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Introduce Yourself!

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Hello Fellow Mamas! Welcome to our Birth Month Board. Please introduce yourself here. Potential things to share: 

- EDD (Estimated Due Date)
- How you found out 
- Hobbies, Job, Etc. 
- Spouse, Partner, Kids, or Furbabies
- Anything you’d like us to know 🙂

*Stolen from March 2020*
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Re: Introduce Yourself!

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    @BumpAdmin Please sticky.


    Me 34 DH 34 

    DS1 born September 2017
    Baby number 2 due 4/11/20
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    @senessat I know it's easier said than done, but please try not to worry. Worry is a wasted emotion, so celebrate the fact that you're pregnant. You have legitimate concerns, but i would really try not to worry, because it's not going to help or change anything.
    Have you tried discussing this with DH or a close friend who might help ease your fears? My advise would be to take each day at a time rather than worry about the future, that is what i usually try to do when i'm anxious. If you have a hobby, you can help keep yourself busy until your beta or ultrasound. Perhaps watch some lighthearted comedy shows on Netflix or read a nice book to keep your mind occupied.
    Wishing you the best, and we are all here to support you.
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    @maverick14 I used to ride dressage!! I miss it so much!
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    @ohemgee-2 Welcome! I was a part of August 17 BMB!
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