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  • Hello friends 

    There is a heartbreaking announcement I have to make
    I have just lost my twins in the Morning 
    As I told you before I had conceived through ivf and this was my second cycle. Miscarriage happened exactly the same way it happened in the first one. That was my 35th day and today was 38th. I woke up in the Morning and started bleeding. I went to the doctor. They quickly gave few injection to control the situation. Got me admitted and within one n hlf hour I blended clots and lost them. Today was the worst day of my life. Feeling very helpless as nobody knew the reason why this is happening as I am conceiving but it is not staying more than 5 weeks and get aborted naturally. Please please please if any of you know anything about why this could happen please let me know. All the best to you guys. I will pray for you all your well being. 
  • Oh @rags2020 I am so sorry for your loss 😭 you are in my prayers. Hopefully you can get some answers. 
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  • Really sorry for your loss Rags, can’t imagine what you must be going through. Were you on progesterone? I know sometimes progesterone is low.

    Would the doctor run a Repeat loss panel - where they try to determine the cause behind recurrent miscarriages? I’ve heard they do this if you had two losses.

    The most common reason women miscarry is because of chromosomal issues in the embryo. So that’s nature’s way of survival of the fittest. Were your embryos PGD/PGS tested ? Ive heard that helps implant healthy embryos.

    Sorry I don’t have more advise, but I sincerely hope your doctors help you navigate through this. 
    34 y/old FTM (EDD 4/2020)
    History of endo - lap done in 2019 and BFP after 5 medicated IUIs
  • areseearesee
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    @rags2020 I'm so sorry for your loss. 
  • Oh @rags2020 I am so sorry!!!!!! You must feel so sad. 
    Well, if you are taking melatonin i would advise getting off of it. It can mess with the cycle and I now blame it for my 3 CPs in the last two years.
    Of course you should speak to a doctor who cares about diagnosing your miscarriages. Not all doctors do. And it is apparently a complex field. There is acupuncture and even a pelvic floor PT treatment for recurrent miscarriages but it all depends on what your issue is. Don’t give up!!!!!
  • Thank you everyone for all your support. It would have been lovely journey with you all till April. But now 😭😭😭 yesterday has been very tough. Now I am not getting what to look forward to. All my 2 cycles shots are just wasted. Hope we will find something to be happy about. 
  • @rags2020 I'm so sorry. I hate you are going through this. Please take some time for yourself. It is a long hard road. So many ((hugs)).
  • @themamalion I definitely love following the royal family, too! I was pregnant at the same time as Meghan and I'm pretty sure MIL was more excited for baby Archie than her own grandchild, but I had just as much fun following along. 
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  • @chrissdee Haha, that’s how I was when I found out Kate and I were pregnant at the same time—ECSTATIC! I’m still not sure how I feel about the newest royal generation’s names, but I love all the anticipation.

    3 miscarriages.
    2 chemical pregnancies.
    1 infant loss.

    8/2016: We lost our first baby to CHARGE Syndrome and HLHS when he was 3 weeks old. 
    1/2018: Our healthy son was born. :)
    4/13/2020: EDD for baby #3!!!
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