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  • @lindzsers omg I love escape rooms too! We have done quite a few with my husband's family. We did one this weekend, which is the first one I had done since covid started. I love the puzzles, the ambiance and the slight adrenaline rush! 😆
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  • @zinnia19 Yes!! The first time I did an escape room was with my sister for my birthday and my heart was literally racing as we got the final clue and bolted to the door to put in the code. I’m truly addicted. Also, if there’s a bright side to new normal of living in a pandemic, it’s that most rooms are now “private,” so I can just go with my husband and friends and not worry about strangers messing with my flow  :D

    Have you tried any of the at-home escape boxes (Like Exit: The Game?)

  • @lindzsers oh yeah, I have only done them with my friends/family, that would be hard to do one with strangers! Takes a lot of communication and teamwork. I have played Exit: The Game. I liked the experience but felt kind of guilty that it can't be reused and played again! 
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  • Introduce yourselfHey ladies! My name is Skye. I'm new to this so I appreciate your patience as I work out the ropes!

    Due date? July 13th (I've seen a few other with the same due date, hey buddies!)

    How did you find out? Missed my period so I took a test! But even before that I was experiencing some mild symptoms like breast tenderness, fatigue, nausea. I had a big hunch

    Tell us about yourself I am 26, my partner is 38. We both have 1 child from previous relationships that we raise together, a son who is 5 1/2 and a daughter turning 5 next month. I work as a Certified Dental Assistant and love every second of it. For fun I love to go on hikes, I'm lucky enough to live in Metro Vancouver where we have an abundance of green spa es/forests/mountains/lakes/etc (though I won't be hitting some of the ones on my bucket list this season due to obvious reasons 🙃)

    How are you feeling? Honestly I'm feeling antsy, like this is going by so slowly. I loved being pregnant the first time and I'm eager to feel those kicks and watch my belly grow. But trying to be patient haha. Symptom wise I don't really have any at this stage other than increased appetite

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. Pizza, hands down. So many different combinations and styles 🤤🤤
  • @practicallypiersonineveryway welcome! Nice to meet ya! Good luck finishing your PhD! 
  • @bluepinkgreen Well, you sound like my twin lol. Pastries, Gilmore girls, Grey's anatomy, water, nature... all of it. Yes! Welcome!
    *TW* TTC history
    Me:32 DH:31
    Married: 8/2015

    TTC #1: 4/2017
    Testing: HSG, U/S, BW, and DH's SA all normal
    DX: Unexplained
    8/2018: Clomid + TI = BFN
    9/2018: Clomid + TI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2018: Clomid + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    12/2018: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone \\ Cancelled due to cyst
    1/2019: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD Sept 30th, 2019
    10/7/2019: Healthy baby boy!

    TTC #2: 12/2020
    2/2021: Letrozole + TI = BFN
    3/2021: Letrozole + TI = BFN
    4/2021: Surprise! Natural BFP! \\ EDD Jan 6th, 2022 \\ Chemical, betas not rising
    8/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    9/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    10/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFN
    11/2021: Letrozole + IUI + Progesterone = BFP! \\ EDD July 29th, 2022

  • I’m July 11th too 🥳
  • @jessie_95 welcome and congrats! That's a bummer that you've still got nausea going on. For some folks, this is the norm and it may or may not continue through birth. I hope yours eases up though! 

    I'm sorry to hear about your parents. I lost my FIL (not the same, but still a blow) two weeks after DD1 was born and it was very much an emotional roller coaster. Hugs and solidarity from my corner of the world. 
  • @twentythree19 first off, EXCELLENT username. As a huge Disney fan, I love it!

    Second, thank you for the warm welcome and virtual hugs. It’s been really tough, navigating all these firsts without my mom and dad around to do the soon-to-be grandparents stuff but, just going day by day. I’m so sorry for your loss of your FIL, a loss of any kind is painful.

    I’ve started to realize that this nausea bought a round trip ticket until this baby comes out so, I'm trying to just settle with that. Haha.
  • @jessie_95 thank you! I giggle like its the first time I've heard it every time I watch Monsters Inc. 
  • Introduce yourself: Hello, name's Rhianna. I'm mom of 4 boys expecting my first girl. I'm based in Southern Australia where it is FREEZING right now, little late joining the group (I know).

    Due date? 4th of July

    How did you find out? I had a couple emotional outbursts (which is unusual for me) and decided to do a HPT and instantly got my BFP... On my 27th birthday!

    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?) My 4 boys are Blake (6 nearly 7), Bentley (5), Roman (nearly 4) and my angel baby Spencer who would be 3 exactly 2 weeks after I'm due. Feel free to ask me about it if you like. Hubby and I also have a furbaby called Calli, who is a 7 month old Tortoise Shell Kitten. I currently work at McDonald's as a Crew Member, although this is only until I secure a more permanent position as an Aged Carer.

    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?) First appointment was nerve wracking, hubby and I had 2 miscarriages prior to this pregnancy. I had really bad HG, and have since been diagnosed with GDM. Symptoms have otherwise been relatively normal. This week (36 weeks) is the hardest so far emotionally, as its the same gestational age I lost my angel baby at in 2019. I'm booked in for an induction at 39 weeks, but my OB thinks I'll likely give birth before than as only my oldest was late/past due.

    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever. At the moment the one thing I'd eat forever is plain brown rice as literally everything else is giving me reflux...
  • @mummafairburn nice to meet you! Congratulations on a girl this time I bet you are excited! Sorry for your previous losses, I can only imagine how hard that must have been. And of course you would be nervous now everything considered. But hang in there mama, you got this! 
  • I wish my family was more supportive, unfortunately that's not the case so joining a mommy family seems 😃. It truly breaks my heart 🥺 My Wife and I have been married 12 years and now are starting a family. My sister and her husband blessed us with a beautiful baby boy to have a family of our own. After seeing our heartbreak with multiple miscarriages they made our our hearts more than Blessed. He will be 2 months on the 3rd and our families act like because we didn't give birth he isn't ours. All we want is for him to have all the love he deserves 💖 We set up a virtual baby shower to try and involve our families some people responded but the ones that did don't even ask how he is doing. Does anyone else experience people that just want to act supportive to see if you will fail as parents?
    Due date?
    A baby boy was due originally June 29th but decided to cook a little longer and came July 3rd.
    How did you find out?
    My sister surprised us with a box and that's just to record so her other two children could see us open it because they were taking a nap. Her husband had made an acrylic designed baby memorabilia for us that had her pregnancy test and his first ultrasound.
    Tell us about yourself (Other children/pets? Job? Things you like to do? Spouse/partner?)
    How are you feeling? (First appointment? Any symptoms? Emotionally?)
    We are truly blessed for my sister and her husband helping to start our own family. My sister and I of course are very close she is the youngest of six and I am the oldest. Being your mom is the greatest feeling I could ever imagine.
    GTKY Fun fact: Tell us what you would choose if you could only eat one thing forever.
    One thing I would choose to eat forever so probably be pickles I know it's the strangest thing in the world but I really do like pickles hahaha 😅
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    Hello. I am a father of best boy in the world))
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