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  • @meatballs37 I know you don’t know me, but I am SO freaking happy for you! I was never a participant of TTGP, but I lurked for the past year and learned a ton from you ladies. I also read your blog and cried my eyes out at almost every entry. 

    Huge congratulations and as corny as it sounds, I’m seriously honored to be on a BMB with you ❤️ 
  • @srscott3 thank you. ☺️❤️ I’m at a loss for words 
  • @meatballs37 AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Dirty lurking cause I’m so freaking excited!!!!
  • @meatballs37 ahhh no words!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    married 11.1.14

    ttc #1 since 5.18

    bfp 12.22.18 letrozole + progesterone

    d&e due to trisomy 13/hydrops at 15wks

    bfp 7.21.19 letrozole + IUI 

    little girl A born 3.26.20

  • @ibreemaboo got mine for at 7 weeks because we'd talked about needing to get me in for testing during my preconception appointment, because I live in a state with stupid laws *TW* that mean you can't do medically induced MC after 10 weeks *End TW* so she wanted to make sure we could get me in while we have all the options. If it's not considered a high risk pregnancy or if you are under 35, her office usually sets the first appointment at 9 or 10 weeks. Sorry that's not more useful!
  • Congratulations @meatballs37- so happy to see you over here! Sending you all the good vibes! 
    married 10.2016
    ttc #1 11.2017
    dx: unexplained
    letrozole + trigger + ti: bfn x 2
    iui #1 9.25.2019: bfn
    iui #2 10.23.2019; bfp 11.3.2019; edd 7.17.2020
    dd 7.6.2020

  • I was a dirty lurker on TTGP and I am SO happy that so many of you ladies are here!! 
  • @meatballs37 AHHHH! So excited for you! (You should go blow up the Grad thread, if you want)
  • @eleven_ and @meatballs37 - YAY!!!!!!! Big congratulations to both of you, I'm so excited to see you join the June BMB!!! I'll be lurking :)
  • @spacepiraterunner thanks! That helps get some perspective actually. Last time I had to wait until 10wks for an appt, so at least this time is 1wk sooner! Staying calm and optimistic over the next month will be my greatest challenge! 

    A H&H 9 months to all! 

  • ibreemaboo I won't see my midwife until 10 weeks here. I saw my doctor at 8 week with my son. I guess every area or office is a little different! 
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  • @prpl11butterfly I am so happy to see you here!! It’s looking like a great group so far. :love:
    FX betas are good and we all have boring, easy pregnancies with healthy babies. 
  • *lurking creepily*

    @prpl11butterfly YESSSSSSS!!!!! OMG i’m SOOOOOOOO freaking excited for you!!!! Have the happiest, healthiest, most boring ever 9 months!!! You deserve it soooooooo much!! I am so excited for you friend!! 
  • @prpl11butterfly Not gonna lie, I was lurking this morning looking for you and HERE YOU ARE!!! Big hugs, so so happy for you and FX this is your stickiest little bean!! <3 

    TTC History:

    Me: 36  MH: 39, TTC since Dec 2017

    Aug '18: PCOS dx

    Nov '18: MH SA - 19mil

    Dec '18-Mar '19: Letrozole + TI - all BFN

    Apr '19: Letrozole + TI, - BFN.  Repeat SA (27mil) & DNA fragmentation test (17%)

    Aug '19: Letrozole + HCG trigger + IUI + prog supp - BFN (MH: 16mil)

    Sep '19: 2nd IUI, same protocol - BFN (MH: 16mil) 

    Dec '19: IVF #1 w/ICSI, PGT. 5 retrieved, 4 fertilized, 3 blasts, 3 PGT-A normal.

    Mar '20: FET #1, perfect 5AA blast transferred. BFN.

    Sept '20: FET #2, 5BB tsf. 9/18/20 BFP!! EDD: 5/27/21. MMC 11w                                                  

    Feb ‘21: FET #3, last 6BB blast transferred. BFP, EDD 11/2/21. MC 5w3d. 

    May '21: IVF #2 w/ICSI, PGT. 8R, 7M, 6F, 6 blasts - 3AB, 3AB, 3BB, 4BB, 5BB, 6BA. Fresh tsf 5/13/21 - BFN. 

    June '21: PGT-A results = 3 abnormal, 1 low level mosaic. Referred to new REI, had consult with 2nd RE in between. 

    Sept '21: RPL, immune testing normal

    Oct '21: IVF #3 w/IMSI, PGT. 33R, 26M, 23F, 9 blasts (7 day 6, 2 day 7). PGT-A = 5 normal, 1 mosaic

    Dec '21: Positive for endometritis, RX Flagyl & Keflex

    Jan '22: FET #5 - Kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol incl. PRP, intralipids, prednisone, medrol, nivestym, fragmin - CP

    Feb '22: FET #6 - Kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol w/higher doses of pred & fragmin - BFN

    Mar '22: Mock cycle for ERA - cancelled, repeat endometrial biopsy instead. Still positive for endometritis. RX ciprofloxacin & amoxicillin. 

    Apr '22: IVF #4 w/IMSI, PGT. 28R, 23M, 16F, 11 blasts. PGT-A = 6 normal. 

    June '22: FET #7 - Microdose lupron downreg w/kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol - double embryo transfer. BFN.

    July '22: FET #8 - Mini stim w/Puregon + trigger, kitchen sink immune/RIF protocol. BFN. 

    Sep '22: Taking a break

    Dec '22: Attempted abdominal myomectomy, fibroid too close to cervix and major blood vessels. Wasn't removed. 

    Feb '23: FET #9 - Modified natural w/baby asp, HCG trigger, PIO, PRP, Medrol, HCG wash, embryo glue - BFP!! EDD 11/11/23

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