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  • We are still at a total loss on what to name this boy..it's so ridiculous!!! Neither of us even have names to contribute anymore 
  • @hitcj4687 are you on any name groups on Facebook? They're a tremendous help because some of the members have several hundred name lists they'll share 👀
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  • @hitcj4687 I’m with you! I was so addicted to social media and it was ruining my mental health. Slowly weaned off of it and I will never go back. I didn’t even know most of my fb friends anyway. Anyone who’s my friend I just text or see in person! 
  • @annemarie96 every couple weeks/months I'll notice social media is causing me excess anxiety and I'll have to delete Instagram off my phone for a bit. I have a Facebook, but don't use it except to check marketplace every once in a while.

    @kalesix3 um I'm obsessed with the middle name Elm now? It's gorgeous. Also YAY to your partner coming around on Theodore!! Theodore Elm is adorable. I don't think DH would go for me suggesting Elm, since our kids initials so far are JB and EJ and we reaaallly didn't want to reuse J. I think going JB > EJ > ?E would be pushing it 😂 

    There is a part of me that wants to wait until we find out the sex of the baby before I spend too much more time sifting through 1 billion names. Its exhausting and we don't agree on much. But since my first baby was NOT the sex they told me he was, I'm afraid of waiting. I don't want to settle for a name because we think the baby is one thing and instead is another, and now the name we have picked out is not our favorite because we slacked off thinking we wouldn't need it. And if baby is a boy, I really do feel like we're gonna need ALLLL of the next 5+ months to choose their name haha.
  • Y'all 😂 im crying. My favorite baby name website is nameberry because it's a bit more out of the box with things it puts on its lists than all the other sites I generally find, so its not just a repeat of Aiden, Emma, etc. But sometimes... they're too out there. Like why would you name your baby Rowdy?? No shade if you like it but self fulfilling prophecy headed your way my friend. I swear naming a baby is literally the hardest thing I've ever done. I'd rather give birth to them than name them with my husband lol
  • @thescarletmom some of these names are hysterical! No one is out here naming their baby half of these names😂😂😂
  • @hitcj4687 right??? I was looking at a "nature baby names" list earlier and it had your average Forrest, River, Sage etc... but also like. Stone and Moss. Huh? 
  • @thescarletmom I kinda get stone only because it was my grandmothers maiden name but moss?!? Yeah no. Lol 
  • Lmfao no one is naming their child moss. They're just not 😂😂 
  • @thescarletmom and @hitcj4687 stone is gaining popularity, someone in my last BMB named one of their girls Stone as her middle name and I've heard it a ton since then! Also yes Moss is a name and I've heard it used lol, not a ton but every once in a while you find some extremely nature minded people with kids named Nemesis, Storm, Atlantic, River-Moss etc. There's also a Moss name plaque at my birth center for a baby born there 🙃 

    Also yes I'm kind of obsessed with Theodore Elm, I won't get too attached just yet because I have a whole trimester and a half to change my mind about it but for right now it's a strong contender. 
    I hope something comes along for you that you just fall in love with and the great naming war will end! I still can't believe what bad luck you had with your ultrasound predicting the wrong sex, like how does that happen with our high tech machines?!? 
  • @kalesix3 he was just shy I guess, haha. It's funny because with DS2 he showed off the goods instantly when the anatomy scan started, his little Washington monument was front and center. We were not worried about any errors there lol.

    Plus, good news! I think we have found a first name for a boy that DH and I both love. I'm like, in love in love. We don't have a good middle name picked out yet, and of course nothing is set in stone because I've soured on names before. But currently obsessed with the idea of having another little boy and naming him Ambrose.
  • @thescarletmom oh I love Ambrose!! It and Beauregard were heavily suggested for a sibset with Benedict. 🤍 I'm so glad your dh loves it too! Yay, what good news! 
    I had a dream last night the baby was a boy, born 1 day after my son, and weighted 8lbs15oz so the entire dream was nonsensical in every way but he was a boy in it, I don't know what to think haha. I'm 1/1 for boy and girl dreams 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • @kalesix3 oh Beauregard is so cute! I had Beau on my list when DH and I were comparing but he nixed it instantly haha. He also admitted to literally flipping through his copies of LOTR and the Silmarillion to find name ideas 🤦‍♀️ the best news was that we're both on the same page in that neither of want the other to compromise on the baby's name. We want both of us to love it, so if we have to do this same exercise of each making a big long list and comparing them over and over, then we will. It makes it a tiny bit easier to not have hurt feelings when we both give hard no's to 95% of the other's list haha.

    AHH. Gotta love nonsensical dreams. I always feel like *seeing* the baby and not just talking about the baby feels more intense to me, intuition wise. But who knows what the next dream will be like? I never had a dream that either of my kids were girls so I've never had to do the mental gymnastics of trying to decide which gendered dream was more "accurate" lol.
  • We've officially decided on names!! DH told me during labour with DD that he didn't like our boy name though (to which I replied 'Well, you better hope this baby doesn't have a penis then!') so I told him if he changes his mind this time, please let me know BEFORE I go into labour or keep it to himself 🤷‍♀️

    @kalesix3 @thescarletmom I had a dream early on this baby was a girl and it felt very much like.. a sign? Ha, I never had dreams or feelings either way with my first two but I've felt this one was a girl for awhile and that dream really cemented it for me. And that was it for dreams and gender intuition until this week for some reason..

    This week I had a dream it was a boy -- but we're in Mexico and he came out with dark skin and black curly hair (DH and I are both white with straight hair, DS and DD were/are both blonde) and husband casually mentioned "aw, he looks Mexican" so it almost felt like a joke dream (especially with the joking comments that have come with this being a failed vasectomy baby!!)

    The following night I had another dream it was a boy and the baby appeared to be believably ours but I felt slight disappointment it wasn't a girl 😭 and as I was walking around showing him off immediately after birth I realized I still needed to deliver the placenta so I laid down -- and delivered a baby girl?! 😆 

    THEN last night I had another believable dream we had a baby girl and I was getting ready to feed her but couldn't find her so in a panic I asked DH to check if we left her in the car since we had just got to the rink (my dreams are always random like that but we were back home where it's winter so just terrible mom guilt no nightmare possibility about baby in a hot car or anything) and was freaking out expecting her to be so upset and draw everyone's attention to our awful parenting but she was sound asleep. And that was the dream. 

    We've always been Team Green and plan to be with this baby too but all these mind games (and my guilt about having a preference) are honestly making me reconsider a bit! 
  • @potato3000 with DS1, we picked names really early on. They told us he was a girl, so we had our girl name and everything picked and then a few weeks before he was born I started to hate it. But we had told everyone this was baby's name and people had written notes to baby in the books they gifted us at our baby shower with the name, so I felt trapped and couldn't change it. Lo and behold... he came out with a penis instead 😂 saved the day. I'm terrified of souring to a name I love again like that.

    But these baby dreams man, they're crazy. The only dream I've had about this pregnancy since being pregnant was way early on, maybe 5ish weeks. And the extent of the dream that I can remember is that we had twins. Nothing since! I'd give anything for a dream about this baby, every night crawling into bed i try to think baby thoughts, but i just keep having weird nightmares instead haha. But I also never see my baby's face or features in my dreams before they're born, I'm jealous of people who do! My intuition dreams with DS1 and 2 just involved them wearing pastel blue pants and I didn't see any part of them above the armpits. This morning I even went and snooped around on a boutique ultrasound website to see if we could find out the sex before Christmas 😬 I've always had a sense of baby's gender well before this far along and it's driving me nuts.
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    @thescarletmom Aw haha. Honestly, I'm glad DD was a girl because I don't love the boy name we had picked now either 😅 But still! And I'd much rather DH tell me than not if he's second guessing any name but as soon as he's feeling doubt (which was long before I went into labor last time) so we can at least try to discuss it

    I've totally always taken a bit of comfort in being Team Green just knowing there'd be no gender mix-up like that -- but I'm also similar to you in that we do choose "gendered" names but DS has taken dance and gymnastics classes, worn pink, worn dresses, had long hair, wore hair accessories, played with dolls, still plays Barbies with DD, etc. DD has shaved her head (and there's such a double standard that's the only thing I can think of she's done that could be thought of as inappropriate for a girl). We don't limit our kids from doing or wearing what they want based on gender at all -- so it's almost kind of funny to me that it still feels like it matters so much this time? Typing all that out and thinking about it that way has almost helped ease my mind a bit now, actually. I just want a baby to snuggle and love and squish!! haha 

    And yes, these dreams are ridiculous! I'm glad I never had anything like them messing with my head the first two times
  • @potato3000 I would definitely freak out if my husband told me as I'm getting ready to have the baby that he changed his mind on the name 😂 and you're right! My fear has nothing to do with my baby or their gender really - it's about me feeling unsure of myself more than anything. My baby will be just as sweet, just as wanted, just as loved, just as snuggly. And I definitely think every relative asking me if "maybe I'll finally get a girl this time!" has really irked me and made me feel so defensive of my boys, that I feel like I can't want a girl in some aspect.
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    @thescarletmom I totally get that, a friend of mine has 3 boys and is also due in June and she's shared very similar sentiments with me in regards to being 100% comfortable with another boy and slight but definite uncertainty over having a girl. Also, not wanting to ever hear another comment about "trying for a girl" like her boys aren't good enough for her
  • I’ve been feeling the same way. I have been a girl mom for the past 13 years and so I was really hoping for another girl just because that’s what I’m familiar with. I also wanted our daughter to have a sister because she wants one and I have three brothers and was always jealous of my friends and cousins that had sisters.. it just seemed so much nicer to me as a kid lol but I am excited for this little guy and so is our daughter! She cried when we told her.. she was so happy. 
  • @potato3000 yes, it's the implication that my boys are a disappointment somehow that drives me absolutely batty. I'm not "trying" for any particular gender, first of all I wasn't even trying to get pregnant 😂 but if I was, it would be because I wanted a *baby* not a *boy/girl baby*. I think that's another thing I'm afraid of, is everybody gushing over a baby girl all the while I'm feeling a little disappointed. And people have made me feel weird for being a "girl" myself but not especially wanting a daughter. I just don't want to deal with the baggage of what the baby's gender is and move right on by to the snuggling portion! 

    @francesgs by the time this baby arrives, I'll have been a boy mom for 7 years! It's definitely easier for me to gravitate towards the familiar and the comfortable and just want another boy purely for that reason. But I know DS1 will be sooo thrilled if baby is a girl, and I'm sure his joy will be contagious enough for me!
  • after reading over all the replies i’ve changed my mind, i’m now naming my son Moss. thanks for all the helpful ideas!!

    i’m joking, we’re super set on Santiago 🥹
  • On an early first date with my husband- like maybe the second or third time we went out- he jokingly told me that he wanted to have three boys named Stone, River, and Forrest. 😂
    He kept the joke up for a long time. Flash forward to his family reunion later that year where without any prior knowledge I am introduced to his cousin’s child, Stone. I laughed when they said it because of the inside joke we had, but being my first time meeting his entire family it was definitely not a good look.
  • @mindfulmomma2022 OH NO I'd be mortified! My husband's family has a kid named Brakley that they call Brak. It sounds like a cat vomiting to hear the name out loud. I think, generally, people should be free to name their baby whatever they want and nobody should give them a hard time about. But damn sometimes I think they should have thought about a name a little more.
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    @thescarletmom I was so embarrassed. He got me good. I just reminded him about it while I was making dinner and his response was “I really like those names!” 4 years later he’s keeping it up. 
    Also at first I thought you spelled Barkley wrong. Is Brakely a girl? My brother had a baby with someone after a one night rendezvous and she named her Braghlieghh. Yes, with three h’s. 🤦🏻‍♀️ My brother recently got primary custody and changed her name to a normal spelling before she started preschool. 
  • @potato3000 the weird thing about my dream last night is it was a labor dream and everytime I dream a labor dream with the baby's sex in the dream it's been right. But the boy actually didn't look like he was my child and I realized today it's because his face was my friends baby's face lol. 
    I wasn't disappointed in my dream but the people in the room after he was born were which is also silly lol. 
    I don't mind either way because a lot like you we keep things super gender neutral for our son but I hope I get some clarity soon too. I'd like to have a solid intuition but at the end of the day it doesn't matter really. We'll just see what else I dream about! I spent too much time thinking about what a hb of 140 means last night so I think that's why I randomly dreamed about having a boy. 
    Seriously though the Chinese gender charts have been %100 accurate for me, I don't know if I should be putting more stock in them the third time around or less because surely the third time is going to be wrong 🙃
  • @kalesix3 my intuition for you is that you're having a boy lol. As far as the heart rate goes, I just had an ultrasound yesterday and baby boy was at 143. I'm leaning towards boy for you for some reason 
  • @hitcj4687 haha I love that! Thank you for telling me! I always bug my friends to tell me what they think and right now they're split boy/girl. 
  • @hitcj4687 do you have any intuition about @thescarletmom? I thought girl and now I'm thinking boy and basically completely indecisive. 
  • @mindfulmomma2022 no, Brak is a boy. It's pronounced like Brach's the candy brand. I think the more phonetic spelling (imo) would be Bracklee. 

    @kalesix3 I also have the gut feeling you're having a boy! And yes please @hitcj4687 tell me if you have any thoughts lol because I sure don't 
  • @thescarletmom I am more split for you! I think I lean more towards a boy for you, but I'm not "positive" not that I'm positive for @kalesix3 lmao but my intuition feels strongly boy for her. There's this voice in the back of my head that says girl for you, though I think I lean towards boy. 
  • @hitcj4687 thats fine lol because SAME. The vibes are uncertain. I feel almost like it's probably a girl only because I was so sure that both my sons were boys early on. So this must be a sign right?? Can't wait to actually find out and see which one of my hairbrained ideas turns out to be right haha.
  • @thescarletmom lmao are you finding out gender? I'm interested to know what you're having!! I don't know why I feel so mixed about the gender of your baby instead of just having an idea one way or the other like I do for @kalesix3 lololol. I just strongly feel she's having a boy. 
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    @hitcj4687 I texted a few of my friends last night and I was like okay has your intuition changed, when you think about me what do you feel the baby is and they all said girl 😆 yesterday I leaned boy today I lean girl, eventually I'll have concrete intuition though, I always do, I'm just impatient this time lol. 
    There's this weird thing I do when I'm shopping for baby clothes and I don't know what I'm having, I always stay pretty gender neutral but I loved storm gray for my son when I was shopping because I knew he was a boy but I looked at florals this morning and in my head I was like "oh this would be so perfect for her" and then I was like wait a damn minute. Why did I just think that? Why am I looking at florals when I'm team green? Maybe it's just my brain going girl, boy, girl because it's looking for a pattern?  Needless to say I didn't buy a floral romper and I'm kind of side eying myself. 
  • @hitcj4687 yeah, we'll find out in January at our anatomy scan! 

    @kalesix3 I found myself doing the same with more boyish clothes! It's funny, I realized I was looking longingly at a cute baby girl set and the unconscious thought being that I can't buy it because it would be a waste of money.... because it's not a girl. It's so weird!
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    My intuition has always been wrong. I was sure DD was a boy. I even had random people come up to me and tell me I was obviously carrying a boy, lol. I thought DS was a girl. I am leaning girl this time, so it’s probably a boy. 😂
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  • I have decided if baby is a girl her name will be Delaney Grace. However, I’m not sure if I should spell it Delaney or Delainey I don’t want people to miss pronounce it since we will call her by laney (lane- ey) I’m afraid without the I people will use a short a and not a long a

    a boy name we have a few in the running. Dominic, Dane, Dean, Derek

    all of my kids start with a D 
  • @mommasay04 Both spellings are clearly the pronunciation you'd want IMO (and I love the nickname Laney). But mispronounciation wasn't a worry for either of our kids names -- yet for some reason DS has had an 'n' added to the middle of his name on occasion (his is a simple, two syllable, 4 letter name) and DD has actually been called by a different name due to people using the long a sound instead of the short a sound (and hers is spelled with just an 'a'). So you just never know and there might be an unexpected (but I'm sure only occasional) issue either way!

    There was a family of D boy names in my extended family so Daryl, Dewayne, Daniel, Donavon, Dustin, Devon and Dylan could be options for you too haha
  • @potato3000 @mamasay04 I knew a Delaney in high school who went by Laney. I don't think the "i" is required! DS1s name is Jasper. The number of times he's been called Kasper or Jafar (like the villain from aladdin???) is insane and makes no sense to me. Though i suppose those aren't spelling related - they just drive me insane. My last name has "stain" in it and for some reason everyone pronounces it "stein". No foolproof way to make sure somebody doesn't mispronounce a name.
  • @potato3000 and @thescarletmom thanks for the encouragement. I actually have a Dylan and he’s been called (die Lan). Some people are just nuts. Lol
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