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The Baby Name Thread

What names are in the running? Names you like but your partner doesn't? Names you love but won't be using? Let's hear em, naming a baby is hard! I'm sure we could also use some extra inspiration and someone to bounce names off of.

Re: The Baby Name Thread

  • So I think Ivy is still our girl first name... it has been for years. The middle name is the tricky part. When we were picking names with DS2, the ones we were considering with Ivy were Vivienne, Morgan, and Violet I think. 
    Favorite girls names also include: Auden, Laurel, Nora, Vera, Ruby, Olivia, Maeve, Rosalind, Juniper, Adele, Aurora, Briar.
    DH is so picky and it feels like I can never guess what he's going to like or not like, so these names are definitely not all real contenders haha.  

    Boys names are an utter toss up. No front runners. I like: Leo, August, Riley, Oliver,  Reese, Beau, Lincoln, Asher.

    Any names would feel like they have to go with DS1 and DS2s names. Just to keep it fun and interesting, these are their first and middle names mixed together and put in alphabetical order: Bennett, Elliott, Jasper, and Jude. (i.e. we don't have a child named Bennett Elliott or Jasper Jude). 

    Thrilled if anybody has suggestions or ideas that they think fit our general vibe!
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  • @kalesix3 Benedict!! I love it! 

    So their first names are Jasper and Elliott (I reaaally wanted Jasper's name to be Elliott but his dad - not my DH - vetoed it so when DH and I got married I basically told him I was non-negotiable on Elliott haha). I think the baby's name flowing their first names is most important. I do think August might be my favorite of those... maybe Riley as a close second. The boy name is just gonna be so hard to settle on! The worst part is both DH and I love Ivy Vivienne... but we disagree on how to spell it. I love it spelled the French way (above) but not any other way. DH only likes it spelled Vivian. We cannot compromise on this 😂
  • @thescarletmom good taste in names!! My son's name is Reese. I love his name!! 
    Our top name for a girl is Maeve, though I cannot think of a middle name. The only middle name I've thought of so far that I like is Ellis. Maeve Ellis. With ending with a "v" sound, I feel like its hard to pick a smooth sounding middle name. We haven't picked any other girl name besides Maeve. For a boy, we're screwed lmao. I like Simon. I also like malachi (which has been turned down), Micah, Silas, Nico, and Everett.  I haven't gotten hard no's on those yet. We have no middle name picked out. 
  • @hitcj4687 well obviously I am also a fan of Reese haha. And I love Ellis!! It's too similar to Elliott for us to ever use of course but it's so cute. Maeve is definitely a hard last sound to pick a middle for! I feel like it's easier as a middle name, but I think the trick might be to say the full name first middle and last together instead of focusing on just first and middle! Sometimes that can help to give it some flow. 
  • @thescarletmom not me looking at your names thinking if it were me the first names would be Jasper and Elliott and that's what they are! There really is no wrong way for them to go together though 😍 we had Jesper on our list last time and we both liked it but not the right time to use it is how we both felt, I liked that it was like Jasper but more unusual. Plus it's the name of one of my favorite composers of all time sooo 👀 
    Riley would also sound really good with your sibset, gah choosing is so hard! 
    Sucks to be me and not to like the names Anthony, Colin or Gregory or else I could have a Bridgerton sibset built in lol. 

    @hitcj4687 I ran across a Maeve Ellis on social media the other day, it's so beautiful! 
    I have Ellis on my name master list but I think it's too short to flow with a name like Benedict so I probably can't use it. 
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    @francesgs oh my goodness Hayden is so cute and especially with Hailee 🥺 I love that! 

    The birth center where I had my son has wooden discs with metal stamped name plates of all the babies they've ever welcomed there, and Benedict was born in between two other boys the same day and their names were Orion and Adronicus and I think those names are so strong together but I'm not brave enough to name a baby Adronicus and Orion is really popular now 😮‍💨
  • @kalesix3 Jesper is so cute!! I always think of possible nicknames because within our little family unit we're very cutesy/nicknamey. And Jesper would be such a unique full name for the nickname Jess or Jesse! I love it with Benedict. We are quite literally boned if this baby is a boy though haha we don't currently love anything and DH is way harder on boy names. 

    @francesgs oof, always so hard to have a name put on the reserved list like that 🥺 *tw* all of my losses were pretty early so we never were in a place to know the sex/choose a name beforehand, but our most recent loss over the summer DH and I gave a little name to. We picked one we liked, but because we already knew it was a loss we made sure it wasn't one we would want to use in the future.
  • @kalesix3 Orion was actually going to be Jasper's middle name originally! When I was 7 months pregnant my little sister's best friend died. He was only 17 and my sister took it really hard. He went by Bennett, so we gave Jas that middle name as a tribute for her.
  • @thescarletmom not me laughing at the phrasing for "we're boned" 😂 idk why it struck me so funny, possibly just exhaustion. No but I feel the same way and if this baby is a boy it's only our second and I know we're going to struggle as much as last time if not more. 
    I did ask my partner about Thaddeus last night and he spent ten minutes making fun of it sooo. 🙄 I find it hard to believe that thad for a cruel nickname is somehow worse than dict in Benedict. Like it makes zero sense, thad isn't even a bad word? I did hear the name Montgomery recently which I kind of love, but I guarantee he'll veto it immediately on no logical grounds lol. 
  • @kalesix3 no it's because it's funny 😂 I have a few phrases I've incorporated into my usual slang just because I'm amused by them myself haha. BUT I will say, technically this would only be the second boy DH and I have named together (I've mentioned it in various places, but DH is technically DS1s step-dad, we've been together since he turned one) and I'm pretty sure DH let it slip once that he actually doesn't like Jasper's name. But of that big long list of names I posted? DH only liked 3 of the girls names and said he would only even remotely consider 3 of the boys, but he didn't especially "like" any of them. Nightmare 🤦‍♀️
  • @kalesix3 also I bet your partner is just afraid the baby will be cooler than him if you name him thaddeus, he's just a hater
  • This is so fun and interesting. Y’all’s taste in names seem really similar to me and I’m a little different, but not sure what I like completely! 
    Our first son is Kevin, named after my husbands dad who had passed away a couple years before, and then our second son is named Judah. Normally I’m not a fun of overly biblical names, but I had a friend who named her son this a few years before and always liked it. When I got pregnant with him it got stuck in my head as such a beautiful name that reminded me of Gods power. I don’t know why, but it really symbolizes Gods strength to me, like he’s a warrior-God fighting for us. And then he was born so early and it became even more special and fit him perfectly. 😊

    So, if we have a girl we’re really set on Caroline Mae. We just love the name Caroline and it just became a “thing” for us that we’re hoping for our Caroline with each pregnancy. We just feel like we’re going to have a daughter one day so strongly! 
    And Mae is my husbands grandmas name. 
    My family has ugly names/names they hate so they’re not getting babies named after them, haha. 

    But BOY names if this is a boy?? 🤢 I have no idea. I hate them all practically, but have a list of maybe 6 I’d consider, but DH thinks every name needs to have this significant meaning so I have to make one up for any name I like. 🤣 
  • Sorry that was so long. 😆
  • What do you guys think would fit with Kevin and Judah though?? If it’s a boy? 
    I honestly hated Kevin, but now I’m used to it and it’s fine. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 
    And I don’t love overly used or unique names. I love less common but still recognizable names that they won’t have to always spell for people, etc. 
    My husband literally loves all the bland ones. Like MARY. Freaking Mary. Stop it. I am not carrying a child 9 months to name it Mary. 
  • @annemarie96 okay so my husband's middle name is Robert and he's the 4th generation first born son with it. (Funnily enough I think I'm the 4th generation with the middle name Mae in my family? Coincidence) FIL wanted us to use the name with DS2 soooo badly but under no circumstances did DH want to do that (or me). Thankfully (?) my dad died a year before I got pregnant so we were basically like, look Doug. If I was gonna name my baby after a family name, it would be my dad's before it would be Robert lol. My dad's name was Michael and we were not gonna do that either, but it was harder for them to give us a hard time when I pulled the dead dad card haha. We don't like to use family names in general but it's a hard pass when they're also ugly names.

    I LOVE Judah. DS2s middle name is Jude and I waffled between Jude and Judah! The crazy thing is we are not religious at all and avoid biblical-sounding names, but I never think to look up the meaning of the name before we pick it and damn like all of the names we've used have some sort of religious meaning to them?! Oh well I guess, we never intentionally pick them for any special meaning. 
  • @annemarie96 have you seen some of the books I write on here? You're fine haha! They're just words and I appreciate reading them so don't apologize!! 
    I do admire that you have one side of the family you can use names from, I'm staunchly anti reusing family names. Mostly because I'm completely estranged from my entire family and so all the names are off the table on that alone, like I can't pass along the heritage from such a dark twisted family tree onto my children. My partners family all have ugly names too so no chance there. I know a Judah though and it's absolutely amazing. I'm not on board with bible names or this baby would be Judah no arguments allowed haha. The Judah I know is named Judah Christian Michael and it's not my style but I've always thought it was such a poetic name all together, I love how well your son's names flow and I've already said it but I'm sad Caroline is a family name because I've always adored it! It's just the right mix of old fashioned and timeless without being stuffy! 

    @thescarletmom haha but also omg you're probably right. I personally love my partner's name but it's like.. cliche 90s boy name. Mine is so unusual and rare nobody can pronounce it, let alone spell it right, so I just go by a very boring shortened version of it, also pretty cliche 90s name haha, our kids both have the cool names. 
    My middle name is actually a beautiful French name and I wish I wasn't named it so I could name a daughter it one day but alas. My partner never said he didn't like our son's name which is good because I would be absolutely enraged if he did after the 8 months it took to settle on it, and  because it was his idea but one time he did imply I named our child after Benedict Arnold and I got mad at him for it lol. This from the man who insists I can't use Catriona because everyone will assume I named a baby after hurricane Katrina 🙄 it's impossible haha. 
  • @kalesix3 lol DH has like, one of THEE most common boy names from the 90s and 00s and he hates it so much. FIL swears "nobody was named Zach(ary) when we chose it!" Well clearly you and 9,000,000 other people had the same thought at the same time then lol. My name is not unusual or rare per se, but my parents spelled it funny for arguably a hilarious reason. My older siblings have a different dad than me. When my mom was pregnant with my sister, her husband was dead set on Holly for a girl, after a carburetor company. My mom, endlessly embarrassed by the idea of naming her daughter after a carburetor, said FINE, but only if we spell it Holley. So when they named me Molley years later, they couldn't very well not have the "e" in there. So I have a name that is just eternally misspelled. And I also hate it because it's such an old lady name haha.
  • @thescarletmom nooo I like your name!! I love the name Molly so much 🥺 Molly and Maggie are guilty pleasure names because I can't use them but I'll always wish I could. I've watched all the British costume dramas so Molly can never be an old lady name, plus isn't it an American doll?! 
    Sometimes I wonder what parents are thinking with names though lol. 
    I have someone in my family named after Nathan Bedford Forrest though so things could always be worse for me, at least my name isn't awful, just complicated and weird haha. 
  • @annemarie96 I'm gonna guess it's Harley Danger, but you don't need to tell me if I'm right 😂 when I say I would kill my husband if he did something like that... I've heard so many stories of dads being shiesty with names and birth certificates in the hospital!! 
  • @annemarie96 okay but I remember reading a name like that on a name snark thread a few years ago, everyone was like wtf and I don't even remember the motorcycle brand to know if it's the exact same name or not! Wow yes if my partner tried that we would separate on the spot lol. I work too hard to get babies earthside to have their name decided for me! 
  • All three of my kids have 3 syllable old fashioned names which were not in the top 100 list when they were born. I’m running out of steam for a 4th name, but DH is really terrible at it. Usually I come up with a short list and we debate it down from there. I think Everett is my favorite boy name so far. Maybe Vivian or Silvia for a girl.
  • @mindfulmomma2022 first is way easier than second (of the same sex). You've most likely used up very your favorite names first, more opportunities to meet someone with a name you love and hate it because that person is rude or something like that 😂 AND the name has to kind of "go" with the first one. Way more to consider!

    @kalesix3 that is truly some sucker shit to wait til your wife is like out of her mind in pain and on meds and then pull a fast on her. My DH would never, but also a huge pro of homebirth is that nobody can do that to you!
  • @mindfulmomma2022 I don’t hate the name Andrew, and agree it would fit pretty well, but I don’t like it solely because my husbands two best friends his entire childhood were both named Andrew. He’s already mentioned naming a baby after them and his obsession with naming only after people or for a significant meaning is so annoying to me. 😂 And both Andrews are in our lives still to some extent, and one we see every week and our kids are good friends. It just seems weird and confusing! 
    Maybe if he dies from cancer or something but not until then. 😅😅 I’m terrible. 
  • I’m also really sad that my husbands name is James. I always wanted a James before meeting him, but we hate the idea of a Junior. He only goes by Jimmy though so I can’t even call HIM James because at this point that’s so strange to me. But it’s like my favorite boy name! 
    I know, first world problems. Why am I so picky?? 😭
  • @annemarie96 if he dies of cancer 😂 not funny at all, but *TW child death* I was named after my eldest brother's (he was 14 when I was born) best friend's toddler sister who died of brain cancer. I remember finding out when I was young and being like mom??? Did you not consider maybe this name was a curse or something?? Haha
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    @anniemarie887… okay but how strange that that would be the name I throw out at you!? Weird! 

    We have the opposite rule though, no names of people we know. I have a pretty big extended family and friend group so this has been hard. Also my parents are divorced and I feel like if I name our child after one side of the family it might create tension or whatever and I would just rather avoid that at all costs. 
  • DS and DD's nickname can be found in Harry Potter (not on purpose, I swear). But I am a HP fan so I'm casually looking for a 3rd not obvious HP name 🙈
  • DH, DS, DD and I all have different relatives names for our middle names. DH's Grandpa and my Grandma who we were close with both passed away since our last baby so I'm sure one of their first names will be this baby's middle name. Although DH has suggested his Grandpa's name for a first name and I'm a hard no on that. Middle name, absolutely. I'd even compromise on the spelling because my Grandpa actually has the same name spelled with two n's instead of one like DH's Grandpa  -- but I think if I can explain to my Grandpa that a baby girl would've had my Grandma's name, which is his late wife, he'll understand using the spelling of DH's Grandpa rather than his. Hopefully!

    First names we haven't discussed yet aside from DH wanting to reuse his Grandpa's name and we have a Mexico trip for the two (well, three ha) of us booked in 3 weeks so I've told him we can wait to discuss and decide then. No worrying about the kids hearing us and telling anyone that way. I'm thinking it'll go similarly to naming our other two though where DH doesn't have a whole lot of input besides vetoing most of mine until we agree on one for each 😆

    I like all of these with the middle names and our last name even though some are already no's for me for various reasons (don't like it as a sibset, already have an acquaintance or distant relative with the name, etc). I definitelty have my top boy and girl name too but will give all these to DH because I think he'll be more agreeable to my top picks if "we" can say no to a bigger list together 😂


  • My DH (Taylor) is really into Thor... I honestly can't tell if he REALLY wants our kid's name to be Thor Tayson or if he's just pulling my leg. I suggested Theodore and he could nickname him Thor. *major eye roll*

    We don't know the gender yet but for a girl I'm leaning toward Charlotte, Penelope, Vera, or Beatrice.

    If baby is a boy, I love Barrett. I also like Alexander, Andrew, Elisha, and Theodore (because of what I mentioned earlier lol). 
  • @gratefulmamab My DH is obsessed with a girl's name from magic the gathering (a card game he played as a teen/early 20s) and I would rather die than have our baby be named after a character in a nerdy card game - and I used to play too! It's how we became friends! But come on lol
  • @annemarie96 boy do I wish my husband was kidding. I don't like the name in the first place (it's so extra) but it's made 1000% worse by the context lol. 
  • LOL! Oh no! I hope he's joking too. My great Grandmother's name was Zella, but that's even too close to Zelda for me. I wonder if guys think about longevity of these names they throw out. Like middle school bullies. 
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