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    Hi! I am Jada, this is my first time participating in the birth month groups. I have an 18 month old, his name is Nash. My so’s name is Ethan, he is a carpenter. I am currently a stay at home mom trying to navigate this 1st trimester exaustion while chasing around a toddler! My edd is set at June 15th, the ultrasound tech put me at the 21st but couldn’t change it because it wasn’t 7 or more days off. I guess baby will get here when he/she gets here! Excited to get to know you all! 
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  • Hi mommas! 

    First of all, congrats to you all! I am currently 13 weeks pregnant with my second child. I am due June 23/2019. My son is ten months old!! Holy crap, two under two! Haha. 

    it took us almost four years to get pregnant with my son, which requires fertility treatments (IUI). We were in the works with the fertility clinic again and were waiting on my next cycle to start letrozole and do an IUI when I became pregnant on my own. 

    We are announcing that we are pregnant to our families on Christmas! We will probably announce to social media on New Years!! 

    Im from Ontario Canada :) looking forward to speaking with you ladies more. 

  • I have a ten month old as well and I’m pregnant too. Life is about to get crazy haha 
  • Where abouts in Ontario are you!? 
  • Hey to all the blessed Mommy's to be. God is great!!! My name is Jessica and I'm 15 weeks and 1 day pregnant with my blessed number (drum roll please)........6!!!!!! YesSSS I can't believe it either lol I'm still taking it all in but I feel so blessed and healthy and my other children are excited as well. I am married 19 years with my soul mate married five of those 19 years. I'm 33 years young. 
  • Hi everyone!
    My name is Christina and this is my first pregnancy. I am currently 15 weeks, so EDD is June 20th. I am so excited and I can’t wait to meet this little one. 
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  • Hello ladies! I’m new here, I’ve been following along for a while but wanted to wait a bit to get involved on the boards. My husband and I have a wild and fearless two-year-old and I am expecting twins in June. We are nervous about being outnumbered but of course excited to add to our family! 
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    Hey! So I’m new. I’m 31 and this is my first child (always wished it would have been when I was 22) but here I am. My boyfriend and I are excited. He already has a 3 year old girl and that kind of has made it difficult because he “already has his little princess”. We are hoping for a boy though and we have chosen names for both sexes. We aren’t finding out until it is born though so fingers crossed. Him and I talk a lot about things that bother me so it’s been nice and way easier. Right now we are limited on any sexual activity that consists of any actual sex which sucks because my placenta is low but not touching my cervix at all. I’m hoping it changes because that’s something we’ve always enjoyed together. It’s been a tough situation overall with just so much going on in life but we are trying to stay positive and he goes to all of my appointments and always is willing to help me out. But I’m 18 weeks today and we are due June 8th. Just hoping everything goes well until then. I also have a farm with two dogs and two horses along with 2 cats and a cow. So we are quite busy together overall. I just hate not being able to help out like I was for awhile there. 
  • Hello! I'm late joining and posting to this group, but I've been coming on to read every once in awhile. I'm a STM in California with an EDD of June 5th. I have an (almost) 5 year old DS who is very excited for a new baby. This will be my boyfriend's first child (I'm divorced) and he's super nervous and excited.

    I'm 20 weeks tomorrow and definitely feeling it! Looking forward to actually interacting with you all.
  • Welcome @amandarenee916
    I couldn’t help but notice your name and if you’re in the 916 zip code - I am too! We should chat about hospitals and OB’s and all the local stuff sometime soon. :-)
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    Hey hey @raemy12345 ! Yay! For sure! I live in Elk Grove and work in Sac.
  • @amandarenee916 I just sent you a PM :-)
  • Hey fellow Mamas! I’m Ana and my little Bean is due on June 13th! I am super excited and super nervous because I am only 20 and a lot of people are not being very supportive. But the Daddy is my #1 fan and is so excited! We are currently in a bit of a confusing living situation and so I was blessed with my parents to agree to help provide for the Bean financially. They are also extremely supportive! Super excited to meet the new Bean!
  • Hi everyone! I'm kind of late posting compared to most of the other posts I've seen but my name is Sarah and my husband's name is Jonny. We have two crazy dogs who we are hoping will calm down and just love our baby who is due on June 27th. We are *fingers crossed* going to be finding out the gender on January 29th! Excited to be a part of the june baby community and thankful that we have this kind of communication technology this day in age!
  • My name is Marisa I’m 17 and 20 weeks & 2 days my due date is June 13th!Currently going to a special high school to help me graduate on time so me and my baby girl can walk the stage together 💜 it’s nice to see everyone who’s having a June baby!hope everyone has a healthy pregnancy I’m so excited
  • Hi mamas, 

    This is my 2nd baby, I previously had DD and decided, what the heck I should have another, lol. So happy and excited for all of us! 
  • Hi,

    I’m a really late joiner but wanted to say hi in case I start to join in and post. I’ve been starting to get more pregnancy insomnia which is when I bumped a lot last time! My name is Lynn and I’m a STM and a SAHP other than a little part-time work coaching a sport. My 1st was a June 2016 baby so I’m just hoping they don’t end up with the same birthday! 
  • Hello Ladies,

    My name is Emily I am 25 and pregnant with my second child. My first was a boy, Hunter and he is 6. And this baby I am currently 33 with an EDD of June 13, 20192 weeks and completely ready for this baby girl to come out. 
  • Suuuper late to the party, but better late than never?! I signed up for the page and then forgot to come back and I feel I have missed out.
    EED June 3rd. First pregnancy for hubby and me. 
    Happy to be here :) 
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  • Hello! My name is Amber and I gave birth to my first child and son on June 16th of this year. It’s been a real struggle, especially with having my husband deployed. He’s now 2 months and already on his way to standing! Not on his own, of course. He’s an extremely active baby but also very calm. I’ve never known him to cry aside from when he’s either hungry or sleepy. 
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