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  • Has anyone tried or been successful with using the Elimination Communication Method for potty training infants? We would very much like to pursue this method and would appreciate any tips or tricks! Do you think it’s necessary to buy one of the books to be more successful? And does it seem better when used in combination with cloth or disposable diapers?
  • @SmashJam Some of the second-hand baskets I’ve seen are about the same price as a pack n play. Some places do sell stands or rockers that you can put the basket on but they’re kind of pricey… I’ll probably just go with a pack n play in the end since it guarantees a lot longer use. I’ll have to figure out what to do camping since we all usually just cram in a tent together and that isn’t exactly safe for a baby! I have a tiny pop-up tent thing that we used to use when we went to the beach so DD had a shady spot to sleep, so I may try that out and see how that goes. 
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  • @minnie_yoga_mama No experience personally but my friend has done it with her two girls and swears by it! She used disposable diapers with both. 
  • @aloha_mama we camp a lot too and I was considering a dock-a-tot. Do you have any thoughts on that? If you find a better solution let me know!
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    Ok Nevermind I see that it’s not safe for sleep. It would be nice if there was something like that- a bed that could be put to lay flat in a larger bed that would be safe. Let me know if you find anything. 
  • @Ivorytower2 I was looking at those! I think I worry about the sides being too soft and not breathable? I think they’re only suggested for supervised use so I’d be scared to let them sleep in it at night. They look really nice though! This is what I have for beach naps, I totally forgot I had it so we’ll probably just use this for camping:

    SUNBA YOUTH Baby Tent, Portable Baby Travel Bed, UPF 50+ Sun Shelters for Infant, Pop Up Beach Tent, Baby Travel Crib with Mosquito Net, Sun Shade … (Gray) https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07T54BMJC/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_glt_i_R3P50AZRY03QJJHR0SV9
  • @Ivorytower2 I bought this- https://www.target.com/p/baby-delight-snuggle-nest-dream-portable-infant-sleeper-bed/-/A-81797398?preselect=79727746#lnk=sametab

    a few months ago.  It seems like it'll be nice in the early days, but I don't know how long I'll use it.
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  • I was looking at something like this for cosleeping but this one only goes to 15 lbs. It at least has vented sides! 

  • @minnie_yoga_mama Someone in my last BMB did EC, and I wasn’t very impressed. It seemed like she started potty training wayyyy earlier but didn’t finish any earlier than those of us who did the standard PTing. Plus diapers are way easy and convenient, and having a child who is currently potty training makes traveling and going to activities way harder. I’d rather get it done in a few days to weeks, rather than spend a year or two on it. Just my take though. 
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    I’m late to the party here on the FB convo, but thought I’d chime in. I don’t post much here due to privacy concerns as well as being mobile. I really dislike this mobile format! I’ll pop in and follow along occasionally and chime in if a question hasn’t been answered yet. A private FB group is much preferred though. I’m still active in my 2014 BMB on FB. I credit those women with helping me to be the mom that I am today. They’re amazing! I find it so much more helpful to be able to connect with others when we’re not worried about trolls or random folks lurking on a public BMB. I’m team: Don’t forget me! When the move occurs.



  • @monstera13 this is my take, too on EC. Potty training was the literal worst thing in parenting I have ever taken part in thus far and extending it past the necessary sounds like torture-especially if the kiddo can't talk! @aloha_mama @shlecks that looks pretty good for camping-this summer, if we go at all! @Ivorytower2 I thought Dock a tot too at first but forgot they aren't rated for sleep.
  • @minnie_yoga_mama I'd recommend reading Oh Crap. You don't actually get any potty training benefits from EC, and I personally think it would complicate leaving the house too much. That said, we did potty train DD3 at 22mo, and it was extremely easy using the Oh Crap method, took like 3 days, had maybe a couple accidents. The other girls in my bmb who did it early had an easy time too. She addresses EC in the book, and I think it would be helpful perspective.
  • We also did the oh crap training. My only recommendation would be to ensure you truly do have a full week to dedicate to it. I tried to do it in a long weekend. All I ended up doing was teaching him how to hold in his poop and save it for when it was convenient (aka night time diaper). It took us a year and many many tears to get him fully potty trained. 😣 once he started pooping in the potty I think we’ve had a total of 2 accidents ever.
  • Emerson or Emersyn for a girl? 
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    @jojop627 well my brother just had an Emersyn in November but my autocorrect just changed it back automatically to Emerson so I'm with Autocorrect only because it will be much easier in life for people to spell it easily. But I still say it's a great name.
  • @jojop627 Emerson - we also used that name for our daughter but prefer the traditional spelling
  • Love the name, but I am a traditional spelling girl. Emerson vote for me too.
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  • @jojop627 I agree with everyone else, make baby’s life simpler and just spell it “Emerson”. “Emersyn” is cute but it’ll just be a lifetime of correcting people’s spelling.
  • @kiwi2628 Eunikke took me a minute lol I was like, what is that, it sounds like a couch from IKEA… Oh. 
  • @doxiemoxie212 I can't sing the Oh Crap praises enough. I got the audio book and it was even slightly entertaining. Trained at 22 months
  • How many viles of blood for the gluclose screening? Trying to figure out if I need someone to drive me. My first trimester blood and NIPT were at the same time and it was 7-10 viles and I was very close to passing out (not sure if you remember I left pee on some random persons desk).

    Also last time I had eggs and toast for breakfast and the results were good. Any reason I shouldn’t do the same this time? 

  • @jojop627 Emerson will be much easier for people to spell. My mom gave me a “Eunikke” name (well, at the time it was anyway) and no one ever recognized what it was or could spell it without help. 
  • @Ivorytower2 Are they having you fast for the test? Just eat normally, the test has more to do with how your body processes that yummy sugary drink so what you eat beforehand doesn’t matter as much. I have vasovagal syncope when I have injections and blood draws so I make sure to eat well beforehand (if possible), and I stay sitting in that same seat for 20 minutes afterwards (I’ve refused to leave many times even when they tell me I should go out to the waiting room… it happened once while I was walking to another chair and I woke up with like 4 techs standing around me wanting to call 911 lol). I also cross my legs and clench them together during the injection because some studies have shown that opposing forces on either side of your body can help combat the fainting. Because they’re only concerned with one lab value this time they will probably only need one or two vials with about 1mL blood each, so definitely not 7-10 again! 
  • @Ivorytower2 mine was only 1 vial for glucose but my ob did order 2 other tests at the same time so it ended up being 3 total. 
  • @aloha_mama I took a minute too! Another one for Emerson, but I also don't like unique spelling, especially putting a Y in for a vowel. 

    @rbflei it took FOREVER to train DS6 (I was home full time during that time-lots of tears) but no time at all to get DS3-and daycare was instrumental. And I was way less stressed out. He was motivated becuase he was in the "preschool room" due to being to old to hang out with "mobile toddlers" and just started showing he was ready so she went with it. We also hardly used the little potty because she didn't have one and he wanted to be a "big boy." 
  • @aloha_mama helpful thank you! She ordered a CBC panel as well so guessing that will be three viles? @fameonmain2 is that what you had too?
  • @Ivorytower2 yep, CBC and I think another syphillis screen?
  • @Ivorytower2 I had 5 vials taken after my glucose test. The glucose drink made me a little nauseous and I was worried about fainting, but the nurse gave me water before the blood draw and I think that was key. Also recommended peeing before blood draw.
  • @emky0704 Five vials?!?! That was for the 1 hour? Ughhh
  • Sometimes they do the third trimester screen blood draws at the same time as the glucose test, just FYI. Things like testing your iron levels, etc. Those vials are not specifically related to the glucose test, though. 
  • Has anyone been a bridesmaid while nursing? I’ve just been asked to be a bridesmaid in November, and the bride is giving us a LOT of freedom on the dress (it basically just has to be black, floor length, and reasonably modest - no thigh-high slits or plunging necklines).

    I started with looking online at David’s Bridal and Azazie since I’ve shopped at both before and have seen lots of maternity options but none specifically with nursing features. I did see a few that it looks like I could probably pull the shoulder down, but if the bodice has too much structure, I feel like it would be hard to get my boob out. I did find one wrap dress on DB that might work.

    Where else should I look for a formal nursing dress? TIA!
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  • @missa_lyssa no experience with this but someone asked for something similar on a fb group I’m in and they recommended Baltic born.. they have bump friendly stuff but idk about nursing
  • @missa_lyssa Latched Mama maybe?
  • @missa_lyssa I was for my sister, I was still nursing but DS6 was a little over a year so I didn’t have to do too much while in the dress. She did not pick a nursing friendly one, I just found myself a quiet room and had to unzip the whole bodice. 

    I thought birdy grey might but their recommendation was to wear strapless - which I would think you would still need to unzip to make nursing work??

    Maybe one of those jersey dresses that you have to wrap and tie would work since jersey is stretchy so you could pull it to the side easier than a structured one. 

  • @missa_lyssa it was hard enough for me to find a dress as just a guest for weddings when I was BFing. I ended up getting a dress from Rachel Pally which was really expensive but extremely soft. The problem was that I had to wear a cami under it or it was kind of obscene, so that looked a little silly. 
  • I'm late to some of these convos, but I'll chime in 
    @Ivorytower2 I had a fasting 1hr and a CBC it was like 4 vials before the drink and then one vial after the one hour. Hope its not too bad for you. 

    @jojop627 as some one with a name that is average and with a normal spelling, but not super common, I remember being really bummed as a kid when I couldn't find any of that "personalized" stuff (pencils, keychains, other nonsense) with my name on it. All of that is to stay, go with the traditional spelling.

    Sounds like I need to read Oh Crap. DS-2 started potty training at daycare so we started at home, poor kid had and unexpected poop in the potty and has refused to use it since. We decided to give him a break at home and will try again for our next long weekend/vacay. DH really wants DS to be potty trained before this baby arrives, but I don't know how that will go. 

    STM+ moms, did you notice a lot of/any regression with your older kid(s) when your newborn arrived? 

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  • @missa_lyssa I second looking at Baltic Born, I wasn't pregnant or nursing when I was a bridesmaid for my sister but there are a ton of wrap options that would work.  I know the dress I got would work if I needed it to. 
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  • @Avrilmai regression for potty training? No. Because my kids were all trained on the later end age wise - as in, after the new baby was already born. I doubt DS4 will this time either because he’s been solid on that for awhile. 

    And for other behaviors, also no? I don’t think we’ve had much jealousy, we’ve had a lot of help from family members so the big brothers kinda get spoiled with attention while I recover and get baby snuggles. Actually, the only jealous one was DS4 as a baby - he wanted to be the ONLY baby and would throw a fit if I picked up DS6 or gave him any treatment like that he associated with as his right as the baby. 
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