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  • @lillywonderland thank you SO much and congratulations on your LO!! <3
  • tj_2tj_2 member
    edited October 2019
    Me: 30 | H: 34
    Married July 2018
    First-Time Mom
    EDD: 5/1/20  *please stick, baby*
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  • Welcome @aclarke8! I had my daughter at 35 weeks also and she just turned 2 2weeks ago. I'm also doing progesterone injections weekly and I did with her also since my oldest was also preemie.  Wishing you a happy and healthy journey!
  • Welcome @ChelleCPA I think it is totally cool to join! A lot of women I think hold back until they feel more comfortable with things being a bit 'safer' or have told family, etc. We got months to go here.
    1 infant loss
    8/17: Our daughter was born
    8/18: Our daughter kicked open heart surgery ass
    2/19: We lost our son to Prader-Willi/Paradoxical Vocal Cord/ Noonans at 6wks old 
    4/26/2020: EDD for baby #3!!!
  • lizanetlizanet member
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  • Welcome to all the ladies that just joined! I totally understand waiting to join! I didnt join the Oct 17 board until we were like 24 weeks because I had TW*just had a loss prior and was so scared until we reached age of viability*. Wishing you ladies happy and healthy pregnancies!
  • Joining this party really late! But I hope it's not too late! 

    EDD: April 9th

    How you found out: We had fertility issues with my first (2.5yo DD) and decided to start trying over the summer before we started the fertility treatments again in the summer of 2020. I went to a friend's post-OP appointment with her (I was her driver since she was still hyped up on pain meds) and told her I needed to pick up a batch of pregnancy tests (lol?) to hold me over for the next round of trying. I had been chatting and temping, but my OPKs never turned, so I assumed I was out and we'd be trying again. My friend told me to just get a small pack, that she had "a good feeling" this time around. I went to her house and helped her back to her living room and she shooed me to her bathroom to take the test. And that was the second time I sat in her kitchen with her to tell her I had a positive pregnancy test. I told her I couldn't help her anymore because when I got pregnant with DD, I was helping her with her twins. We both got a good laugh from that. She's the best. 

    Hobbies, Job, Etc. : I am an avid reader, always looking for new books to add to my list, I've been doing CrossFit for about a year now (my OB says it's the reason my cycles were getting regular and I finally ovulated on my own), crocheting, baking, singing (classically trained singer, woot), and nerding out on comic books, Doctor Who, and Sherlock. 

    I'm a high school English teacher in a low-income school in Nebraska and I love it. 

    Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies: Married to DH for 4.5 years. 1 DD who is 2.5, and a mini Schnauzer. 
    Anything you’d like us to know:  I am super awkward and neurotic. I try hard to make connections with people, but it's not always easy for me. Sometimes I dominate conversations, when all I was trying to do was show empathy (like seemingly turning the conversation about me when all I was trying to do was show that I understand what you're going through) and it tends to turn people off. 😬 
  • @binkiesandbiceps Welcome! What kinds of books do you like to read? Indie bookseller here, so always happy to pass on recommendations. :)
  • @binkiesandbiceps I get you on the awkwardness. I do the same thing. Just saw something about it on Facebook yesterday and I really related. 


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
  • @aresee - All the books! I read YA to give recommendations to my students, but I really like anything. 

    @mercury94 - Yes! I saw that as well! Definitely felt seen after that one!
  • @binkiesandbiceps never too late to join! Welcome! I look forward to getting to know you!
  • edited November 2019
    FTM here, currently 16 weeks pregnant due 4/20/20! I found out we were pregnant on day 2 of my brand new job, at about 4-6 weeks pregnant. I don't even know what made me take the test that day, but seeing those two little lines after our mmc in May made me the happiest/most nervous woman! My husband and I live in WNC with our three rescue dogs <3
  • Welcome @phinzlabyrinth - I’m also a lover and owner of rescue dogs!!!
  • - EDD (Estimated Due Date): 4/20/20
    - How you found out: At home in my restroom 
    - Hobbies, Job, Etc: I am a teacher and lover of creepy little things 
    - Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Fur-babies: I am married, we have 6 kids(this one is 7) and we have 2 dogs.
    - Anything you’d like us to know: I love babies but pregnancy not so much.
  • Welcome @aceof6 - I can't wait to hear more about the creepy little things you love!
  •  - EDD (Estimated Due Date) - 4/19/20
    - How you found out: nothing earth shattering; we tried for about 6 months and I took a test the day I was supposed to get my period. 
    - Hobbies, Job, Etc: I’m a high school biology teacher who is currently also teaching health. Reproductive unit is going to be interesting. 
    - Spouse, Partner, Kids: husband of 12 years, son stillborn 11/2015, 2.5 year old daughter. 
    - Anything you’d like us to know: this  is my third pregnancy. I lost my son with no warning to a placental abruption when I was 35 weeks along.  My pregnancy with my daughter was medically uncomplicated (psychologically exceptionally complicated), and everything turned out well with her except for seven days in the NICU due to low blood sugar. Baby #3 has just started to move, which is reassuring, but we know there’s no guarantee until that baby is in your arms.
  • @mamacs Welcome to the group! I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your son - many women here have had similar experiences and everyone is incredibly supportive and kind. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!
  • @mamacs Welcome! Very sorry about your son, and thank you for sharing. As @literatureandink mentioned there are a few of us who have experienced loss. Please feel free to post on the PGAL posts. I agree with you, pregnancy after loss does take a toll on me mentally!
  • Wendy FTM
    found out in August 2019 after feeling cramps with no menstruation.  I was so happy and scared and confused. Estimated due date is April 28th 2020. 
    I’m 30yrs old and I am sooooo nervous 
  • Hello! Glad to be on the site.
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