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  • @Avrilmai, I can't say yes to either for DS6-potty training or behavior-because DS6 was still in the thick of potty training when DS3 was born, and behaviorally he was-special, lol. He's always had some energy and been a little wild so that wasn't any worse or better when DS3 was born. I will be interested to see how DS3 does-DS6 is such a natural big brother, he took to it so well and does so well now and is so excited about the new LO. DS3 doesn't seem to care a whole lot and I wonder if almost 4 years of being the super adorable baby of the fam is going to cause some behavior issues when the new one is born. We'll see! 
  • Which bras does everyone like for pregnancy? I’m busting out and mine are so uncomfortable. I’d like a softer bra but I need some lift/padding because my boobs are still really small relative to the rest of currently gigantic body. 
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  • @missa_lyssa I love Auden bras from Target. I have one of their regular underwire ones that runs about $20. They fit better than any others I have found. Only problem is that the underwire tends to pop out the side. Buuuuut if you save your receipt or scan target circle when you check out, they will give you a refund for a full year. Kind of a pain, but I haven't found a bra I like better so I keep buying them. 
  • Okay, I feel like this is a silly question... I'm a TTM and already have a boy and girl... but what are other people thinking of for coming home outfits for baby? I don't want to do anything like 'hello world' etc., or anything customized. The last two times, I just picked a cute outfit out at the store, but something they could still wear regularly in the first few weeks. This time, I'm trying to avoid stores and shopping, and am just not seeing anything I like online. Also, I'm in Canada, so probably have different options that most of you :(
  • @doula-mama I have been checking Etsy mostly.  I have a few I like but I haven't gotten one.  I considered using the same one I used with my son, just with a bow instead.  Still considering it.  My problem is everything on Etsy is personalized with the NAME and I don't want that.  Because even though I think we know the name, I want to reserve the right to change my mind up to birth. Ya know?  So I guess I'm not much help.  
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  • @doula-mama I'm just doing "pick a cute outfit at the store" thing like you mentioned. I've been calling him Auggie Bear so I think I'm going with something from gap that has a fuzzy bear on it and is long sleeved with some long pants and a bear hat I'll snag from Zutano or something. In early May/late April it will still be footie pants/long sleeves/hat weather around here.

  • @shlecks That was the thing with Etsy, I found everything was too cutesy or had to be personalized :(

    @SmashJam I have a feeling I'm going to have to just go into a store and look - I'm sure I'll find something (or several somethings lol)
  • @doula-mama I got a personalized swaddle and bow off of Etsy for pics in the hospital, but she’ll probably come home in just a normal (but cute) outfit from a store. 
  • @doula-mama we'll probably do an outfit from Lou Lou & Company. Just like a cute romper or gown depending on what fits. Bay Area weather in April is hit/miss so will probably just play by ear. I didn't do any cute outfit for DD3 really, just like a random sleeper that was too big for her lol. It was just a 2 block walk home, it didn't feel monumental to me.
  • @doula-mama I just picked out something at the store... without knowing the gender and not being committed to a name means personalization was out for us! It was actually the first (and only) piece of clothing I bought and I bought it the day my grandmother died so it's ended up becoming pretty special.
  • @doula-mama like @doxiemoxie212 we didn't do anything "special" for DS-2. It was also a little too big bc they said he was measuring a lot bigger than he actually was at birth. I did get a new swaddle blanket for going home this time. I think this time will probably just be something we already have. 

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  • @aloha_mama That's so cute! Is there something under the gown thingy, that's easier to put them in the car seat? 
  • @doula-mama for gowns you just untie them for the ride home
  • @doula-mama It’s like a big long gown that ties on the bottom so when you go to put them in the car seat or change diapers you can just undo the knot and pull the bottom up over their legs.
  • I guess it’s my Canadian-ness… I was thinking about poor cold legs haha and was thinking there’s need to be something more!
  • So I bought two zip up footie pajamas one for NB and one for 3 months from Target, nothing super special. But I doubt I'll use the 3 month one as I'm delivering at 39 weeks at the latest but you never know. They had a really cute NB flamingo one and I'm a sucker for flamingos. But we splurged on a swaddle blanket ordered from Caden Lane with her name for pictures since I figured we would use that longer.  I actually got it this weekend I feel like I'm finally shopping.
  • My first was a girl, and her outfit was sentimental, she went home in the same thing I did. My mom saved it all those years! But this one’s a boy and we don’t have anything like that, so I’ll just go with a onesie and some pants! Probably something that matches. 🙃 I’ve been doing all my shopping online since I’m COVID-scared, and it’s kinda fun getting all those packages and seeing the cute clothes for the first time. It’s like I’m having a baby shower for myself. 🤪 
  • Check out Beaufort Bonnet Company! Love their stuff. Also Jacadi
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  • I mostly picked the outfit based on size and weather. Just a cute long sleeve onesie and we brought a blanket. My son was born in November in AZ so it could have been 40 degrees or 80 so didn't want to go overboard. 
  • Mine have all come home in footed pjs. Something cute, but not anything amazingly special. I bought some new ones this round that I liked and were still gender neutral enough for team green. And then I’ve crocheted a boy hat and blanket, and a girl blanket and will make a hat to go with that blanket too. 

    The stars and moons are shiny!

    My friend just had her third baby, with one boy and one girl before, so she brought outfits from previous years along with her. She was also team green but gave the ultrasound pic, and house key to her friend when she went for her RCS. And the friend washed and put away the appropriate set of clothes for her before they came home ❤️
  • Wow you guys are all so on the ball with the coming home outfits! I’m impressed!
  • Also for anyone who hasn’t had the glucose test, I went today and it was two viles because my doctor also ordered a CBC. So much easier than the 8+ viles I had taken during first tri!
  • @doula-mama I don’t know if they ship to you but I love Monica and Andy prints! We did a brunch print (waffles, bacon, pancakes) for DD1 and got a blue rainbow outfit for this baby. The swaddle blankets are awesome to have! 
  • @Ivorytower2 How did it go? Were you dizzy at all afterwards?
  • @Ivorytower2 yay! So glad it was only 2 vials this time 🙂
  • Vaccine question here, but not trying to start a debate. If you are totally antivax please just ignore:

    I had my Tdap vaccine today. Dr kind of gently suggested my husband should get it too, but now I'm confused if he needs it or not. I'll call her Monday to ask more about it, but also wondering if anyone here has this question too, or am I overthinking it?
    My SIL has 10 year olds, and she said "Tdap wasn't a thing" when she was pregnant, so she never got the vax. So maybe it's not a big deal if my husband or his parents opt out?

    Anyone's partners getting the Tdap? Are you asking baby's grandparents to get it?
  • @emky0704 I made DH, my mom and like all our friends get their tdap booster when I was pregnant with DD3. It doesn't hurt to get it, so why not? Pertussis is a killer of kids, so I just feel like it's better safe than sorry since the babies themselves can't get the vaccine until they're a little older. Any fever or anything in an infant under 8 weeks often results in a spinal tap at the ER sooooo anything i can do to avoid that even if what they have ends up being mild overall! 
  • Does anyone know how long the TDAP lasts? I get it each pregnancy because I know it provide immunity for baby, but don’t most people only need it every 10 years? I assumed that was the case so I made sure my husband and mom, mil got it before my first baby but I haven’t made them get it with each subsequent pregnancy. 
  • @Ivorytower2 my ob said as long as those around the baby (aside from mom) have had it in the last 10 years then they’re good. 
  • @Ivorytower2 Yes, what @rbflei said— the recommendation from ACOG (and they get theirs from the Advisory Committee of Immunization Practices in the CDC) is to get a vaccine with each pregnancy because levels of protection are seen to sharply decrease in 2-3 years. Their conclusion is that the antibodies produced from a Tdap vaccine received during a prior pregnancy are insufficient for any future pregnancies. Your family members in close proximity with baby are covered as long as their Tdap was received within 10 years, so they don’t need to get it every time. 
  • Has anyone tried the Solly Wrap and/or is it worth the cost? I have an Ergo360 which I love but this time I wanted a wrap for the early days. But I need something that does not get too hot since I live in a warm climate. Solly looks good but it’s $76 🙄🙄🙄
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