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The Great Question Thread

Ask your questions here! Whether they are for STM/STM+s to answer, they are TMI, or if you think they are dumb.

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  • @BumpAdmin can we get a sticky please?  :)
  • At little strange but...

    I didn’t temp while TTC and I took my temp yesterday because I was feeling achy and lightheaded like the flu and it said 99 degrees. While not a fever, it’s still higher than what I would normally see between 98.6 and 98.7 (I take my temp just for fun a lot). This morning I checked again and got 99.1. 

    Is slight body temp increase like that normal?? Maybe I actually am getting sick 😫
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  • @mvc003 your body temp can rise by that much just from being pregnant, maybe check to be sure it doesn’t keep going up.
  • How do you tell if you're having a Craving vs just want a food? How much it makes your mouth water? What lengths you're willing to go to to get it? Do others find this obvious and it's just me second guessing myself?
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  • @geshem I feel like for me, a craving is I cant stop obsessing about needing it. Like you absolutely HAVE to have it. Most things I've been able to curb by just forcing myself to eat something else (healthy stuff) but the other night I had to go to the corner store to get a soda and those mini powdered donuts. Lol. 
  • Agree with @justaplainbagel cravings are something you just have to have that nothing else will curb. 
  • Anyone know what the verdict is on adding crystal light to water? I know the artificial sweeteners aren't great but sometimes I just need flavor LOL
  • @kimmer1412 I’m on team crystal light is okay. I sometimes can’t take plain water either. If we cut out all artificial sweeteners, well.. I’d have nothing left to eat 😂 
  • Has anyone else dealt with the test line on their HPT never getting as dark as the control line? I'm using wondfo if it matters. But I'm 17DPO and still no where near as dark. Of course this has me all paranoid so I keep POS which isn't helping clearly.
  • Has anyone had vaginal spasms? Not painful or cramping type, just like an eye twitch only in the vaginal area. I am 6 weeks, after two miscarriages. I am sort of expecting another miscarriage but I don’t see my doctor until the 20th.
  • I'm terrified of early symptoms. I don't think I've been nauseous sick in like 10 years, and I'm not sure what to expect at all! 

    So far I'm only 5 weeks, but I've had no symptoms other than a missed period and a positive test. 

    What should I be expecting?
  • @kimmer1412 I don't know that I have ever tested until the test line got as dark as the control line. Mine have a clear progression though. I only have one test left and I plan to use it tomorrow so it will be a dark line. I also use wondfo. 
  • @christene3 everyone is talking about their symptoms in the symptoms thread. Read through and it will give you an idea of what to expect. 
  • @kimmer1412 I don’t have experience with this but I’ve heard that it can all depend on the dye in the test. Have you had beta tests done? That could help put your mind at ease.

    @RunCarol I’ve never had twitching there but I’ve had it in other areas besides my eyes so maybe it’s just similar to that and you’re just hyper aware of everything right now that’s happening down there, as we all are.  Wouldn’t hurt to call the OB to ask if you should be concerned though. 

    @christene3 everyone is different so it’s hard to say what to expect. My boobs started getting bigger week 5 and I had fairly moderate cramping everyday on and off through out the day. The cramping let up (for the most part) towards the end of week 5 and nauseous has taken the forefront.  Some women don’t get nausea though and some get it later in the first trimester. It’s really a crap shoot unfortunately.
  • @emeraldcity1214 I had progression from 10DPO- 14DPO but now it hasn't gotten any darker since DPO14.
  • @kopp5988 no testing done and my first appointment isnt until 8 weeks (4/11). So far away
  • @kinner1412 it may take a few more days to get darker. Or maybe you maxed out the dye in that batch of wondfos. Mine didn't appear to get any darker for 3 or 4 days after I got my BFP but when I put them in a line you can see they were progressing. It just wasn't as noticeable. 
  • @kimmer1412 ugh that is far away. I’ve been temping still as opposed to continuing to take tests. Not everyday but most days and not not being as crazy about the exact same time. I had about a 1 degree rise total between pre-O and post implantation so I’ve just been making sure it doesn’t drop too close to my cover line from ovulation.  I know some people say stop temping after your BFP because it can cause unnecessarily worry with small fluctuations, but I’d rather find out something is, or may be, wrong that way (not that it’s guaranteed to have a temp drop if something is). Idk that’s just me. Maybe try taking your temp a couple days in a row so you can see past any random fluctuations that may occur? Maybe this is terrible advice but it’s what I would do. 
  • @kopp5988 that's not a bad idea, I stopped temping a few days after BFP so I think I'll go back to temping and see if that helps my crazy LOL

    @emeraldcity1214 I'm wondering if my wondfo batch just isnt great because they were progressing but have seemed to stop at this current darkness. 
  • @kimmer1412 I have gotten some bad batches. I got a batch that left an indent line on every test. It showed up within the time frame AND had color. I have heard other things going wrong with them too so it wouldn't surprise me. 
  • Also, I haven't stopped temping but I use Tempdrop so it isn't a bother to keep going. One thing to remember is that once you get further along, you won't see a drop in your temps until after you have realized something is wrong. I think seeing a drop is more helpful in identifying a CP. 

    This could also be different from woman to woman too. 
  • @kopp5988 and @emeraldcity1214 I temped this morning and it was 98.3 so I feel a lot better. I'm going to try to avoid using anymore of the wondfo tests LOL.  Having mild cramping this morning. 
  • @kimmer1412 awesome! Definitely try to avoid the testing from now on.  All of week 5 I had prettty moderate cramping so taking my temp each morning was the only thing keeping me sane. So I know how you’re feeling!
  • @kimmer1412 cramping off and on in first tri is normal so don't worry too much about that. 
  • Also, I just took my last wondfo 😂 I'm done testing now. I refuse to buy more. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 I need to put mine away out of the bathroom so they aren't so tempting LOL 
  • I'm going to visit my Grandmother soon for about a week (who doesn't know I'm pregnant yet).  She has a cat, and I am nervous about being around it (I am mildly allergic - itchy eyes, sneezing).  Also - I'm worried about the kitty litter warning for pregnant women.  Obviously, I won't be changing the litter-box, but I am a major worrier, and a bit germophobic.  Just need some reassurance that it's not a big deal and everything will be OK.
  • As long as you aren't digging around in the litter you're fine. 

    I actually had my cat tested for toxoplasmosis and he tested negative. The only way cats get is if they are killing wild mice/animals. My cat stays inside so I have been dipping the litter with no worries. 
  • @emeraldcity1214 thanks for the reassurance! I need to meditate or something to stop worrying about every little thing!
  • @kopp5988 thank you for the response! I figured out a better way to describe it. It’s a pulsing feeling like a heart beat. I read it was blood circulating there? Kind of weird but I have an appointment coming up if my levels are still increasing. Hopefully all is normal but i’ll Finally find out!
  • @RunCarol I’m having the same thing going on right now. I don’t notice it unless I’m laying down though. 
  • As long as there's a second line you're pregnant you don't need to worry about the darkness of the line
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  • For GI issues... does anyone have any suggestions? My problem is not that I can’t go... 
  • @creamcheeseplease I take a stool softener daily to keep things moving. I also work flaxseed into my diet as much as possible. I know when I give my 18 month flaxseed when she is stopped up she has a BM within a few hours. 
  • @creamcheeseplease I’m in the same boat. Hope you find some relief!!
  • Anyone know about exercise and pregnancy?  Specifically hot yoga and abs.  I practice yoga about 3 times a week, sometimes more depending on my schedule and it's usually hot yoga.  Some of the classes I go to like Barre and Buti yoga focus on abs for a portion of the class.  I plan on asking my dr. but my appointment is not until next month.  I guess it would be worth it to shoot her a question online?
  • @gapmom2019 I know some yoga poses are a big no during pregnancy. I would probably avoid hot yoga if it were me. These are all great questions for your OB too. 
  • @gapmom2019 I've read that you should avoid any activities that would raise your body temperature including hot yoga. Yiu should look into prenatal yoga. I have friends who swore by it during their pregnancies.
  • @gapmom2019 not sure about yoga but I exercise 5 days a week, I called my OB to confirm and was told to lower my weights but could continue exercising as long as I wasn't introducing anything new. The hot yoga is probably a no though if I had to guess. 
  • Ladies I need some advice. I’ve still been temping most mornings. I stepped away from the thermometer over the weekend because I was in a wedding and knew my sleep wouldn’t be the best and could cause fluctuations that would cause unnecessary worry. This morning I decided to temp when I woke up, which was 1.5-2.5hrs after I’ve been temping. My temp was in the range of what it’s been at that early time. So converting back 2.5 hours has be way way low. Like pre-implantation levels but not quite to my coverline. Should I call my OB to ask about getting progesterone checked? Or wait and temp tomorrow at my usual time and see if it’s still low or lower before calling. When I’ve temped previously at the time I temped today it’s been 0.4 degrees higher.  I’m shockingly not freaking out as much as I thought I would be with a seemingly really low temp. Any thoughts? 
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