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Introduce yourself here!

Hello Fellow Mamas! Welcome to our Birth Month Board. Please introduce yourself here. Potential things to share: 

- EDD (Estimated Due Date)
- How you found out 
- Hobbies, Job, Etc. 
- Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies
- Anything you’d like us to know 🙂

*Stolen from June 2020*
married 10.2016
ttc #1 11.2017
dx: unexplained
letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
iui #2 10.24.2019; bfp 11.4.2019; edd 7.17.2020


Re: Introduce yourself here!

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  • Congrats on baby #1 and only. VT in a cabin sounds lovely.
    MMC 02/16/12
    DS1 05/03/13
    Natural MC 10/01/14
    DD1 01/08/16
  • @dancingtreepose - so random... I have an old coworker who lives in Williston, VT and I was JUST thinking about how dreamy it always looks there! I'm a southerner and totally can't handle the cold.... but it always looks so beautiful in VT I definitely want to visit sometime!

  • blaf322blaf322
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    @pocketrose ... my best advice to you is something a close friend says when I'm freaking out about something that might not even be an issue... .don't borrow trouble.
    That said, I was food averse/queasy my entire last pregnancy but didn't ever really get sick.... so just because you feel queasy, doesn't mean you'll be sick. And that entire pregnancy issue is uncommon. Most that have issues like that find that they subside after first tri, if it's a problem at all.
    I took Unisom (doxylamine, not the diphenhydramine kind) nightly and that kept everything at bay. If you're not feeling so hot, start taking that to help :smile: It's the same active ingredient in Diclegis (what they give for pregnancy related nausea) and my RE recommended it when I was PG with DD.

  • @pocketrose My best friend has an extreme fear of vomiting as well. Just talking about it makes her anxious. She knows it's irrational but that's basically the definition of a phobia. As luck would have it, she did not experience any morning sickness her entire pregnancy! So it is possible :-)  On a side note, I went to some anxiety trainings for my job and I learned that this is a common phobia (similar to fear of blood) and it can be treated with a good therapist who specializes in anxiety and phobias. 

    @blaf322  I do my "big shopping" in Williston! I love living in VT, the stunning scenery and small town vibes are why I transplanted myself here :-)
  • @belle2118 small world—I’m a podiatrist 🤣🤣 you’re the real MVP dealing with our craziness. 
  • @pocketrose I second the Unisom. I struggled with constant nausea with my first pregnancy and never said anything because I thought it was just morning sickness you live with but with my second I actually mentioned at my first appointment how nauseous I was and he told me to take Unisom and a B6 supplement every night and it made such a difference. I don’t remember the dosage so I would call your OB to check but I realized it’s not something you need to suffer through there are options. And as far as actually throwing up I think I maybe did a couple times but I was nauseous all the time so like they said above nausea doesn’t always mean vomiting.
  • @footdrbritt seriously what a small world! I’ll admit when I first got my job I was really unsure about it but after being here 8 years I do really enjoy it minus all lovely hoops Medicare loves to make us jump through 🤣
  • Hey I’ve had two kids and had no morning sickness what so ever for either of them. I did crave Taco Bell tho. You’ll be fine. Not everyone gets morning sickness. I did not vomit a single time in any pregnancy. (Pregnant 4 times, well 5 now).
    MMC 02/16/12
    DS1 05/03/13
    Natural MC 10/01/14
    DD1 01/08/16
  • I’ve had two confirmed losses (one before DS; one before DD). I’ve also had some suspected losses this year. As long as the data is telling you good news, your odds of a loss decrease significantly. Best wishes ❤️
    MMC 02/16/12
    DS1 05/03/13
    Natural MC 10/01/14
    DD1 01/08/16
  • @pocketrose I hate hate hate throwing up and fear it too. I fortunately didn't have any nausea/vomiting with my first pregnancy. Hoping it's the same for you! (Probably TMI, but I did have some not-so-fun issues from the other end during first tri though... but I'd take that over vomit!)
  • @firsttimemom720 yeahhhhhh for ortho!! 
  • KFrobKFrob
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    @mytrueloves *lurker*  YAY!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!  
  • @b_1029 yay! So happy you’re here! Waiting for beta results is the absolute pits. Here’s to a happy and healthy 9 mos for us all! 
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