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  • @gapmom2019 I feel like the yoga would be a no because of the temp- they probably don't want you passing out. But regular yoga or any other workout should be fine, especially if you've already been doing it. If you have a good instructor, they should be able to give you alternative poses or exercises as it gets farther down the line. 

  • @kopp5988 I'm definitely not an expert on temping and I didn't even temp this time around, but I probably wouldn't put too much stock/worry in one temp that you also had to convert since it was taken later as well. If you are worried and you want to call your OB, I say go for it. My OB puts no stock in temping and even less in temping while pregnant, not sure about your practice. 
  • @creamcheeseplease thanks I just needed to hear it from someone else! 
  • @kopp5988 I would take my temp again in the morning and see if it is where it should be. If you keep taking your temp at your normal time and it is still low, I would call your OB. Although, lots of OB's aren't knowledgable about temping so they may brush you off and think you're crazy.
  • @emeraldcity1214 thanks! I’m going to take it at normal time tomorrow to see where I’m at.  Hopefully I just don’t have a very big increase in the mornings and I’m always the same around 7 as I am around 430-530. 
  • I have a question for STMs... when did you start to show? The announcement thread got me wondering because I want to wait as long as possible to tell some people on my list, but I have no idea when it will be obvious! 
  • How do you tell the difference between cramping and round ligament pain?
  • @doglover87 For me round ligament pain was more of an ache, kind of like a pulled muscle on one side, which hurt more when I moved. I think it usually starts a little later, around the second trimester.

    I don't remember much cramping in the first trimester with my first pregnancy (I am probably just not remembering it), but am really making up for it now! Currently, my cramping is more centralized and lower in my pelvis than RLP, It feels a lot like the cramps I usually get the day before my period.

    This may not have been behind your question, but if it was: cramping is totally normal in early pregnancy. It is your uterus stretching to make room! If the cramps aren't severe and you aren't bleeding, I don't think you need to be worried (not a doctor, though, so check with yours if you are concerned!)
  • @abbsters-2 thanks for the info! Much appreciated. 
  • @sassafras917 I was showing around 10 weeks with my 2nd
  • @sassafras917 with #1 I didn’t show til 20 weeks, #2 probably more like 15, #3 really early lol. It depends a lot on your body too- some show early, some not until a lot later.

  • @doglover87 re: your comment about meditation, there actually is an app called Expectful that is meditations and mindfulness for pregnancy, birth, fertility, etc. There is a 7 day trial I believe. Maybe you'd like it! I get the worrying thing. Some of us are just predisposed or more susceptible to generalized types of anxieties.  Hang in there!
  • @gapmom2019 I agree that hot yoga is out in pregnancy. I love barre and am continuing to do that. There are definitely modified ab exercises that you can safely do through your entire pregnancy and will actually be beneficial for labor and delivery and post-partum. Are you going to studios or taking classes online/on demand? If in the studio, I'd ask the instructor about modification. If you're doing it online, there are a lot of videos that are specifically tailored to pregnant mamas and I would feel comfortable following those. Of course, like others mentioned, check in with your doc too, but with a well-reputable company, I'd feel confident following their prenatal videos.
  • @Rawa1416 @maythe4thbewithyou1234 thanks for your responses! I guess there's really no predicting it lol I'll just have to wait and see. 
  • Thanks @LoneStar21416 - I'll check out the app!
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    @gapmom2019 I did a lot of hot yoga (5x/week) before I got pregnant with my second, but my OB told me to switch to regular yoga when I was pregnant.  I did regular yoga until the 3rd trimester with both my pregnancies and switched to prenatal around 3rd tri. I'm going to do actually do prenatal and regular now because I liked the community aspect of prenatal yoga and wished I had joined sooner.  I also Orangetheory (hiit) about 4x/week and my OB said it's totally fine to keep doing it.  I haven't stopped doing the abs stuff yet, but I probably will soon.  This is just me though and talking to your OB is probably the safest option. 
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  • gapmom2019gapmom2019 member
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    @LoneStar21416 thanks. Good to know I can still do barre! I’m thinking buti yoga will be okay too since it’s not hot. It’s more of a mixture of yoga, cardio dance, and Pilates. I did find some good prenatal yoga routines on YouTube. 
  • I'm at work with what is going to be a huge headache (not migraine, luckily). I work at a government call center and I'm on the phones/computer basically all day - any remedies that can get me through my shift??? 
  • Sex during the first trimester? I’m 7w3d and although my doctor said it’s totally still scares me that it could effect the baby. Thoughts?
  • @amanda8kens as long as you haven't been put on restriction for a medical reason sex during first trimester is perfectly fine. 
  • Does anyone know the latest guidelines for Zika ? I read that the Bahamas , Cayman Islands and Bermuda are all Zika free but now if I go on the CDC website , Bahamas and Cayman Islands now say “ We do not have accurate information on the current level of risk “ . That doesn’t seem very helpful when they clearly said they were Zika free in 2018, wondering if anyone knows anything about this ?
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    @knottie7777 Those places are not and never were “Zika free,” but the travel advisory was lifted in 2018 because it was no longer considered an outbreak. Now, because much of the data comes second hand, the CDC cannot assume liability for giving a risk level. All they can do is say it’s no longer officially an outbreak, but that there are past or current documented cases and a potential for infection exists. 

    This page explains it well
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    I've been having spotting so my doctor is monitoring my HCG levels. The results come back online so I can see them, but I'm having trouble figuring out how many weeks I am according to their chart (see picture!). 

    I am 6 weeks today and 2238 HCG.

    Their chart says Under 1 week levels should be 5-50, 1-2 week levels 5-500 etc. But you don't start producing HCG until implantation so I am confused how this works! Do I count weeks since implantation, putting me around 3 weeks according to their chart?  If so, I am right where I should be. If I look at 6 weeks according to their chart I am waaay low. 

    Help!! Thanks!!
  • @Kaydub7 I've never known a doctor to use HCG to date a pregnancy.  If you have relatively normal cycles, your LMP is the best way to date your pregnancy until you have an ultrasound.  As you can tell from the chart, there is an incredibly wide range with these estimates.  If you're experiencing spotting, the more important question is whether your HCG is continuing to increase, or whether it is falling.  If you only have that one number, it's relatively meaningless at this point.  Did you go for another draw yet?  
  • Kaydub7Kaydub7 member
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    Sorry should have mentioned the first one! So on Tuesday I was 1355 and then today (Thursday) it was 2238. So it was 60% in 48 hours which is apparently a good increase. 

    I'm just worried because those levels are super low according to the chart. I just can't tell what date I should be using according to this chart. Cause you can't produce HCG at 1 week so I feel like it must be incorrect?

    But it seems to be such a range. I know I should stop worrying but I'm driving myself crazy! I'm going back on Saturday for another draw.
  • @Kaydub7 I didn’t understand my first reading so I just gave the nurse a call. That’s what they’re there for! 😊
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    Hello all! I have a quick question for STM+. I am just 5w today and I have been SO bloated and gassy since about 3w2d. TW I have previously MC at 5w1d and was also very bloated during that pregnancy, so my belly is pre-stretched if you will end TW. I haven't been able to button any jeans, even with the hair tie hack for weeks but due to my history, we'd like to keep our bundle of joy a secret a little longer. Does anyone have tips for concealing this without jumping into maternity clothes that are too obviously maternity? I've included a picture of my bloat at 4w1d for reference!
  • Just asking but I wasn't able to breastfeed my son when he was born. He wasn't able to latch on. So what's the chances that my second child can breastfeed. 
  • KurtniKurtni member
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    Wondering what your experience with Zofran or diclegis was like? At what point did you feel the need to ask for it, what information did your provider give you to consider before prescribing? 

    I am having really awful nausea all day every day for the last week and it’s getting more intense. I never experienced it like this before but it’s really impacting my life. My first appointment isn’t for another week and a half. Im hesitating to call and ask for meds because im not actually throwing up that much, maybe once a day or even every other day. It’s just the constant nauseous feeling doing me in. 

    Basically wondering what point did you know “this is beyond normal”. 
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  • JBos82JBos82 member
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    @Kurtni With my first, I spent an entire day/night vomiting and called the on call doc at 5am to ask if I could take a zofran that I had at home (I was about 5 weeks and hadn’t seen them yet). They had me go to the hospital and get fluids and prescribed zofran and I think reglan. I took those any time I was having a “bad” vomiting day, so 3+ times or more. But I needed it throughout my pregnancy.

    With my second, I was prescribed diclegis and took it every day. If I forgot to take it, I’d get violently sick again, so I would take zofran on those days. My nausea started at about 5 weeks then too, so they got me on meds right away.

    With this one, I’ve been nauseous since cycle day 27 (I tested on day 38), so I started taking my old diclegis prescription right away and my doc called more in for me right away. I’m still nauseous, but I’m not getting violently sick like I was with the other two, just a couple of times, and fairly mild.

    If you feel like you would do better on meds, you can definitely call and ask for a diclegis prescription before your appointment and see if it helps. Most women do start to feel better once they enter the second trimester, which is reassuring! I’m one of the unlucky ones that end up sick right up until the end. 

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    So I have have what @abbsters-2 described as round ligament pain in my left side/back (around my left hip really) but I'm only 4 weeks + 6 days so it has to be way too early for that if it doesn't start until the second trimester. The sensation is not painful just noticeable and so it makes me worry about possible ectopic. It's really only noticeable on my left side and the left side of my back. I have no memory of pulling a muscle, etc. 

    Any ideas if this just a random normal feeling or should I be concerned about this?
  • @Kurtni so sorry you are feeling so nauseous. I had terrible morning/all day sickness with DD. I felt bad going to see a doctor because I didn’t want them to think I was just being a “baby.” One night just like @JBos82, I was throwing up allllllll night long. I finally went to the ER and they gave me Zofran and diclectin. I was still throwing up/nauseous a lot throughout the rest of my pregnancy, but it did take the edge off and made life a little more manageable. 

  • @darmargrayah I'm definitely not an expert, and I think every pregnancy is different. I didn't have any RLP until later, but that doesn't mean you can't be having it earlier. Or maybe your uterus stretching feels different than mine did?
  • lw11lw11 member
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    So...I know that due date is determined by the start of your LMP, but what if I know the exact day I conceived?? I feel like my actual due date will be like 5 days later than what they guess cause by the LMP they are estimating it by the range of ovulation days right?? 
    Sorry just thinking out loud lol. 
  • @lw11 If you're certain about your ovulation date (via temping and temp shift) then I would count back 14 days from your temp shift and give them that date for your LMP. 
  • KurtniKurtni member
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    @lw11 maybe ask for a dating ultrasound/ say you’re not sure of dates? LMP starts counting from the day your period started, it assumes you ovulate cycle day 14. So if you know you ovulated later or earlier, expect it to be off. 
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  • @lw11 I got pregnant on a weird short 25 day cycle, if you go by my LMP my due date it 11/21 but I know I ovulated on CD12 so I should have a due date of 11/18 instead. You should get a dating ultrasound around 8 weeks because most people dont know their exact dates and also lots of people dont ovulate on CD14.
  • STM/or STM+ who have had a prior C section.. when do you plan to start talking to your OB about RCS or VBAC? I realize some may already know that they are RCS, but not, j/w when you plan to start that conversation? I didn't ask about it at my first appointment because so much can change that would make me not a VBAC candidate, but I actually have no clue if she considers me a potential candidate or not.
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