people are dumb though, I mean my partners last name is ridiculously easy to get and people still mispronounce it 🤦🏻‍♀️ 
    That said I actually do know of two other people with your name and neither of them are old! I think it and names like Mable, Dolly, Alma etc are making a huge comeback, at least with influencers! 

    @thescarletmom yeah if it has a weird vibe to it definitely open the discussion up for something else! I have a weird thing with not wanting to talk about my girl's name we picked even though I love it, I think it's a hangup because it's a girl's name, and maybe subconsciously last girls name I loved this much I gave to a baby who died.. I don't know, I've been trying to work through it but my brain just clams up at the thought, it's too sacred to share or something... unless I have a sweet baby boy and then I'll probably share it 🥲 
  • @thescarletmom I don't put that much stock into what the name lists claim is popular honestly. According to the bump, Kai is the number 1 gender neutral name?? I've known 1 Kai in person my ENTIRE life. I don't know a single one at my son's school. So I guess maybe randomly it's the most up and coming name?? I only know 1 Violet. But certainly if it doesn't feel right, start trying out other options! You'll find the perfect one that feels right. 

    @kalesix3 I'm so curious to know your name now 😂😂😂 im a Jamie, and I used to hate my name growing up but actually quite like it now. There typically weren't other Jamies and I liked being the only one. I've only met a handful of jamies, some being men lol. What was your daughter's name? If you don't want to share that's totally okay too! 
  • @hitcj4687 I think it’s also regional. I know 4 6 year olds named Penelope and only a couple with top 10 names. 

    I have a popular 80s name and from kindergarten on I aways had to go by first name last initial because there were always more than one of us. By high school I just started going by my last name. 
    Lilypie Maternity tickers
  • @pttomato that's very true too! In the area we are in, I dont know any Penelopes! Besides Penelope garcia from criminal minds 😂😂 but that doesn't count 
  • @pttomato I know a TON of Penelopes and they're all under 10 so I definitely think it's got to be completely regional! I saw Calliope quite a bit in my son's due date group too so I feel like both those names started becoming more popular, I think both are really pretty. I have loved Emma forever and I have seen that one become popular in front of me and all over the internet, same with Ivy. 
    @hitcj4687 I'm so worried about doxxers in the group after the drama awhile ago but I hope once we move (if we do, no pressure either way) that maybe in a private group maybe I'll feel more able to share my name because the hangup is so weird for me. My daughter's name is Coven Wren, coven like cove-en not coven like rhymes with oven if that makes sense. I had always planned to call her Cove so most of the time whenever she comes up that's what I call her even now. 🥲 The hospital messed up her name really badly and misspelled it with a B instead of a C so for a solid year I frequently got reminded that not only was she not here anymore but that nobody cared how correct her name was so I was afraid I'd grow to hate it but I don't, it was perfect for her. 
    The only male Jamie I've heard of is from outlander but I know a few Jamies IRL that are women, I love that it's not hard to pronounce but it's still completely unique! 
  • Also one weird thing I've found is with my son's name people don't try to mispronounce or misspell it, they immediately just ask how it's spelled or said, I don't know why nobody knows how to do that with my name 😅 I'm forever just labeled a Katelyn or Catherine even though neither are remotely similar 😭
  • @kalesix3 I don't blame you, that's why I still cover my face in the HDBD. That is a beautiful name for your daughter! And I totally understand how to pronounce that lol. How awful about the hospital messing it up! That's ridiculous.  I would have been so frustrated! My heart does go out to you for having to go through what you went through. 
  • @hitcj4687 lol we are using the social security administration's records so it's accurate 😂 but can definitely feel inaccurate regionally, I'm sure! I've known several Kais from high school but I still wouldn't say it's common. 

    @francesgs SAME. I have an old ladies name and on top of that my parents spelled it funny, so even if it was on things it wasn't the right spelling. I never wished for a super common name per se, but I did wish they hadn't made up a "unique" spelling of it. 

    @kalesix3 how awful that they did that to her 🥺 the hospital kept misspelling Jasper's name as Jafar... you know, the Aladdin villain? It was salt in the wound after how terribly they treated me, names can be so sacred.

  • @hitcj4687 same!!! I love tb but I breathe a sigh of relief in a private group! 
    Yeah I was really sad and frustrated about it and worried it was too outlandish because it got misspelled and mispronounced but now I realize it's just how the billing dept at hospitals do things. 

    @thescarletmom oof that's horrible, Jafar is ten times more obscure than Jasper which is an actual commonplace name, what the heck. Why are people so dumb! Yeah it's already a slap in the face to get bills from a less than optimal birth that remind you over and over again what you're paying for and the misspelled names just make it so much harder, what a mess. 
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