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  • @carebear622 it's supposed to be a secret but I keep going back and forth between "this is the perfect name" and "my kid is going to hate me forever for choosing this" so I would actually love some feedback. We want to name her Buffy, as in Buffy the vampire slayer. 
    I would hate you forever lol. It's cutesy for a baby and toddler but questionable for an adult. 
    I feel similarly about the name Bridger for a boy. I sort of love it but sort of think the kid would hate me, plus my husband'a response to it was not good.
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  • I don't know @carebear622. I'm a bit 80's nerd, so I love the rich-bitch nostalgia of the name. And personally, Buffy (as in the show) is a huge feminist and gay icon, so I love that and am all about it. I love naming my girls after strong female characters. If my experience on my last BMB is anything to go by, most names that are outside the norm get a lot of negativity, so if you love it, I'd just own it and do you. I mean, don't name your kid Ahmiracle or something, but Buffy I can dig.

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  • Lots of interesting names on this forum! For a girl I want to name her Maysa, May for short. May is one of my aunts' name and I have always liked it. Would it be weird to call my daughter May even if she is born in July? Haha.

    For the first boy in our family he named after my father in law. It is a long tradition in their family and j don't want to be the first to break it
  • **LURKER** from the july 2016 board (and currently in my TWW for possibly #2) but I'm in love with the names 
    Willow Audrey (or Willow Blair) 
    William (Liam) Edward , which is SO's family name so I can't escape that for a boy. Good thing I'm partial to the name Liam. ;) 
    Ethan James 
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    @canucklehead123 What about doing Evelynne Sophia? And I agree, we are having a hard time with boy names! I'm stressing because I love our girl name so much! 
  • Dh and I have names set.  

    Boy: Coda James Alfonso (Alfonso is his late father's name)

    Girl: Amelie Violet (Violet is my great grandma's name)

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    I have two names that my husband and I have agreed on. The only problem is we only agree on them if they’re used in we would need to have twins lol

    Girl - Harlow
    Boy - (or girl) Rowan
  • For a boy we will probably do Archer or Jackson and for a girl probably Evelyn or Brienne 
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  • My husband's family has a tradition of all first names starting with J's so we will be keeping that going. And, surprisingly, my husband has had a girl name picked out for a long time, luckily I really like it too. He also is pretty sure on the boy name but we will see. 

    Girl - Jocelyn Ann - Ann is both of our moms middle name so thats an easy win. 
    Boy - possibly Jordan, not sure on a middle name yet. 

  • It’s a girl, so if it works out (fx) I really like:

    Ruby Elise
    Lillian Elise
    Olivia Elise 

     <3  <3 <3
  • Girl name: Luella Selene (still a maybe on the middle name) 

    Boy name: Elliot Dean (Dean is DH’s grandpa’s name and DH’s middle name too.)
  • @kmac103 my mom's name is Barbara Jean! She goes by Jean. I really liked the idea of making my girl's middle name Jean, but my husband vetoed it. 

  • My runner up for my DD1 was Sage so I think I’ll push for that if it’s a girl. Middle name will probably be Estelle because it’s a family name  

    Boy names are much harder for me to find a good one! I know the middle name will be Andrew or Joseph because of a brother I lost. I saw the name Cade in a book the other day and really liked it.

    We’ll see what DH agrees with!
  • @kg_tx I really like Jocelyn
  • My late grandmothers name was also Barbara Ann!!  My middle name is also Ann :) 
  • Before we found out we were expecting we discussed names often and were sold on Corinne Nicole for a girl and Lincoln Cameron for a boy. 

    now the more I think about them I am not loving them anymore. DH thinks im,crazy I just don't love the names. We still have plenty of time to figure out names but by this point with DS we knew he was a Wyatt, No questions asked. 

    We are going back to the drawing board I think.  

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  • I love reading everyone’s names! My list is long, but I do have one. 

    Margaret (the nn Daisy is my #1 guilty pleasure)
    Elisabeth (nn Birdie, also very high on the GP list)
    Blythe (another guilty pleasure that I can’t let go of because the meaning—carefree—is so lovely)
    Nelson (my maiden name, nn Nell)

    Margaret Blythe nn Daisy is what my dreams are made of, but I might die of shock if MH even entertained it. 

    For boys its a bit shorter and not so wild. Basically Connor or James with one of my grandfathers names in the middle (Silas or Frederick). 

  • DH & I are picky. Mostly me...but we have certainly agreed on no biblical names (we’re both atheist, so religious names don’t fit us). 

    I do have a secret list of potential first names, and I have a plan.

    1) At about seven months -reveal names to DH.
    2) We’ll narrow down names -five for pink, five for blue (DH is convinced that we’re pink because pilots have a disproportionate number of DDs than DSs).
    3) From there we’ll pick middle names together, probably not using any family names.
    4) After the baby is born, and hopefully after we have both rested, we will pull out the list and decide.

    We don’t feel the need to be too hasty. 
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  • Loving all these names so far. I’m especially partial to the classics. My favorite great grandmother was Esther but hubs was not having it. We actually weren’t going to discuss names this time around so early, but last night hubs randomly shares that he is hoping for a girl and would love to name her Pearl Jane. And our last name begins with a P so it flows nicely.

    We’ve always disagreed about boy names so that will be a little tougher. So far, I like Ezra, Luca, and Oliver. 
  • @zande2016 boy names are soooo hard for us, too! We have been working on names for a couple years now and our girl list is sooooo long but we have only ever fallen on 2 boy names.... why is it so much harder!?
  • Soooo many cute names here! Sorry I can't comment on all, took me a while to go through the discussion:)

    So, for a girl I absolutely LOVE Daphne Eleonor. DH loves Eleonor but my mom's name is Eleonora and I don't want to use the same. He always said it was cute and now that we are preggo he confessed he doesn't like Daphne
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    @kmartinez0620 Did you name your son after Dirk Nowitzki?  If so, I LOVE that - he’s my favorite!  Poor Mavs - tough season.
  • These are my favorite posts! Names are so fun. DH and I have similar tastes in that we favor old-fashioned, classic names, but he tends to think some of my choices are “too weird.” We also try to incorporate family names.

    DD is Cecilia Mae (Mae is my late aunt’s middle name)
    DS is Louis Gabriel (Louis is DH’s grandfather, Gabriel is my grandfather)

    Some boy names I’m favoring this time: Theodore Thomas, Franklin Lionel, Tobias William, and August Lionel. (Thomas is DH’s middle name, Lionel is my dad’s middle name, and William is my uncle)

    Girls: Francesca Irene, Josephine Rose, Margaret Althea, and Margot Irene. (Irene is DH’s grandmother, Rose is for my grandmother, and Althea is my grandmother)
  • I think my husband has locked down Cecilia Ann for a girl, the boy name is up in the air. His family has a tradition for boys, as I mentioned earlier, but since he hasn't been on speaking terms with his entire family since 2015, he may stray off from tradition. I kind of hope he doesn't though

  • @eagregg Althea is so cute and unusual!
  • Josephine Grace for a girl and no idea on the boy name yet. Lol my son is Benicio Tomás so my husband thinks we should go with something that sounds good with that. 
  • kat029 said:
    I'm a weird name person. Xaden is my son's name now. For a girl, we decided on Zoey. Haven't decided on a boy's name..!
    Our DD is Zoey! It fits her perfect. 

  • We had our boys name picked out before we got pregnant with DD so we had a tough time with DD. When DS came along 20 months later it was easy. Since we weren’t planning to have more kids, we have no more names! 

    However, I’ve taken to calling the little peanut Nova and it’s growing on me (if it’s a girl). Since we’re going to be surprised this time, we will have to come up with both options! 

  • Early to the name game. Our DD is Sloan Violet. 

    Our boy boy name is asaph ( call him Ace)

    girl rly name is up in the air- husband doesn’t like anything I like- 

  • @zg49 I went to college with a girl named Novalee, went by Nova, and I always thought it was the prettiest name.

    Re: boy names - totally harder.  DD is named Meredith and I'm trying to find something in the same vein if we end up with a boy.  Slightly uncommon, multiple syllables, but pretty easy to pronounce and spell.  First-draft ideas, not sure any of these are winners:

    Callahan Callum Corwin Darwin Dexter Edgar Edison Ellis Emmett Frederic(k) Harvey Jasper Malcolm Preston Roscoe Sawyer Titus Walden Warren Weston

  • We have a short list, created on a Google doc (I work in tech, welcome to my life, ha ha). We both love androgenous nicknames, hence our fave names for girls!

    Girls: Josephine (Jo), Charlotte (Charlie)
    Boys: Max, Francis (Frank), or Robert (Rob)
  • @knottie28ed10b469e3cc70, if I want my husbands attention on anything it must be in spreadsheet form, so I totally get the google
  • @elizabethrn87 I love the name Brynn!
    My last name is an intense German name that starts with the letter B so unfortunately I can’t use any cute B names like that that I love! 
  • Our situation makes naming a baby interesting...I'm American, but my heritage is Indian (from India). DH is also American, but has English, Irish, Ukranian, etc. in him. So we've been trying to think of names that will honor baby's mixed heritage, names that mean something both in India and the US.

    For a boy, we're liking the name Devin--it means poet both in India and Ireland. But I did a Google search on the name and came across a random thread where someone said they thought the name Devin was trashy. Does "Devin" have bad connotations?

    For a girl, we're thinking either Mira or Maya. We have a slight preference for Mira, but one of my acquaintances (her daughter is also half-Indian and half-Caucasian) named her daughter Mira, so now I feel unsure about using that name. What do you think about using the same first name as an acquaintance's daughter? Every year we're reminded of her name because we get holiday cards from that family....
  • DH and I are hoping for a boy.  We have had the named picked out for almost 8 years now.  Ian Timothy!  If we have a girl we are a little lost.  Lately we both sort of like Sydney, but IDK.  We haven't found anything that fits yet for a girl.
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  • When we got pregnant with DS we were team green.  We like family names so if it were a girl it was going to be Lola Geraldine after our grandmothers.  So that is still our girl name.  If we have another boy it will be William Christopher after our grandfathers    My son is named after my dad and my DHs dad which also happens to be DHs middle name. 
  • @sm05-2 I wouldn't worry too much about the opinions you find online. There will always be people who hate the name you choose. I don't know of any negative connotations to Devin. I think it is a pretty normal name actually so I don't know why someone would think it is trashy.
  • Minds will be changed....probably often...but so far we like Ava for a girl and either Zach, Ryan or Adam for a boy. We'll see where we are on this next month lol.
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  • @sm05-2 I think Devin is nice and absolutely LOVE the name Mira. DH has vetoed it, unfortunately (we have very different taste) but I think it’s beautiful. 
  • Our sons name is Sebastian, literally will not agree on any other names— I hate what he likes he hates what I like. Our only name we agreed on boy and girl is taken by our son lol

    im coming through trying to get fresh ideas because I think we’ll be naming our expected, baby lol
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