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    Hey! So I have considered calling my doctor about pcos a few times. However,  I went in 2 months after stopping birth control due to a 35 day cycle and they told me it could take up to 1 yr to be regular. So I just blamed my 45 day cycle last month as my body regulating. I used opks for 2 months with great success,  meaning I had 2 or 3 positives in a row...normal right? Last cycle, however,  I got a positive very early in my cycle so I  retested hours later and got a negative. This happened on 3 or 4 different occasions.  I blamed that on the cheapo opk I was using. This cycle I'm using the clear blue digital and so far all negatives. I've heard all women can experience an off month every once in a while. Could last month just be an off month for me or do you think I should call the Dr anyway.  I know you're not a dr, but just looking for advice.  I don't want to go in and look dumb again...
    You should also know every woman in my family struggles with weight although my mom had no problem getting ku. Although I've been here for 6 months,  we just got really serious about trying 2 months ago. .
    November 26
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