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  • @Elle131 wow! We have very similar stories! We also did IVF to avoid passing on a genetic disorder! I think they're going to put my EDD at 7/5 (transfer on 10/18 with a 5day embryo) based on how they've scheduled things. 

  • @blaf322 yes my transfer was on 10/17 so EDD 7/4
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  • Also in AB Canada with 2.5 yr old and a long journey to get here! 😊
  • @stlbuckeye132 do you know when you need to start modifying in barre? I go to bar method, but didn’t want to announce there too early, unless I have to!
    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • @KatieEl, I've not done bar method, so I'm not sure how it varies from PB, but I don't think you'd need to modify anything until at least second trimester. Of course listen to your body, and if you get lightheaded or anything like that, take a breather and bring it down a notch in how far you're pushing it. I don't think you need to tell them yet though if you're not ready!

    I did PB through my entire first pregnancy and I'm hoping to do the same this time around too. I think it really helped me with L&D and recovery! I had diastisis recti with my first (separation of your abdominal wall - it's fairly common in pregnancy and PP), so for that I modified by doing absolutely no twisting through my waist, planks and push-ups on a diagonal at the barre instead of on the floor, no pulling off the barre w/ back parallel to floor - basically nothing with twists or with belly button pointed down at the floor b/c it put too much weight on my abdominal wall that was already separating. I did also stop any stretches lying on my front just when it felt weird to me, I think for me that was around 16 weeks, and stopped any abs lying on my back sometime in the third trimester.

    Sorry for the lengthy response, but I hope it's helpful! And yay, barre! It's the best. :)
  • @stlbuckeye132 thank you for your response, super helpful! I've exercised through all my pregnancies, but only got into barre after my last birth at the suggestion of my chiropractor and pelvic floor PT.  I'm like an evangelist, barre is the best and has done so much to heal my core and strengthen my TA and get me into a good place for this baby!
    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • @Skk1977 I always end up craving taco bell too  :D
    DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • @KatieEl @Skk1977 I literally sent my DH for Taco Bell yesterday 🤣🤣 apparently that’s what all these babies want 
  • DS1: Nov. 2013
    DS2: Jan. 2016
    DS3: Dec. 2017
    Baby #4 on the way!
  • @heybabyhey418 welcome! Happy to have you here!
  • @mehugg PCOS over here too! Welcome 😊
  • Congratulations! @nessa1632 I too was a workout junkie before this pregnancy. I worked really hard to lose the weight from my last pregnancy 2 years ago. Now, I barely have energy and if I do, I doing my best to make sure I get a good workout with going to hard. 
  • welcome to the newbies!
  • Hello and congrats to everyone!!

    - EDD- Going by LMP I am due somewhere around July 15th, but I know I ovulated late this cycle. So, it's probably closer to July 22nd. 
    - How you found out- I was started having symptoms similar to my last pregnancy. High BBT temps, unquenchable thirst, and an awful metallic taste in my mouth that wouldn't go away. I knew relatively soon after ovulating that I was pregnant, but waited until this past Friday to test because it would have been too early otherwise. I got my BFP on the same DPO as my last pregnancy-8DPO.
    - Hobbies, Job, Etc.- I was employed full-time until the end of my ML in Feb19, and have be SAHM ever since. It's been an adjustment, but I am enjoying the time with my son. Hobbies- I love arts and crafts, cooking, movies, music and singing.
    - Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies- DH is 32 and I am 34. We have been together since June '14, and married in July '16. I have a DS who just turned 1yo Nov 3rd. I was a part of the Oct18 BMB, and still a part of the group now that we have moved to Facebook. Unfortunately no fur babies- though I am an avid dog lover. 
    - Anything you’d like us to know 🙂  I currently live in NYC, but my husband recently accepted a new job that will be moving us to Pittsburgh next month. We have a lot on our plate for the next few weeks getting ready for this move, and I am hoping I can keep my stress levels down.
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  • @k_shaunte the no energy is no joke! I also would rather spend awake time with MD so it’s just all off schedule wise. I’m hoping I can figure something out tho bc I love the mental clarity with working out! 
  • Hi, ladies! I'm Sally and live in Georgia. 

    SO and I have been together for 2.5yrs but do not live together. We had a MC in August this year so I'm still paranoid over every cramp etc.

    I am a 37yo single mom to DD age 18 who is away at college, DS1 age 15, and DS2 age 9.
    SO has 3 DD ages 15, 9, & 9.

    My EDD is July 14. We were NTNP and I am so very excited about this LO. I knew as we were DTD that we were going to be pg and got a vvfl bfp at 8dpo. Right now, SO and I are the only ones who know about this pg 

    I work in healthcare in executive management and as a provider (family health and general surgery). 

    I was a member of Just Mommies with my other 3 pregnancies and have lifelong online friends from those groups. Unfortunately, their forums are prettymuch closed. I'm hoping The Bump will be my new pg/parenting home!
  • blaf322blaf322
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    @knottie384e6c34c5bc6e0d - welcome! Check out the linked thread below for instructions on how to change your username to something more recognizable. We'd love to get to know you but it'll be tough to tell you apart from the drive by posters with the knottie username :smile:

  • @heyred_004 congrats!! So exciting to get a BFP on your own after so long!

  • laahaalaahaa
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    @heyred_004 get the heck out of here missy!!!!!!! CONGRATS! We are due the 11th! 
  • heyred_004heyred_004
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    @laahaa hi sis SO happy to see your face here  ❤️❤️
  • egilonaegilona
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    Hi everyone!

    EDD: July 26
    How I found out: I happened to have a FRER leftover from my last cycle and decided to use it sort of on a whim. (I mean, I did a little bit of mental math first, and decided, hey, why not, it might be early enough! I think I'm 8dpo today, which is what I was when I got my BFP with DD.) I was definitely expecting to play another round of "shine a flashlight on the test and stare at it long enough to convince myself an obvious BFN is a squinter" this morning, so. I'm really pleasantly surprised!
    Hobbies/job/etc.: I teach middle school and am currently pursuing my Master's in curriculum (I'm hoping to transition into an instructional design, curriculum specialist, coaching, etc. position within the next few years). I live in Chicago and love going for long walks, traveling, watching good TV, and puzzles (right now I'm on a crossword kick). I used to play trumpet and was in my university's marching band.
    Family: DH and I are both 32 and have been together for 14 years (married for four). Our daughter will be three in January and is going to make an awesome big sister!

    I tend to vacillate between actively participating and lurking, so it's totally possible that my life will get busy and I'll just disappear, but right now I'm really excited to be here!
    Me 32 | DH 32
    married 9/15
    DD: 1/17/17
    #2 due 7/26/20!

  • @KatieEl @footdrbritt Taco Bell cravings were really bad with my son; not so much with my daughter. Wondering if it’s a boy thing? 😂
    MMC 02/16/12
    DS1 05/03/13
    Natural MC 10/01/14
    DD1 01/08/16
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