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  • I need everyone who is a STM+ to ask their kids for baby name suggestions because DS1 absolutely cracked me up when we asked him 😂 I think he thought I was joking at first, and gave some wild suggestions such as "peep 2" (DS2s nickname is peep, since he had "such big peepers" when he was born). But when I told him I was serious it was cute to see what he choose as baby names. His top picks were Rose for a girl and Leo for a boy!
  • @thescarletmom One of the daycare kids is dead set on me naming this baby Flower if it's a girl and Horsey if it's a boy. She's 3yo and hasn't wavered from those options since she found out I was pregnant over a month ago 😆 There's been lots of intentionally silly suggestions from all the kids too, like giving the baby the same name as me or calling the baby Mommy or Butt or Poop..

    My kids actually suggested Alina (DD) for a girl and Ash for a boy (DS who is obsessed with Pokemon) when I initially asked if they had any ideas and a few weeks later came to me VERY excited while I was in the shower because apparently they were talking about baby names together (🥺) and decided Jacob would be a great name for a boy.
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  • @potato3000 my son doesn't fully get naming yet but he's obsessed with the pokemon named Pawmo and everything is Pawmo these days so he would probably name the baby that if he could lol 😂

    @thescarletmom Rose and Leo are so cute 🥺 aw! 
  • @thescarletmom my 4yo DD would like the baby to be named Cheetah Cheetah Rainbow. She’s stuck to her guns and refers to it by that name.

    My 6yo DD likes Charlotte 
  • @potato3000 the funny part about DS1s intentionally silly suggestions is that he clearly didn't think "peep 2" was one of them, because when I laughed he did that startled giggle kids do when they weren't trying to be funny and are caught off guard by your reaction. He did also suggest some such as concrete though haha.

    @kalesix3 we are big pokemon fans over here and I had to go look up pawmo 😂 if DS1 thought pokemon names were on the table this baby would be charizard for sure. 

    @cassafrass123 my favorite part is when kids take something so seriously that is also very ridiculous. When I was pregnant with DS2, we went to a sort of petting farm in town and he got to feed a baby goat with a bottle and was insistent for a long time that his brother was going to look like that baby goat when he came out. He didn't think he was going to *be* a goat, but thought he'd just look exactly like one, covered in hair and with hooves and things. 
  • @cassafrass123 Cheetah Cheetah Rainbow...I’m dying. I love kids so much 😆
  • I just asked my 3 yo and he said Ellie. We watched Up a couple weeks ago and he’s still talking about Ellie. 😂 
    For a few minutes he refused to have any ideas for a boy because he thinks it’s a girl. But then he decided Bobby. 
    I feel like Ellie could be a nickname for the girl name we’ve chosen. Kinda cute. I’ve been wracking my brain for a nickname for it that I like. 
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    @thescarletmom So far DD has suggested Crystal, her name #2, Aurora, and Georgia. And apparently she and her friends have been discussing baby names at school. DS is insistant that if it’s a boy we need to name it Coco. 😂
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  • @annemarie96 Ellie is such a cute name! DS2 is Elliott, and he's usually Elli (or elly belly, elly belly boy, smelly elly - we're nicknamey people at home). DS1s name is Jasper and there are just not any good nicknames for it without it sounding like I'm calling him ass half the time. Most of DS1s name suggestions for boys were all really old school or old man kind of names like Bobby for some reason (sorry if you like the name Bobby haha) 😂 like Clark and Bertrand. I don't even know where he would have heard the name Bertrand???

    @pttomato lol I love that she wants the baby to be named after her. DS1 just offered up his little brothers nickname for reuse haha. I looooove the name Aurora but my husband says it's too Disney princessy. What if that's the point, babe haha. Is DS a fan of the movie Coco or just really likes the name? 
  • @thescarletmom I have a friend who’s son is named Joel, and when they named him they said they planned to call him Jazz. Always seemed like a bit of a stretch to me as far as nicknames for, but I feel like Jazz for Jasper is pretty close! If you like it. Better than Jass 😂
  • @annemarie96 I think he'd get mad if I called him Jazz 🤣 one of the problems with nicknames now is that as he gets older he just doesn't want to be referred to by many nicknames. We called him "Jaspy" when he was younger until he requested we stop a few years ago. Then I found out at a school event that he has let his gym teacher (and ONLY this teacher) call him Jaspy!!
  • @thescarletmom We actually considered naming DD Aurora but I couldn’t get over the sleeping beauty connection. 
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    I have had the names I like in my notes app since I was 13 maybe?? Girls are so easy. I love the names Hazel, Margot, or Sutton. 

    We did a sneak peak gender test (not relying on this until my anatomy scan confirms) but it said boy. Boy names are so much harder!! 

    My maiden name is Griffith. I only have sisters so a boy would be exciting for me! I want to do a tribute to my maiden name and to my dad (whose nickname is Griff) and name my son Griff.  I have just had TWO people tell me something negative about it and I need an unbiased opinion on if that is cute… or if it’s too short of a name?! 

    Our backups are Palmer, Rhett or Conrad. 
  • My son keeps on insisting we name the baby "reese Jr." Which we explained we cannot have two sons named Reese 😂😂😂 hes mostly kidding. He really wants me to name the baby Cyrus. I prefer Silas, my husband really likes Cyrus. But neither feel like "the right name"
  • @martinsmakeababy so personally the issue for me with just Griff instead of Griffin, etc. is that I just instantly play word association and think "griff-ter" or other not super positive similar sounding things. All that said... it's your baby and your opinion on their name matters most. If you love it, and you don't think the associations or the shortness are that big of a deal, then you do you!
  • @thescarletmom thank you!!! We have definitely been throwing Griffin around. We can choose to call him Griff or Griffey but at least Griffin is a full name. I appreciate your opinion on it! 
  • @martinsmakeababy I love Griff for a nickname! I’m personally into longer more formal legal names, but I love to have a good shorter nickname.
  • Names are so hard!! My husband and I haven’t discussed it much. I have one or two in mind for a girl, but no clue for a boy.
  • I’ve given up and handed the reigns over to my husband to choose a name for our boy. Why are boy names so difficult?!? 
  • @francesgs I really have no idea but I feel the same way, boy names are disproportionately difficult compared to girl names. 
    I'm still in camp Theodore but haven't brought it up to my partner since last time, he just stresses me out so the longer I can put it off the better I'll be lol. Usually we ramp up the negotiations after the anatomy scan so I'm looking forward to a few weeks of peace before he starts hitting me with stupid comic book names 😒 
  • @kalesix3 nooo not the comic book names! 😬
  • potato3000potato3000 member
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    I just gave DH my name lists today and his #2 girl name is my #1 so you'd think that'd be it, but no. He doesn't want me to "win" even though he has literally given me zero girl name ideas to even consider 😒 He's sort of half joking about that reasoning and it's the first time we've ever discussed names so I'm not worried/stressed -- but why does he have to be a PITA just for the sake of being a PITA sometimes?! My #1 boy name wasn't in his top 3 so I'm a little sad about that haha. But the discussion has started so that's exciting!

    ETA A little while later he said "So, we have a girl's name. Just need to figure one out for a boy now?" and we talked spelling and middle names and our girl's name is set! Yay! haha
  • I’m with all of you, a girls name was so much easier!! 
    Today we found out it’s a girl, so she’ll definitely be our Caroline. I’m so excited to not have to agree on a boy name again. 🤣
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    My two year old just have me his name when I asked what we should name the baby. 
  • Oh man I’m already stressed about names. So far my husband has picked both kiddos names. And I love them both! But I feel like we are tapped at this point. I’ve always love Jay for a boy (we like short names) but now I’m not sure. We are also toying with Mack as an ode to my maiden name… anyway. Who knows at this point lol. We will probably attempt to be more serious about picking once we know the gender.
  • @bridgettetheboxer I love Mack! Good friends of ours have a little guy with that name though so it's out for us. Jay is cute too but our last name starts with J so it doesn't work for me.

    DH tried to say I named both our other kids today to get some pull for a boy name he likes and I don't -- but he fully came up with both of our other kids names too (and I agreed and still love them) and he just has a terrible memory. So I reminded him of the stories of how he came up with each of their names and now I'm really feeling like if we can't agree, I actually have the pull since I haven't got to come up with a name yet AND I carried, delivered/will deliver and nursed/plan on nursing them all!?! Plus, I have a really great name that he just won't agree with me on 😆 
  • @bridgettetheboxer
    We have picked out Cormac for a boy’s name with the assumption that his nickname would be Mack! I love it. 🥰
  • Spent hours looking at baby names the other day and brought the list of ~10 to DH. He instantly goes "no, no, NOO" to all but 2 of them 😑 gonna fight him.
  • @annemarie96 yaaay!! I don't know if you announced on another thread, I'm behind but congratulations on Caroline 💕💕

    @francesgs the thing that annoys me the most is he tells me I'm not allowed to pick names from movies/shows/books etc but apparently he is. 🙄
  • @kaleix3 my freaking husband and his magic the gathering name 🙄 if he ever actually suggested any names, I'm sure some comic book names would slip in there too. But he's more than content to just veto my names!
  • @thescarletmom nooooo not magic the gathering!!! Hahaha. Totally something my husband would try to pull.
  • @thescarletmom okay which name is it because I don't know much about it lol. 
  • @kalesix3 @bridgettetheboxer Its Avacyn (pronounced ave[like avenue]-uh-sin) 🙄 it's not one of the hugest characters there is, but was a pretty big one around 10 years ago when he the most heavily into the game. I don't like the name outside of the context, but I *hate* it with the context haha.
  • @thescarletmom oof that's cringey lol. I thought if it was anything like fire emblem names it could pass okay but 😬 
  • @kalesix3 it also doesn't even remotely go with our other kids names?? Not wanting to deal with him always bringing up Avacyn (even though he knows I hate it and would never go for it) is at least a small part of why I'm like maybe a third boy would be better 😂
  • @thescarletmom can you ask him never to mention it again? Idk that's what I would do because he really should stop lol, it's horrid. 🤦🏻‍♀️ 
  • @thescarletmom maybe if you guys each made lists of as many names as possible you’d be open to they would overlap some. His reason behind a name might be ludicrous but if it at least sounded pretty or was also sort of normal...that would be better? 
    I’d be so annoyed if my husband didn’t contribute any ideas. 
    I would just threaten to name the baby whatever I want if he didn’t participate hehehe
  • @littlebabybuster I love Santi as a nickname! So cute- and he can grow into his big name
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