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  • @natehk - I totally second Wonder Weeks.  It is amazing how helpful just knowing they were going through something that you couldn't change helps mom's sanity.  I highly recommend. 

    Also, I read Brain Rules by John Medina which was an interesting read as well but if you are only going to read one then I recommend Wonder Weeks. 

    If you are looking to get ahead.  I loved my copy of Solve your child's sleep problems by Ferber.  It is more useful once baby is about 4-6 months but I definitely used it to get my babies to sleep through the night.  I referred to it more times then I know with my first since I gave her terrible sleep habits initially.
  • I third the Wonder Weeks app! It was pretty spot on for everything my son went through as an infant. 
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  • I liked the Wonder Weeks app too, but never read the book.  The Happiest Baby on the Block is another helpful one.  If I were you, I’d spend this time researching sleep patterns and how to help create a good sleep pattern, environment, etc., as well as what’s normal for feedings.  I wish I had known more about both of those those during the first year rather than frantically researching while being up all night with a 6 month old baby that just didn’t like to sleep 🙃. Also, more broad and about child development, the Whole Brain Child books by Siegel and the Whole Child Parenting series are both excellent.  The second one has a series starting from infancy, but I did not find them until recently so I haven’t read the ones for younger ages yet.  
  • Another vote for wonder weeks. It really helps you get through those fussy periods because you have a better understanding of what is going on. 

    I posted Ted a link to a BF book in the BF thread. I highly recommend it. It has so much information and techniques to get baby to nurse when they are in that super sleepy state. 

    Personally, books that y’all about putting a newborn on a schedule aren’t something I would spend my time reading. Babies need their needs met right away to build trust and feel secure. They develop “bad habits” until 3 or 4 months anyways, which is when I typically start trying to form a schedule for my LO. 

    Also, if anyone tells you to stop holding your baby so much because you will “spoil him/her,” run, run far away from any advice that person gives. Enjoy every baby snuggle you get because before you know it, they will be running away from you because they are too busy for those cuddles. 
  • We scheduled my RCS in October, and my tubal. I’m extremely nervous and honestly so ready for the boys to be here. After 3 Singleton pregnancies & this twin pregnancy I’m done. This twin pregnancy has made me question my strength.
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  • Have any of you used hypnobirthing (the Mongan method?) for a previous pregnancy or started taking hypnobirthing classes for this pregnancy?

    ...What do you think of it? Any recommendations or warnings? 

    I hope this isn't a duplicate question, I don't think I have asked this in here yet, though. (I have asked a bunch of in-person friends, who, for the most part, haven't heard of hypnobirthing.)
  • Has anyone had  echogenic bowel show up on the ultrasound for their babies?
    DD born 8/12/11
    DD born 10/3/14
    DD born 10/10/16
    Twin boys due Nov '19
  • @Jlp12314812 I did with this little one. They noticed it at my anatomy scan at 20 weeks and sent me to MFM for another look. It had resolved itself by the time I saw MFM around 22/23 weeks and hasn't been an issue anymore.

    I'm sorry your dealing with this, I know I was stressed about what it meant at the time.
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  • Hey STM+ moms: does anyone have any book or resource suggestions on actual the pushing part? I’m taking a class and reading stuff, but my books really only cover it in like a chapter or few pages and even then don’t offer suggestions 
  • @mc0303 I’m rereading this one.  It was super helpful last time around to read all different birth stories and read about this midwife’s experiences with different births.  They talk about positions and ways to let your body relax during pushing.  Ina May's Guide to Childbirth "Updated With New Material"
  • @gumby22c they didn’t find it until 29 weeks. I have weekly ultrasounds so it’s still there. It’s stressing me out so much. 
    DD born 8/12/11
    DD born 10/3/14
    DD born 10/10/16
    Twin boys due Nov '19
  • I need some help... I am constantly getting acid reflux, upset stomach, and dizziness and I feel pretty certain at this point that it is at least partly because my prenatal pills have a substantial amount of zinc in them. (I am allergic to zinc and have taken multivitamins in the past that made me nauseous and light-headed because of the zinc content.)

    Do any of you know of a zinc-free (or *very* low zinc content) prenatal vitamin?

    Google search isnt helping much, when I put in 'zinc free' or 'no zinc,' it simply picks up on the zinc search term and gives me vitamins advertising that they have zinc in them.😕
  • @sunnyskiestoday - I would talk to your OB about it.  They may recommend instead of a all-encompassing prenatal vitamin that you switch to a few different vitamins that cover all the other things you need.  

    I have a friend who doesn't like taking multi- or prenatal vitamins and takes a variety of other supplements instead.  Not easier but it might make you feel better.
  • A compounding pharmacy might be able to help you with this
  • I need some help. Im 32 w 1 d . So I made the mistake of posting that  I was 8 months pregnant on fb. I have gotten a few people telling me im due in nov not oct.  Am i wrong ? Can someone break this down for me ?  
  • @tarahjm I'm a little confused about what you're asking.

    Are you asking if 32w would make you due in Nov? What EDD did your doc give you? I'm 33w 3d and due Nov 1st. If you're 32w, and therefore your EDD is 8 weeks from now, that would put you in Nov. Maybe you've got the weeks mixed up?

    If you're asking about whether 8 mo's pregnant means due in Nov instead of Oct, that's more difficult. Since pregnancy is measured in weeks it doesn't equate exactly to 30/31 day months. If you go by 4 weeks/month, then technically full term is 10 months instead of the 9 calendar months most people think of. It's confusing.

    FTR, if someone asks how far I am I say 8 mos. I'll switch to "just waiting on him" after I hit 36 weeks.
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  • My babies may be making their appearance in 2 weeks. I’m nervous, and my anxiety is getting to be too much.  
    DD born 8/12/11
    DD born 10/3/14
    DD born 10/10/16
    Twin boys due Nov '19
  • @tarahjm the main issue is that there is a difference between being 8 months pregnant, and being in your 8th month of pregnancy. At 32 weeks (as I am too) we have completed 7+ months of pregnancy but still have almost 8 weeks left. We aren’t 8 full months pregnant yet, because we have more than one month left... we are still in the 8th month but not 8 full months pregnant. Everyone gets this confused. People on fb probably freak out bc if you say you’re 8 months pregnant, they expect you to have the baby in one month or less.
  • Has anyone been having third trimester ultrasounds? 
    I had to have one at my 32w3d appointment to check on placenta location. (At my anatomy scan it was found I had an anterior placenta). 
    During this ultrasound calcification was found on my placenta. I will be having another ultrasound in two weeks to check how quickly it is progressing. Has anyone dealt with issues like this? Trying to
    stay calm and positive but it is nerve racking! Thankyou in advance for any input 🙂
  • @dnl92213 Im not sure what happened in my last pregnancy but my placenta started deteriorating too early. I had GD so I attributed it to that.

    Calcification is normal in pregnancy but too early could mean your placenta cant keep up with the demands of the baby. Likely they will keep monitoring it and probably have you do NSTs to keep track of babys movement. 

    Anterior placentas are fairly common so not likely a reason to do a scan unless other concerns were going on. Was it a low lying placenta or have you been feeling movement consistently?

    Hope the next scan doesnt show any progression and that they just keep monitoring for you!

  • @purplefan1
    my placenta was low lying and they wanted to make sure it wouldn’t cause issues with delivery. They also wanted to do a size check [email protected] weeks my weight jumped 10lbs in 4 weeks (my normal was 2-4lbs a month) and my uterus measurements hadn’t grown. It is my first so I’m trying to understand all that’s going on! It was also found at 28 weeks I had developed pretty bad anemia but that has since evened out with all the extra iron I’m on. 
    At 32 weeks GD was ruled out, my weight gain was back to normal at 3lbs and the anemia was under control. I just don’t understand how the calcification progresses and if I should be planning for an early arrival! 
    From what I’ve read right now I can only monitor myself through his movements, so I have been doing regular kick counts and just taking it easy so I don’t miss anything. I just don’t know what else I can do in the mean time
  • @dnl92213 I dont think you can do much else than monitor the kicks and do all follow up appointments. Again, it is common for calcification but usually happens at the end of pregnancy. If you have to do NSTs (nonstress tests) it is noninvasive and easy. They just hook you up to a monitor and track babies heart rate and you click a button when you feel movement. I wouldnt fret about it too much. Just relax and take care of yourself and monitor movement.

    But without knowing more of the situation or the progression if there is any, i would be prepared for a possible early delivery. Hopefully doc can guide you at the next appointment as to what you might be looking at.

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