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***READ FIRST*** Board Organization

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Congratulations and welcome to the July 2018 BMB!  If you're new to TB, we're excited to have you! Below you will find information on how the flow of BMBs work, guidelines and helpful links. [Note: I've borrowed this from June 2018 and what appears to be every other BMB ]

Some links that you may find helpful:
How-To Guides:
-How to quote: Hit the "quote" at the bottom of the post you want to quote. You will be taken to the reply box with the quote set up already.
-How to tag: Add a "@" in front of the username of the person you are talking to.
-How to change your username: log in to TheKnot, hover over My Knot, and click Account Settings. If you are having issues doing it that way, you can email community@thebump.com and ask them to change your username. Give them a few suggestions just in case your top choice is taken. It may take up to 24 hours for the name to update.
-How to insert a spoiler box: click the drop down list arrow next to the paragraph symbol (third from the left, next to bold and italicize) and choose spoiler. It will insert a grey box, and everything that you type in there will go into the spoiler.

For the sake of board organization, here are some simple guidelines for posting threads:

-Introduce yourself in the "Introductions" thread 
-Add yourself to the spreadsheet
-Feel free to start one of the weekly posts listed below: if a post is "assigned" but hasn't been started by mid morning, feel free to start it!
-Post your own thread if you have a confirmed loss
-Post a thread that would apply to the entire community and doesn't fall into one of the categories for daily threads listed below (Ex: what to pack in your hospital bag, baby gear, etc)
-Comment, share advice and show support for your fellow bumpies; this is a two-way street, to get support, you must show it as well

-Start a thread asking about symptoms; please post this in the current weekly "symptoms thread" - this is helpful because it keeps the board from getting cluttered and makes it so we can all see the whole discussion in one thread, rather than having one thread about MS, one about food cravings, another about vivid dreams, etc.
-Ask the community if you are pregnant, it is against TOU
-Start a thread asking for relationship advice; a professional is better suited for this task
-Post pictures of your pregnancy test, this is also against TOU
-Post a thread that asks a question only applying to yourself unless you suspect you may be going through a MC
-Get bent out of shape if someone calls you out for not following these guidelines; if you expect to be part of a supportive board (which we are), you need to be able to take the time to learn the ins and outs of the board

  • Weekly Appointments 
  • Weekly Randoms 
  • Meal Plan Monday 
  • Monday Bitchfest 
  • Product Spotlight: __________ (e.g., strollers, car seats, etc.)
  • Monday Ticker Change
  • Twatwaffle (TW) Tuesday 
  • First Time Mom Check-In 
  • GTKY 
  • High Risk Pregnancy Check-In 
  • Moms of Multiples Check-In
  • Tuesday Ticker Change
  • WTF Wednesday
  • HDBD (Hump Day, Bump Day) 
  • PGAL Check-In 
  • Second Time Mom+ Check-In 
  • Plus-size Mom Check-In
  • Wednesday Ticker Change
  • Unpopular Opinion (UO) Thursday 
  • TTGP Grad Check-In 
  • What My Pregnant Self is Eating 
  • Pregnant after IF
  • Thursday Ticker Change
  • Flame Free Friday Confession (FFFC) 
  • Why My SO is a ... 
  • Why My Pregnant Self is Crying 
  • Fit Mom Friday 
  • Canadian check-in
  • Friday Ticker Change
  • Why my SO is Awesome
  • Weekend Randoms 
  • Small Business Saturday
  • Saturday Ticker Change
  • Healthy Habits Check-In 
  • Weekly Questions 
  • AMA Check in
  • HG Check in
  • Symptoms Thread
  • Sunday Ticker Change

Once we all get farther along, we will also have pinned threads for things like ultrasounds, sex announcements and birth announcements.

I've copy/pasted this from previous boards, and it seems to be the way that they are all organized, but of course we should feel free to tweak for our needs!

If anyone has a suggestion for other threads, please feel free to comment a suggestion.

PLEASE keep in mind that there will eventually be a lot of us on this board, and an organized board will be much easier for everyone to use. If we can all keep the one-off posts to a minimum the board won't be too cluttered to navigate, and hopefully we won't end up answering the same question 2,000 times.

Let's have an amazing BMB!

*Edited to update for daily ticker changes


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