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  • lanieg81lanieg81
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    Hi Everyone!
    My EDD is July 8th. I have my first appt. the first week of December. 
    How I found out? Same way with my first, I was a week late and surprise, pregnant!  :smile:
    I live in Ohio but born and raised in Michigan.  My SO and I have a daughter who is 1 1/2yrs who is going on teenage years! I can’t believe how fast time goes! 
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  • @lanieg81 I was born and raised in Michigan as well! 

  • Hello I am currently ttc i have one son who is 9 I work in fast food currently going to school for pre law.
    Jonathan Hunter (Adopted)
    TTC #1

  • Hi! 
    Excited to be a part of this group! 
    EDD is July 20. I live in Florida and am a SAHM. My husband works in education and online retail. 
    We have a 4-year-old daughter and 2-year-old son. I had HG with my previous pregnancies so I’m feeling a little nervous about being sick all pregnancy. 
  • Welcome to the newbies!
  • @meri-mac omgomg yes!!!! I am so happy you’re here! Congratulations ❤️
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.24.2019; bfp 11.4.2019; edd 7.17.2020

  • Yay @meri-mac! I had just barely started to participate over in ttgp when I got my bfp, but i lurk regularly and am hoping for success for every single person there. 
  • @meri-mac congratulations! I’m envious of your Harry Potter EDD! 
  • @meri-mac yaas girl!! So happy for you!
    Me: 31 DH: 34 :heart: Married: April 2016
    TTC December 2016
    BFP 2/28/17 // CP 3/1/17
    MFI Diagnosis: Aug 2017
    BFP 11/1/17 // DS born 6/18
    TTC January 2019
    BFP 3/21/19 // D&C (MMC) 5/8/19
  • @meri-mac - YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! So so happy for you! Wishing you all the best!
  • *lurking*
    @meri-mac&nbsp; Yayyyyyyyy!!!  Congratulations girl!  So excited and happy for you!  Wishing you a wonderfully boring H&H 9 months!   <3
    Me: 33  DH: 35
    Dating 4/2008
    Home Purchase 3/2010
    Married 6/2016
    TTC #1:  9/2019
  • meri-mac congrats & welcome!
  • EDD: July 21. 
    Found out: Just a hunch. Husband and I were giving ourselves 1 year to try for #3 and if it happens, yay! If not then we would be a happy family of 4. 
    This will be baby #3. Son 3/2013, daughter 6/2018. 1 outdoor cat
    I’m trying to keep busy this time around. I run a business from home and board member of a Moms Club. We do activities pretty much every day throughout the month.  Very excited nonetheless!
  • *lurking*
    @meri-mac Congrats!! I remember you from TTGP before your break and I’m thrilled to see your IVF was successful!! 

    DS: 05.2017

    #2 EDD: 09.2019

  • *lurking*

    @meri-mac heck yes!!! So freaking thrilled for you!! You were missed when you left TTGP the first time, and you will be very missed this time around too. Sending you many good wishes and H&H9 for your sticky little bean!! 

    Me: 32  MH: 36

    TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug '18: PCOS dx

    Nov '18: MH SA - 19mil

    Dec '18-Mar '19: Letrozole + TI - all BFN

    Apr '19: Letrozole + TI, - BFN.  Repeat SA (27mil) & DNA fragmentation test (17%)

    Aug '19: Letrozole + HCG trigger + IUI + prog supp - BFN (MH: 16mil)

    Sep '19: 2nd IUI, same protocol - BFN (MH: 16mil) 

    Dec '19: IVF #1 w/ICSI, PGS. FET Jan/Feb 2020

  • lurking 

    @meri-mac Yesssssd I am ecstatic for you, my friend! Congratulations!! 
  • **lurking**

    @meri-mac I have been lurking ALL.DAMN.DAY to see this update!!!! So excited for you!!!!

  • Hi this is my first post ever on this app.
    - EDD 7/23 approximately 
    - How you found out morning sickness kicked in and decided to test last week
    - Hobbies, Job, Etc. I am a certified medical assistant/ phlebotomist
    - Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies engaged have four kids(2 bio 2 so to be step kids) 1 fur baby 
    - Anything you’d like us to know 🙂 looking forward to new friends advice and a healthy preform each of us 
  • @meri-mac Ahhhh!  Yay!  Congratulations!!!  Wishing you the happiest, healthiest 9 months!
    Me: 34 | H: 39
    Married Sept. 2013
    DS: Nov 2016
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
    BFP!  8/24/19 at 12 DPO
    EDD: 5/3/19  *please stick, baby*

  • @meri-mac I’m so so happy for you to be here! I literally just cried (pregnancy hormones). Congrats so much. I’m so happy to have you. 
  • @meri-mac I hope you have the happiest and healthiest 9 months! Congrats!! 
  • @b_1029 Thank you.
    Jonathan Hunter (Adopted)
    TTC #1

  • *lurking*

    @meri-mac I am so freaking excited for you! I have been checking the board for you all day before I even though about looking over here. I’m so excited for you!!!!! Happy and healthy nine months to you lady!!!!! 
    Married: August 2012
    TTC #1: July 2015
    BFP 1: October 30, 2015; EDD: July 6, 2016- Team Pink
    TTC #2: September 2019

  • @meri-mac SO MANY 🎊💓CONGRATULATIONS🎉💕!!! I also remembered you from your first go-around on TTGP & was glad when you rejoined us, but even happier that you’re finally in your BMB! H&H 9 months to you!♥️
  • @meri-mac Yes girl!! Congrats!! I’m so excited your IVF was a success! Wishing you all the best  <3
    TTGP December 2019 Siggy Challenge- Holiday decor fails

  • *** lurking ***
    @meri-mac Congratulations! So glad that one of us graduated from the IF thread!
    H&H 9 months!
    Me: 27 DH: 29
    Married: 2016
    TTC #1 8.18
    Letrozole 5mg 5.19, 6.19 and 7.19 - All BFN
    natural cycle IUI #1 10.19 BFN
    First RE visit 11.19
    Clomid 50mg + IUI#2 11.19
  • *lurking* Woohoo @meri-mac! So many congratulations.
    It's funny how it's the little things in life that mean the most...not where you live, or what you drive, or the price tag on your clothes... There's no dollar sign on a piece of mind, this I've come to know! *ZBB*

    Me: 36 DH 35 
    TTC  9/2016     BFP 12/9/16    EDD 8/21/17    NMC 1/8/16 at 7w6d
    TTC  2/2017  BFP 3/6/17   EDD 11/17/17   DS born 11/25/17 via ECS
    TTC 12/2018   BFP 6/2/19   EDD 2/12/20  NMC / BO at 7 weeks, low progesterone
    RE appointment 8/20
    TTC 7/2019   BFP 8/21/19 EDD 4/22/20 CP at 5 weeks
    TTC 8/19    IUI  w/ Clomid + trigger + progesterone 10/19

    AMA, ITP in pregnancy, and vWD type II - low Factor VIII
  • shaqn0sisshaqn0sis
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    Hi there! FTM 👋🏼 
     - EDD (Estimated Due Date) July 19th, 2020. Dr is pretty sure this is the date, but US next week to check.
     - How you found out We have been trying for over a year. Had some tests done and Dr have Ovidrel shot. Everything was timed. Took a test the day before period was due and there was a line!
     - Hobbies, Job, Etc. Hobbies: houseplants, movies, cooking, and The Sims 😬🤫 Job: Recruiter for a large bank
     - Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies Husband is 29, and we have a 5 year old rescue pup.
     - Anything you’d like us to know 🙂 I’m 30 years old and hail from Minnesota. I have a SERIOUS fear of vomiting (and I think I saw someone else on here too that has this- I feel you!!) My appetite is completely gone and I’m not too happy about that since eating is probably the one thing that helps with my nausea. Luckily, it only happens in the afternoon and it’s not an every day occurrence 🤞🏼 I’m honestly just feeling indifferent about being pregnant and maybe it’s because reality hasn’t hit me yet. It feels weird not being too excited about it...
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