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I know it’s super early but we’ve been trying since October and talking names. I think me and SO will murder each other before this bean gets a name and I hate calling it “it” and “bean” and etc.....

We’re liking Brooks and Finnegan for boy names right now, but we’re not sold on it. He shoots everything down girl wise. Any suggestions on similar boy names? Any suggestion on ANY girl names? 

I have a Lucy Claire and Sophia Brooke, he has a Rylin Kate. 

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  • Ecat504 said:
    @hedgepig it would’ve never been a name I considered but I suggested Finn and SO was like “Finn, like a fish? Are we having a shark? I’d rather Finnegan over Finn”. And when he said it my heart just swooned lol. So I’m pretty hooked on it right now. Hoping I get to use it lol. 
    @Ecat504 “hooked on it” yes Finnegan / Finn sounds perfect for you. I love names that have nn. 
  • lovelee3 said:
    Girl names are hard. My DH likes Alexander A LOT for a boy so that’s what we’re leaning towards for a first name. 
    For a girl, I’ve ALWAYS loved the name Maggie so I’m thinking maybe Margaret but always calling her Maggie? 
    I like the name Magnolia with the NN Maggie.
  • @potofgolden that’s so cute! 
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  • @lovelee3 We have a Margaret....we call her Maggie. 

  • With DS, we didn't find out so we had a list of 3 or 4 names for either. We'll probably reuse that list and adjust as we go along. I'm definitely in the camp where I like to see what name "fits" once I meet LO. 

    For girl, we know we want the middle name to be Leah (after my dad's last name Lee), so with that it could be Lucy, Lily, Lana, or Anna (pronounced like Anne) like for a first name (pretty much variations on the same sounds things, I'm now realizing!)

    For a boy, the middle name would probably be Lance (dad's first name), so with it would be Luke, Jake, or maybe Marcus. Marcus was solid on the list last go around but I'm finding that only a year later my feelings are already changing on some of these, so we'll see how/if the list changes over the next few months!
  • @ksdelong20 I think Gabriel is a fantastic name! 🥳
  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    magdaaaa said:
    We have Stella Carter and Henry Randolph ("Huck"), and for this little one we are thinking either Charlotte Wolfe ("Lottie") or Lucinda Wolfe ("Lucy") for a girl, and no clue for a boy yet. I'm strict about only using family names though, so its usually not that hard because we already have the pot to pick from. haha!
    I have a lucy too ☺️ Great name
  • mimsermimser member
    We would probably go for Dimitri for a boy as per greek family tradition to name the first born son like the father's father. A girl will require more discussion! We both like Penelope and Victoria, I also like Lena, Ellie, Thalia...
  • Violet Eliza or Silas Ellison are our initial ideas. 
  • crizz13crizz13 member
    We have a Lila Mary and Anna Carol; we always wait to find out if we're having a girl or boy before brainstorming. DH and I are a million miles away on our name choices, so we wait before we enter in to those negotiations. 

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  • @magdaaaa I LOVE Lottie!
  • This will be our first but DH and I have both names already picked.. Vivianne Elizabeth (we’d call her Vivi Beth) Or Charles Louis (family name but we’d call him Louie).
  • If it's a boy (finally), he will be named after my grandfather, Warren.
    If it's a girl, we're screwed. LOL We have 2 girls and it was so difficult agreeing on names. They are Kaelyn Everly and Claire Elise.

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  • This will be our first but DH and I have both names already picked.. Vivianne Elizabeth (we’d call her Vivi Beth) Or Charles Louis (family name but we’d call him Louie).
    I adore Vivi Beth!!
  • My girl name list is : sage, Jensen , Mila and Avery 
    boys: Jack, Joel,Levi, Zane 
  • kelk5kelk5 member
    @aliciaftw I love the name Rowan.
  • Ecat504Ecat504 member
    @kelk5 baby name tinder is what we need!!
  • @kelk5 DH also tends to put off talking about names, while I am gung ho from the get go. I like to be prepared before the A/S so we can walk out of there with baby having a name! And I am big on name meanings. If I love a name but it is not meaningful, it is nixed. DD and DS1's names were chosen before we were even married, and while we did explore other names for DS1, we kept going back to the name we'd originally chosen, and that's what he got. They are Briana Elise and Gabriel Joseph. DS2 I had to fight for, but ultimately won, and he was Micah Levi. Rainbow baby is Aidan Isaac, which we agreed on (I had Isaac as a non-negotiable, cause I wanted to use it for DS1, but I knew DH wanted to pass on his MN, so that's why he got Joseph as his MN.) It took us what felt like forever to decide on Aidan, but once we did, we knew that was right. 

    This time, if we have a girl, I am already set on Kenzie Grace (or possibly Mackenzie for formalities). If we have yet another boy, I have no idea! I've always like Samuel, but DH has never been a fan.
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  • kelk5kelk5 member
    @antsangel1118. What makes a name meaningful to you? Do you look at the meaning of the name, does it have to have a connection to family, etc?
    Also, I love the name Mackenzie and Kenzie is a great nickname. One of my best friends is a Mackenzie.
  • @kelk5 I look at the meanings of names, and from different cultures. Some names I like have slightly different meanings depending where you look, so as long as it has a good meaning from somewhere, it's not necessarily tossed. My first son is the only one who has a family name. It's kind of a tradition in DH's family for boys to get the MN Joseph, and while he said we didn't  *have* to use that, I knew he wanted to pass it on to our first son. Kenzie is a name we talked about had our 2nd and 3rd boys been girls. It just feels like a name that fits our family if that makes sense. I like the sound of just Kenzie better, but I also like the idea of giving her (should this be a girl...) a more formal legal name, even if we always use the shortened version.
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  • kelk5 said:
    I love talking names but DH doesn't like to until we are in the third trimester, but I keep bringing it up anyway. I won the names I wanted with our first two kiddos: Livia Annette and Everett Anthony. I love having a family name for the middle name. If we have a girl I've already agreed to Nora as the middle name after DH's grandma. Our boy runner up name was Connor and I still like that. But since both our kids have a "V" in their name I feel like we should continue that. 

    Also, there is an app called Babyname that has decks with European ancestry names (may have more diverse names now) that is like tinder for baby names. Both you and your husband separately swipe names then you can see what names you matched on. We've used it with both kids. It's fun and helps you think of names.
    I semi love you said you won the names. Our first we were split between Madison and Madeline. The instant I saw her I thought Madeline. He ofcourse thought Madison...her name is um Madeline. 

  • We have a pretty long list of girls names - Beatrix and Winifred are at the top. Boys are so much harder for us - right now we like Finnegan (Finn), but aren't 100% sold on it.
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  • I'm slowly starting to think about names. DD we had set names before she was even conceived 🤣 
    I *think* if boy we'll do Reuben (at least that's what MH is set on) I'm on the fence still and want to consider other names. If a girl I don't know, but I'm strongly considering Rebecca as the middle names after my sister who passed away this past summer. 

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  • @name1109 I love the name Evelyn/Evie; it was top of my baby name list when we were trying for my daughter, but the month before I got pregnant, we learned that it was our cousin's new baby's name. (And no salt there, to be clear, it's just a name and I had no particular attachment, I just like it. :smile:)

    @kelk5 I'm with you; my husband is like "we have so much time to pick a name," and I'm like IF WE KNOW NOW WE NEVER HAVE TO THINK ABOUT IT AGAIN. I like making a decision and being done with it. He likes to marinate with decisions for a while, lol. We drive each other crazy.

  • I get hyped for naming, lol. 

    For girl's names, I feel like there's a zillion I like. With my daughter, I was very attached to Marjorie but didn't want her to get called Marge, and my husband didn't love it. If we're having another girl, I might make the case for it again. (Our top three with AJ were Abigail, Marjorie, and Gillian, in different orders by each of us. We now have an Abigail!) If my son had been a girl, he'd have been Ada, but given that that was a name chosen by my ex, I concluded I didn't want to carry it over because it'd probably hurt his feelings, even though I love it and it has a great tie (Ada Lovelace ftw). 

    We never really had boy names we liked, but I made the comment to my husband recently that I love Donovan for a boy's name, and he was like, "Oh, that is really good." It has the complication, however, of being my ex's step-dad's last name — who my current husband is also fairly close to, so it's not like a total outlier here. I think if it's a boy, I may initiate first a conversation with my ex about it and then, if he feels okay with it, ask my husband if he thinks we should check in with John first. (When the ex and I were still married and thought we might have more kids, I thought it would be a nice way to include him, since my ex is his only child, and our son has my ex-MIL's maiden name as a middle name.) I also like Maxwell for a boy's name, and that about ends the boy names I really really like, lol. I currently have a Miles as well, which I obviously adore as a name.

  • kelk5kelk5 member
    @scatteringashes I like Donovan. It's my aunt's maiden name but I think it sounds great as a first name. I also love Evelyn but my cousin just had a baby girl last week and named her Evelyn. Like the second cousins would only see each other every once in awhile since we live in different states. I don't know if I'll take it out of the running if we have a girl. 
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