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  • @hayhay93 my niece is named River and we all love it& think it fits her perfectly!!
  • hayhay93 said:
    River for a boy. Thinking River could also work for a girl, but I just can’t picture using it for that purpose. Have no idea for girl names. I like Amelie but my bf doesn’t like it, he said “I don’t want to name her after that goofy movie” lol. He likes Charlotte(His first name is Charles but he goes by his middle name), so I think that’s cool because they would have the same first and last initial. Idk. It’s so hard! I love seeing everyone’s names! 
    It's not a goofy movie!! lol Amelie is our go-to for a girl. Maybe go with Charlotte of both.

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  • hayhay93 Amelie is one of DH and my favorite movies. One day, we were watching it and I said, I would love to name our daughter that, if we ever had one. BOOM! If we have a girl, Amelie Violet. So, I'm TOTALLY on team Amelie for you!!! 

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  • I love River for a boy or girl. I def picture it on a girl as well, but I'm a huge Firefly fan.  Lol.
  • @zombiehoohaa Amelie is one of those movies that I can watch over and over and never get tired of it. I like Jean-Pierre Jeunet so much. Have you watched any of his other movies? I recommend - A Very Long Engagement. 
  • @hayhay93 Ive only seen it once. I may need to go back and watch again. Amelie is just a priceless movie. 

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  • @hayhay93 Omgosh same!!!  I would have named one of my girls Kaylee or Zoe but those are both my neice' s names.  Inara is pretty too but doesn't go with my other 3 kiddos. 
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    Love browsing this thread to see everyone's names! Here's what I'm thinking: 

    Boys: Finnley, but not 100% set on this. Anyone have any boy "ley" names they can suggest? 

    Girls: Torn between Hadley or Waverly

    Bradley, Wesley, Westley. I also like Finnley, especially the nick name Finn!


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  • For now, I've narrowed it down to 4:

    Boys: Remington or Ender
    Girls: Amelia or Maren

    Middle name is Lee for a boy, Elizabeth for a girl.

    taking opinions  ;)
  • My husband is violently opposed to my favorite boy name, used either as a first or a middle name, even though it's a family name that's important to me. The name is Worth. I've been trying to change his mind about it for 4 years and he won't budge. So I need for someone else to please use my grandfather's name. 

  • @ckmb_knottie Maren is absolutely beautiful

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    Zoey Hazel

    Landon Ivan

    Both middle names are my DH's maternal grandparents first names
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    @beanship what are his objections to Worth? Even as a middle name? 

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  • @KellyFM522 - He just doesn't like it and thinks it sounds stupid. I mean I've literally been begging to use this name since we got married, but he won't budge on it. And he's a stubborn man. So I've given up on it. Womp womp. The only upside is that, since he gets absolute veto power over names he hates, I also get absolute veto power over names I hate. He really wanted Monica for a girl, but I got to veto it because it reminded me too much of Monica Lewinsky. 

  • DH is not liking the boy names I like this time. Boy names I'm liking are Broderick nn Brody, Soren, Ashton and Hudson.

    For girls In like Brielle, Ensley and Sienna. DH is not liking Ensley but is ok with the others.

    Any thoughts? I won't be mad if you duys don't like them and I'm open to suggestions.

    2 year old DD is Audrey and we were both 100% in agreement on her name.
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  • @ckmb_knottie Maren goes better with Elizabeth. Amelia Elizabeth has a lot of vowel sounds and it can blur the names together, but both are lovely! 

  • @runsomewhere I love Brielle. Meh on Ensley and Sienna. 

    I like all all your boy names... and think they are in the same ‘style’ as Audrey. I haven’t heard Soren before. I like it!

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  • @djh513 thanks! It's nice to get some outside opinions. I'm liking Brielle the most out of the girl names but when I mentioned it to my dad he was like "what, braille? lkike the written code?"

    I love Soren, I want a boy name that's strong/masculine and unique but still a real name. 
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  • @runsomewhere I really like Soren, it's different!
    Our picks so far are Maia Eleonor for a girl and Finn for a boy, we have no middle name for that one yet
  • Eleanor is our girl name, but she would go by Nora. Love it!
  • @Maddymzungu my mother's name is Eleonora (I'm Italian). Eleonor is my husband's favorite name, but I wouldn't want to use it as a first name, so if it's a girl we would like to incorporate it as a middle name. I love it too, though my favorite was Daphne and he hates it lol.
  • I still have, like, 20 for each sex.  I don't know how we're going to narrow it down. 

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  • I still have, like, 20 for each sex.  I don't know how we're going to narrow it down. 
    Twins. At least in the girl department. 
  • @christycalifornia dear lord I can hardly think of two I really like let alone 20! Lol at least you have options lol
  • I really loved Amelia but at this point so many people are naming their girls Amelia that the name has just turned blah for me 
  • @rosettesandstripes it helps that we'd been trying for a really long time, so any time I've heard or read a name I liked over the last two years I've written it down. ;)

    Me: 33, DH: 37
    Married: May 2006
    The Bean: Born April 2014
    Formerly BiggerinRealLife on April14

  • So my hubby has vetoed basically everything I like to which I end up complaining, "ok.. why dont you throw a name out sometime, cuz im pretty sure you hate ALL names."  And then he'll mumble something about how we still have months and months and not to worry about it.  So frustrating!  Anyway, yesterday he finally throws out a nick name he likes, but said he cldnt think of a name to go with that he liked.  He loves "Ellie" for a girl, but not Eleanor or Elizabeth or Elaina.  I love Ellie too, but my sister is due in March with a girl and naming her Ella.  Are these too close?  Like wld she be mad if we went with Ellie.  I also had a dream last night and it was a girl and we called her Ellison (like Allison but with an E)  so weird, but I kinda like it...
  • @christycalifornia then I agree narrowing down is going to be tough ! 
  • We also agreed on Delilah but I’m not IN LOVE with it. I just like it 
  • I REALLY love Valerie, Jade and Jasmine. Also Lucy and Jane. And my mom and her sisters' names: Arcella, Theresa and Rosalind, but I don't think I'll use those. Also, Rosemarie (my grandmother). LOL, I'm actually pretty sure ALL of my girl names are from some relative of mine or another. If it's a boy, I dunno. I seem to be less excited about boy names. We kinda of like Guy and Whitney. Those are both pretty old fashioned though.
  • Hello!  I was lurking till I got the result of my second beta on today, but like @peytonpedro I’m going there.  

    @acunamatada We like the name Calliope so much that we named our fur child that!  DH’s family tradition is to name their dogs after characters in Greek mythology.  We thought we might shorten it to Calli(e) but never did.  She’s beautiful (yes we’re totally biased) and we are SO in love with this dog (a very sweet, leggy dobie/ridgeback mix - we rescued her 6 mos ago today). Although some nights we wonder if she’s so vocal (she’s really not unless another dog gets her going) because we named her Calliope.  I hope this isn’t offensive ‘cause I certainly don’t mean it to be - growing up I knew of a dog who had my nickname phonetically and didn’t think much of it.

    It feels a little early for us to think about names - but we *TW* lost a girl with our last pregnancy, so I have a first name to which I’m partial in mind (I am a dork and like the Harry Potter-style alliteration) - we have a T last name and DH’s dad is Welsh.  This one is also a girl per PGS testing - but DH doesn’t want to know the gender till like 20 weeks (okay I just picked a number - but now), so we won’t be having this discussion any time soon if he has his way.  All the kids in DH’s family also have four names - so I’ll probably campaign to make my family name the second middle name.
    My daughter name is is Ginevera (Ginny) for short. 
    Mom of 3 (Ginny 4 yrs old), (Miles 2 yrs old), and (Mason due June 15th) 
  • So currently:
    DD: Ginevera (Ginny) Lynne. Her first name is from Harry Potter and she shares her middle name with my long time friend. 
    DS: Miles Alton. First name is from a book called Dune. Middle name is my great-grandfather middle name. 
    DS: Mason Allen. First name I read in a baby name book and it stuck. Middle name is my husband middle name. 

    This one if it's a girl her name will be Cassandra (Cassie) Marie. Middle name came from my mom middle name. 

    If it's a boy his name is Benjamin James. I love the name Benjamin. James is the middle name of my husband grandfather. My brother name and my brother-in-law name. We are going to call him B.J for short. 

    Mom of 3 (Ginny 4 yrs old), (Miles 2 yrs old), and (Mason due June 15th) 
  • @MyBell524 one of my friends’ daughter’s name is Ellison and they call her Ellie! I think it’s pretty!

  • So after having 2 wonderful boys (Chris and Rory), we found out today that we’re having another boy! We have a few girls names but zero boys names left! We like to name kids after family members and we’re at a complete loss. Why is this so hard?!

  • This is my second baby and we have found ZERO names that we really like so far. ZERO. Ahhhhhhh!!!
  • dw1031 said:
    So after having 2 wonderful boys (Chris and Rory), we found out today that we’re having another boy! We have a few girls names but zero boys names left! We like to name kids after family members and we’re at a complete loss. Why is this so hard?!
    I feel you. We struggled naming DS2 and I'm convinced that #3 is a boy. I'm not ready to play the name game with my husband...
  • Currently pregnant with twins. Don’t know if they’re g/g, b/b or b/gThere’s so many names we don’t agree on. We both LOVE Mila but he says (my-la) and I say (me-la) so I’m not going to use it if we can’t agree how to say it. As of right now I’m leaning toward Otto and Audrey for b/g and Julia and Gemma for girls. No idea if they turn out b/b. Lol! Carmela is another favorite of mine. 
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