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  • ninami
    Nice to meet you suzycupcake, thank you for the invite:). Would be great to be part of this group.Still trying to figure out how this message board works.
    November 27
  • ChelseaBug22
    No my period is 35 days late from when it was “suppose to come” on September 30th.. I didn’t count from my last period?? Am I suppose too?
    November 4
  • praying4blessings17
    Hey it wont let me post a reply on October 2018 IUI. New to this board if you could help I would really appreciate it but anyways... 
    Had my first IUI treatment this past Friday Oct 27th and from what I read I am really concerned... I was on Clomid 100 mg bc 50 didnt work and when we had our ultrasound we had SIX dominant follicles all over 21mm, two of which were 25mm. Doc said nothing about canceling we didnt even know 6 was a lot. Had to use donor sperm which had 63 million sperm in the one vial. My husband had surgery and does not produce sperm anymore (weve had two miscarriages in the past bc I have MTHFR) I have to be on blood thinning shots most likely Lovenox twice a day. I am currently concerned of multiples... We just wanted a healthy baby and now I am so scared. Friday I took an Ovulation test and got my smiley face so I was ovulating and he gave me a trigger shot three hours before IUI. Anyone else been through something similar.
    October 30